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Creating Storage Room with Attic Trusses - Home Construction Improvement Home Construction Improvement Expert Home Improvement Advice SearchNeed Help? If you have too many small things at home and you just can’t seem to find enough free space for them, there are always great storage solutions out there. Architecture & Design was started by an Afghan entrepreneur, he believes that wellbeing is affected by the spaces we spend our time in and that their design is an important notion to consider with regards to our personal comfort and happiness – whether we are at home, at work or at play. About Us Architecture & Design is an online magazine that tries to unite all those orbiting in the Architecture Art and Design sphere. The C-Max Energi plug-in loses almost 10 cubic feet of cargo space compared to the C-Max Hybrid. Ford's plug-in vehicle lineup currently consists of two vehicles: the limited-volume Ford Focus Electric, and the new Ford C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid. Neither car is a dedicated electric model, meaning that for the time being, all Ford plug-ins are built around an existing platform, which necessitates packaging the battery packs in spaces other than beneath the cabin.
For buyers who have their hearts set on driving electric, these space trade-offs are just another consideration to weigh—in deciding among the limited plug-in options currently available on the market. Also, I'd like to point out that you can still fold the rear seats down, which makes quite a bit more room. The C-Max Energi has more cargo space than the LEAF, the Volt, the Plug-in Prius, or the iMiEV.
The electric version of course would have enough room to fit 3 Roadster Batteries under that Boat Long hood, ( 169 kwh ) , and would give it a nice 500 mile range,, so who needs fast chargers anymore? The dedicated electrics have the batteries neatly tucked away instead of in your face (er, trunk) like Ford. And in my truck I had to choose between bed capacity and passenger room, because the four door has a smaller bed than the extended cab. In my Jeep Liberty I had to choose between the sunroof or the information console, because the sunroof took up the space where the information console normally went. Maybe if Ford forced us to choose between electric drive and a heater - that might be worthy of the controversy.
Of course, there is a debate to be had (one that was going on before the C-Max Energi even got the final green light from Ford,) about how much of an advantage it is to put electric drive into a dedicated platform, as Toyota did in the original Prius. I'm glad that you're happy with the C-Max Energi, it looks to be a great car with some very promising and unique advantages. I'm actually interested in why Ford (and GM) decided to do a parallel hybrid instead of a series hybrid like Fisker did? Per the EPA, the C-Max Energi gets more eMPG than the Volt and gets better mpg when running just on gasoline.
If 14.5 cubic feet of rear storage in the Focus Electric is considered "paltry" per Zach, what is the adjective for 10.6 cubic feet of rear storage in the Volt? The problem with Zach's article is he takes a premise and then tries to find info to support his premise, ignoring info that weakens his premise.
A better approach would have been to include comparative information that would paint a more complete and honest picture.
Yes the battery takes up some space, but still 19.2 cubic foot is much bigger than all mid-size sedans which offer between 16-17 cu. It isn't the battery that takes up the extra space on PHEVs, it's the ICE and all of the junk that it requires to make it work. Zach is right that it is definitely going to be a compromise for Ford or anyone who tries to make a Plug-In Hybrid. The Fisker and Via Trucks are both serial hybrid designs where the ICE drives a generator and the generator charges the battery and drives the electric motor. It is not non-custom built cars as such which have awkward intrusions into passenger and cargo space, but the choice of donor bodies and how it is engineered that are critical. The biggest major difference is that the Parallel design forces a lot of difficult design tradeoffs because of the mechanical linkage between the ICE and the wheels.
Many of the "Choices" that Zach describes in this article would be a lot easier with a serial design. If we want affordable EVs, the manufacturers are going to have to start focusing on designing to be cheap, not to keep all of their obsolete buggywhip makers employed.
The problem with the Ford C-Max energi is that the engine takes up the entire front space when it should only use a tiny shoebox size leftover and leave the rest for the battery.

Instead of a behemoth 2 liter engine they should use a compact 600 cc engine like BMW plans on doing on its i3 and i4 models. In the end - any plug-in hybrid or EV is a good choice, and something we should ALL support. I have seen some awesome concept products made by local shops for bicycles - which fail under several of the conditions mentioned above. Sure, we could build inexpensive kit cars that do great under "normal" or "ideal" circumstances.
If this is the case, then why are there 5 available to the public at large at Bill Pierre Ford in Seattle?
After you posted the youtube video, are you saying you still think the Volt is a serial hybrid only?
I consider the Volt as a serial hybrid because it 99% of the time it works as a serial hybrid. I'm sorry you and so many others newbies to the EV world can't seem to comprehend the difference between serial and parallel. It is also sad that GM has gone to the extra drivetrain expenses (unnecessary extra electric motor, transmission, clutches, brakes, gears), loss of middle seat, and other undesireable tradeoffs for the Volt for something that you say only gets used 1% of the time. It is also sad that valkraider doesn't like having spent $40K on his Volt when a lot of that price undoubtedly goes to the costs associated with GM's insistence with preserving the existence of the transmission instead of things he believes $40K warrants. I hope that more rational design comes to mainstream EVs, otherwise, they will remain overpriced and under-performers and, as such, be more slowly adopted by the general public --- or else Tesla will just take over the car industry. Parallel: The gas tank feeds the ICE who's output shaft goes into a mechanical power splitter. There are advantages and disadvantages with each and they can differ depending on the details of their designs. Both topologies can enable driving with 100% electric or 100% ICE if designed appropriately. Many (including GM) confuse serial with running on pure electric without the ICE on at all, however, either topology can operate that way.
The Volt has a strange configuration of the massive collection of clutches, brakes, and shafts in its power splitter, where it can connect one of its electric motors to the ICE and mechanically disconnect these from the other electric motor which is still connected to the driveshaft so it actually is operating, technically in the serial mode. Of course there are probably a thousand other possible configurations of that erector set of a power train. I hope that Ford has gotten onboard with the C-Max but it's tiny battery isn't a good start. I was under the understanding that you can't call it a series hybrid because it is not just a series hybrid.
We can say it operates like an EV or operates like a series hybrid, but it isn't strictly any singular mode of operation because it can do all of them.
It can also be called a liquid because if you melt it down, it can be poured, just like a liquid can. Let us hope that C-Max actually gets what it says, so far most C-Max owners are getting high 30s (38mpg) instead of the 47MPG.
I am pretty sure your understanding of the "series-parallel" issue are as biased as your attitude toward GM's EV-1 program. I'm sorry if I come down on the Volt but it was sadly sabotaged to be much more expensive than it would have to be with that rube-goldberg transmission you so well describe.
Let me add that the reason most EV's top speed is limited is because the manufacturers put motors in them that are too wimpy. GM, when faced with that efficiency problem you point out solved it with an ICE and transmission. Going with a serial topology, they would also have had a lot more flexibility in the design and could possibly have even found a way to retain the middle seat. BTW, I've driven a Tesla Roadster from LA to SF in one day many times without any Superchargers. I also pointed out in a different thread and I'll repeat it again here that I'm sure GM will kill the Volt and all electrification efforts again if they feel there is the slightest chance they can get away with it again. As this article correctly points-out, however, PHEV's are always going to be faced with a challenging tradeoff between storage space, range, and performance aspects. Storage solutions always depend on the space available to you, so in case your house is very crowded, you can choose to store your things in drawers or in cabinets. These furniture items can also hide your things easily and you will be saving a lot of space by choosing to deposit this way.

Both cars have their advantages, with the Focus boasting the highest range of any EV in its class and an active thermal management system—and the C-Max Energi as the both the most efficient and least expensive plug-in hybrid on the market. So where cars like the Tesla Model S and Nissan LEAF are designed to keep their batteries discretely and unobtrusively hidden below their passengers, Ford plug-ins sacrifice storage space for electric range, creating an unattractive trade-off for already-more-expensive plug-in variants of existing models.
I saw that it had been used by several other sites and assumed it was an official Ford media image.
In fact, I rather think that we're making the same point: that trade-offs seem to be necessary in order to offer multiple technologies on the same platform. People are going to fall into different camps on this issue, and I don't think that there's necessarily one answer. I am not sure what Volt's equivalent would be with folded rear seats, but it is definitely much more that 10.6 feet! How they have managed to put it in a different class is a mystery known only to Ford publicity department. The Parallel topology has a mechanical linkage between the driveshaft and both the electric and the ICE motors while the Serial only has the electric motor connected to the wheels.
They simply, lazily took a standard engine with a standard gearbox plus clutch and put it in there instead of making a small micro range extender and save up space for a battery in a front position.
Ford's intent was to deliver a better driving experience than the Prius while still attaining great fuel economy. Why I chose the Energi: Invoice to Invoice a similarly equipped Volt and Energi, taking into account the federal tax programs, I am paying over $3000 less for an Energi. If we assume Chevy Volt runs in series mode over 90% of the time and less than 10% of the time on parallel mode wouldn't it be considered mainly a series hybrid? After all, a log just sits there and, if you operate the Volt in the mode where it is turned off, it just sits there, then it is in log mode. Someone else will make different decisions and come up with a similar great performing vehicle that costs them less money.
Name Mail (will not be published) Website Facebook Discussions on Walk In Closet Design Eas Floating Shelving Sofa Design Corner Shelving Unit Long Shelves Wall Bookshelves Creative Shelves Modern Shelving Ideas Wardrobe Storage Storage Drawers Book Shelves Tv Shelving Media Shelving Glass Shelf Brackets Storage Design Modern Shelves Unique Shelves Corner Shelving Units Elfa Storage SystemsJoin the discussion on this Walk In Closet Design Eas Floating Shelving Sofa Design Corner Shelving Unit Long Shelves Wall Bookshelves Creative Shelves Modern Shelving Ideas Wardrobe Storage Storage Drawers Book Shelves Tv Shelving Media Shelving Glass Shelf Brackets Storage Design Modern Shelves Unique Shelves Corner Shelving Units Elfa Storage Systems using your faceb??k account below.All contents published under GNU General Public License. There are several distinct advantages to driving Ford plug-ins (which I believe I mentioned even before going into the storage issue,) and as you rightly point out, the Volt's T-shaped pack takes an entire seat out of the car in exchange for 38 miles of electric range.
Most modern homes that are built today use a common truss that doesn’t really leave any usable space for storage. During its ICE operate at speed above 70mph in "Extended mode only", it cuts power into the main drive shaft to increase efficiency. Most of the parts of the car are shared with its ICE platform except for the electric components. We specified attic trusses and ended up with a storage area in the attic that is approximately 48? long by 18? wide. That will take care of the extra cost in the truss, plywood sub floor and labor.As you can see we used blown in cellulose insulation for the attic. The insulation crew just blew the insulation under the sub floor until it came out the other side.To access the new attic space we used a pull down attic ladder in the kids play room. I run their design-build division that specializes in custom homes, commercial design-build projects and sub-divisions.
I'm also a licensed civil and structural engineer with extensive experience in civil and structural design and home construction. My hope is that I can share my experience in the home construction, home improvement and home renovation profession with other builders and home owners.
But you might want to check the Feng Shui of angled and low ceiling before you decided what to do with that space.
Insulating basement walls in cold climates is a great way to keep your home warmer and drier. Maybe it's time to refinish your deck or add some new decorative touches to your tired deck.

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