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Hot off the heels of the latest generation of video gaming, it is somewhat of a trend to compare what each console uses to store information inside of its technological brain. The Vita, the haphazard portable older brother of the PS4, has gone through some rough spots similar to that of Nintendo’s Wii U and yet despite these issues it continues to sell slowly but surely.
Microsoft’s only core gamer offering this generation is their Xbox One, the oddly named successor to the Xbox 360. One of Nintendo’s strengths for their handheld hardware in particular has been its storage options. Nintendo’s Wii U follows with a similar setup, featuring only a small amount of internal flash storage and access to a wide variety of external options. In the wake of the present generation of consoles, storage space and how consumers use both in tandem have become very different experiences from the days of old when we inputted passwords or used memory cards. Johnny Minkley, from video gaming website Eurogamer, said the Vita was "the most competent handheld gaming system ever made", but he believed price would be an issue. Volkswagen to offer "substantial compensation" and car buy-back deals in the US as part of a settlement of the diesel emissions scandal. Items ship out the same day or next business day and arrive in 2-3 business days after that.
Protect your next generation portable handheld console wherever you go with CTA Digital's EVA Travel Protective Case for the PS Vita. Through great specifications and the promise of a huge software library, Playstation 4 has become the fastest selling console of the generation. Its performance in Japan however is indicative of its yet untapped potential as a handheld device and shows that Sony still has some air to breathe in the handheld market. Microsoft has hit some bumps in the road with this console, but that has not stopped them from aggressively marketing it with exclusive third party games and a recent price drop.
Unlike the original Wii, the Wii U not only has SD card support but HDD support as well, though this is however not without a catch as Wii U’s USB ports are only USB 2 and therefore does not necessarily support portable HDDs.
From my own point of view, any console in the following generation will need a minimum of 1TB storage internally with support for external HDDs and other forms of storage starting on launch day. This travel case made of durable EVA material and soft fabric interior lining is specially designed to fit around the Vita and helps protect it from any bumps or scratches.

The 3DS also has compatibility with larger SD cards, all relatively easy to come by and cheap for what they offer.
The next generation will need bigger, better options early on moving forward because of how much more grand video games are becoming in size and scope. A padded divider inside the case provides additional protection and storage space for games, memory cards and small accessories.
3DS uses a limited selection of SD cards while the Vita uses the old fashioned habit of proprietary storage cards. Packed in right out of the box is a 500GB HDD which is very generous given what was commonly offered in the previous generation of Playstation consoles. Unlike its direct competition Nintendo’s 3DS, Vita uses proprietary cards that can only be used on the system.
Like the PS4 it comes with an internal 500GB HDD and is therefore plagued with the same space issue due to the large game sizes.
HDDs with their own power source can still be plugged into a single USB port but this obviously requires another electric plug alongside the ones that will undoubtedly be taken up by the consoles itself and its gamepad.
More storage right out of the box with immediate support for additional external storage is definitely needed. Some will be full-price commercial titles, while others are third-party downloads priced at under ?10.The device has had mostly positive response from the gaming media.
Let’s explore the positives and negatives of each current form of storage space and talk about what can be improved in the following generation. An added issue is that there is no way to replace the drive like the Playstation consoles, but thankfully the Xbox One allows the user to plug in an external HDD of any size above 256GB.
It had enough internal storage as well as included external storage to satisfy the needs of any 3DS gamer for the time.
There are some serious drawbacks for Wii U owners that want to download games without wanting to spend a little extra on external storage and unfortunately Wii U games are on Blu-ray derivative discs and therefore contain discs with a sizable amount of data. Playstation 4 games are often very large in size with specific examples like The Last of Us Remastered charting in at over 40GB.
This is a sharp contrast to the Xbox 360 which was released at $100 to $200 cheaper based on the model you purchased and had either no HDD or a 20GB HDD.

Newer games like the recent Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 dual release would easily fill up the internal 32GB inside the Deluxe Wii U model and far surpass the 8GB inside of the basic model. This by no means changes the sheer amount of space given with the PS4 but the console will need more for the heavy duty Sony player. The common criticism with these cards is their price tags which tend to range much higher than SD cards of the same price. Later slim models had 4GB of internal flash memory and certain models came with a proprietary HDD with the option of external storage usage. Couple this with small game sizes, game saves being relegated to game data on cartridges and you have a recipe for a lot of spare storage. In this sense, external options are essential but it is fair to say that at $350 the Wii U probably should have contained more internal storage space. For comparison’s sake, a 32GB SD card capable of use in a 3DS is roughly $20 to $40 depending upon where you look. It is nice to see Microoft incorporate these updates into their latest console, especially when considering just how large games are becoming. However the downside to all of this is that unfortunately not any SD card is compatible with the system. Nintendo often provides the necessary information but sometimes it can be confusing to determine exactly which SD cards are usable and which ones are incompatible.
While this is thankfully not the only option for Vita owners, it is a rather steep price in comparison to its competition. As game sizes become larger, the necessity for greater internal memory is necessary out of the box, especially for a console with a $500 price of admission.
Benefit wise, the cards are compact and since they are developed by Sony themselves, there is little risk of running into problems involving saved games, profiles or media.

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