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I saw this Matrix Cube Collection storage unit and thought how many combinations I could make from these modular cubes. Using the criss-cross shelves the cube is perfect for storing wine and holds up to 12 bottles. Finished in pristine white or sleek black and lacquered for added protection, these units can be purchased in sets of six and it is possible to add extra units as you need. You become the designer because no matter how you use the cubes, they make a contemporary display that suites your decor. It’s not only about square meters and square feet that determine the space and storage capacity of your rooms and home. Place wooden storage shelf on one side and store all kinds of things there like shoes, tools, clothes, books etc. For small bathrooms i have some tips to arrange bathroom accessories in a good manner without taking much space. See the glass shelves in the small bathroom which can provide enough space for bathroom items and they are looking cute as well. Sometimes we overlook some parts of the home which can be used for different storage purposes.
Place floor to roof racks in your living room if you have good collection of books but no space for storing them.
This entry was posted on July 18, 2014, in Home Decor, Miscellaneous and tagged Diy ideas, Small homes. Hi Folks – I’m often asked how to deploy inexpensive, reliable, cluster-connected storage using Windows Storage Server 2012—without the cost of expensive RAID adapters, external RAID arrays, and SAN switch fabric. I love idea of JBOD + Storage Spaces + SOFS but last time i checked performance was terrible especially for parity spaces. Regarding the second image in your blog post as an example of a 4-node cluster connecting to 4 JBOD enclosures.
You could significantly reduce cost and hardware count by dropping SOFS and just using Storage Spaces. I have to agree with Ken here that SOFS doesn't seem to be doing anything and certainly is NOT what I would consider a SOFS if everyone has to connect to the SAME JBOD. I would have much rather seen a true SOFS based on a HDFS type architecture or how VMware has done VSAN. High speed 10+Gbps interconnect between nodes and then have each node use its own storage but cluster data by writing it among multiple nodes.

Each cube is 18’ x 18” x 15’ deep and there are trays for storing accessories such as newspapers, magazines, books and so much more. The cubes are highly suitable for small rooms and small spaces providing a smart modern approach to storage and display – They occupy minimum space and provide maximum storage. No need for tools or screws, stack them as you like and if you are not satisfied with the final arrangement you can redo in a matter of minutes.
They provide comfort and peace so it should be well organized because congested or messy bedrooms are proved to be uncomfortable. Cover that storage shelf with thick beautiful curtains and you will be able to store number of things in small space without disturbing looks of your bedroom. Keep your clothes, pillows, bed sheets and blankets in the drawers and compartments of your bed or side table. Just arrange your books there with some decoration items to give new look to your living room. Hope after trying this you will feel that you have guts to organize your home with small space in a good way. Not entirely sure how this works compared to other venders but usually you'd mirror SSD levels to minimise any write penalties but remain resilenant and this layer becomes your working set. I've seen variations of this image in both Microsoft and non-Microsoft presentations, including a couple at TechEd.
You only had to pay a little attention to realize that on the 4-node example they are using the 60-bay DataON enclosures. By adding internal shelves it is possible to store books and CD’s and to display ornaments. Reminds me of Danish style furnishing – slick and modern and at the same time very practical.
No matter your house is small or spacy organization of things matters a lot in making it looking congested or well organized. So here are some ideas to use your bedroom for storing things without messing up the looks of your bedroom.
You can use internal space of wall mounted cupboard as well as you can place things on the top of these cupboards. Mount small rack on the cabinet door or you can also mount hook on the door where you can hang small kitchen items.
Other than a couple servers running Windows Storage Server 2012 Standard, all you need are SAS host bus adapters and a certified JBOD enclosure (just a bunch of disks).

However, while adding 4 HBAs to a server is easy enough, I haven't found a storage spaces enclosure that has dual controllers *and* accepts four connections per controller as pictured. Now click on the link provided for that DataON enclosure shortly below that and you will clearly see that those dual controllers have 4 SAS ports on them each.
So have a look at some DIY storage ideas given below to become a creative organizer of your home. These shelves don’t require much space but they can provide you enough space for hanging kitchen items and placing other important things on them. Everything else you need is built into the OS—namely, Storage Spaces and Failover Clustering, which you can use to implement highly available, clustered storage. I am going to provide easy, simple yet innovative storage solutions with pictures to tell you how you can put a lot of things in a small space without congested look. Book shelve mounted on the wall is the best idea because wall mounted things don’t take real floor space. Also, don't forget about the RAM cache as well, though I suspect this will be write through. When a virtual disk is created, Storage Spaces will stripe the data across the physical disks. If a drive goes out, Storage Spaces will automatically begin creating a new copy using other available disks to ensure you still have the desired number of copies. When you replace the disk, Storage Spaces will add it to the pool and begin using it again. You can use a RAID controller if it supports ‘pass-through’ or non-RAID mode, however, using an expensive RAID controller would be a waste of money if you are just connecting to a JBOD. These instructions also tell you how to configure the storage using Windows PowerShell scripts. A great overview on storage pools and Storage Spaces can be found here and this FAQ highlights the new features found in Windows Storage Server 2012 R2. The reasons you’ll want to use a certified enclosure is to ensure that: Its backplane chipset supports the required features and delivers adequate performance.

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