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This part of Pennsylvania, about 120 miles northeast of Pittsburgh in Elk County, has been relatively untouched by shale drilling.
That power was restored last year when portions of Act 13, the state’s law governing oil and gas drilling, were thrown out by the state’s Supreme Court. Mike Brock, a member of an Elk County environmental group, said dozens of trucks roll by his home on the way to a Seneca well pad.
Rob Boulware, a spokesman for Seneca, in front of storage units of sand used in hydraulic fracturing at a shale gas operation in St. But, in a 4-2 decision, the court gave back to municipalities the ability to create zoning rules and reasonable noise restrictions for drillers.
Towns still can’t regulate the technical aspects of drilling, such as the type of liner required for a wastewater impoundment.
So far, it has been residents challenging municipalities over drilling laws they see as too favorable to gas interests. In Westmoreland County, residents are challenging an ordinance passed by Allegheny Township supervisors that allowed drilling in all districts, including residential neighborhoods. In Washington County’s Robinson Township (the township that led the court battle that overturned parts of Act 13), residents are fighting changes that make it easier to drill in residential and agricultural areas. In Lawrence County, a Pulaski Township couple is challenging an ordinance supervisors passed that allowed drilling near their home.
In Butler County’s Middlesex Township, parents and environmental groups are challenging the town’s supervisors over a rule that allows a well pad close to a school. Jordan Yeager, an attorney representing Middlesex parents and groups, said it’s common for drillers to threaten city officials with lawsuits if they pass restrictive zoning laws. He said he hasn’t yet heard anyone talk about a lawsuit against the city, but there’s an awareness of what’s happening in other towns.
Paul Fleming, a 49-year-old retired federal corrections officer, lives with his wife, Jodi, and two children in St. Fleming shows up at city council meetings urging local officials to pass a zoning ordinance with setbacks for well pads 5,000 feet from homes.
In talks with officials, Seneca has focused on the money it says Marcellus Shale drilling has brought.

The changes currently include a 1,000-foot setback from any dwelling, noise restrictions, a restriction against drilling in the city’s most populous areas and a “conditional use” section  that would require council to approve any new well pads in the city’s rural conservation district.
According to an article in The Courier Express, Sally Geyer, a city council member, asked a Seneca lawyer at an Oct.
Boulware said if the city decides on a setback of 2,000 feet or more, Seneca wouldn’t be able to develop thousands of acres of land where it has oil and gas rights because the company also has to consider factors such as where water sources are. Keep your files, work and teaching resources safe, organised and easy to get to with our matching storage units.
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Marys officials, outfitted with baggy blue jumpsuits, earplugs and white plastic hard hats, recently visited a Seneca Resources well pad on a wooded hilltop to see what fracking is all about. But people see it coming in two test wells Seneca has there now, with more wells in the future. Previously, Act 13 had created statewide rules that allowed gas development in all zoning districts, as long as certain criteria were met. Marys officials walk past high-pressure pipe used for fracking at a Seneca Resources shale gas site in the city.
Marys, the well head is at the top right; in the middle are two long perforating guns, used to hold charges to stimulate the well.
Marys city officials are being pressured by some residents to pass local zoning rules regarding Marcellus Shale drilling before it becomes commonplace.

Marys doesn’t find the proper balance, it leaves itself open to legal challenges, like those filed in other areas of the state. He emphasized that the company is working with the city to craft an ordinance they won’t end up in court over. Marys has drafted changes to the city’s ordinance, but it is likely to change and final passage isn’t expected until early 2015, said Radkowski, the city council member. Marys resident, called the argument “totally ludicrous.” Drillers have the ability to drill horizontally for miles underground, he said, therefore they should be able to drill away from homes.
Please be sure to open and click your first newsletter so we can confirm your subscription. We’ll help you make the most of your budget and space, and we’ll manage everything from start to finish to give you total peace of mind. The charges are fired down the well, into the shale and create small fractures in the rock to release gas. It has recently focused its drilling efforts on Elk, McKean and Cameron counties in the area. They live near a Seneca gas well in the city’s Rural Conservation District, which includes state gamelands, hunting camps and some homes.
Other towns, including nearby Ridgway Township, have discussed passing their own ordinances.
City officials need to keep both sides happy without being too restrictive for drillers or too permissive for locals.
There have also been preliminary talks about a countywide rule, Boulware said, which could create consistency for their operations because it would be a standard set of rules.

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