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While no shop is ever finished or perfectly arranged, the workshop has been set-up and running smoothly for months now. All toolboards and wall cabinets are hung on French cleats, making them easy to re-arrange. Double-thicknesses of plywood make up the L-shaped worksurface at the back corner of the shop.
Two rolling carts are designed to work in unison: the hinged top on one opens up to lay flat on the other. My latest article--on pegging joints--is due out any day in the new issue of Fine Woodworking. I first used this joinery method when I was gluing up a table apron that was longer than my longest clamp.
As I mentioned before, I wanted to have the shop up and running for a while before I ran dust collection.
When it came time to choose a dust collector, I talked to numerous people about what I might need.
Consensus among everyone I talked to was that Oneida has the best and most affordable systems designed especially for the woodshop. This quick sketch is all the manufacturer needs to help design the ductwork for dust collection. Because the dust collector was delivered on an 18-wheeler which couldn't couldn't make it down my dead-end street, I met the truck a few streets over and offloaded it into my pickup. After allowing myself a bit of a break from plumbing woes, I finally gave in and called the plumbers back out to finish out the job. A few days later a crew arrived to run a cold water line from the house to the shop and route the drain line across the back yard.
I'm sure that a year from now I'll be glad that I have water in the shop--assuming (and it may be a sizable assumption) that I have it by then--but right now I'm wishing I'd never called the first plumber. Seeing no reason to waste space on the bathroom, the sink and toilet take up only four feet of wall space. The shop has been up and running for a couple of months now--I've built a few pieces of furniture, brought in new tools, and done a photo shoot for an upcoming magazine article. Sized to hold my collection of clamps (and a few I have my eye on) the new clamp rack is little more than a shelf ledge screwed to a 5 ft. Shelf brackets (canted upward about 2 degrees) support a length of plywood notched to accept the bar of each clamp. With one length of cleat attached to the unit being hung and the other attached to the wall, the storage unit slides into place and the two cleats interlock.
Over one bench, I arranged storage units that already existed in my old shop and started stowing tools and hardware. On the back wall, I hung a pair of plywood storage cabinets as well as a series of three high units that feature adjustable dividers. One thing I've learned--no matter how many storage units you build, there's always going to be a pile of lumber in at least one corner of the shop. The uprights--a 2x4 sandwiched by two 1x4s--were built on the floor before being secured to the wall.

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Using lots of windows in the offices, beautiful landscaping and very well lit drives and hallways, our hope is to make you feel more at home. It's quite a relief to have, for the first time in my life,  heat, air, and efficient dust collection in my workplace.
Hangers are screwed to the wall studs, which are aligned with the stiles in the wainscoting.
There are two freestanding benches, a sharpening station, and  ample storage--for both tools and hardware--on the walls. While the editor was in town taking photos for the article, he also shot a few minutes of video footage as I assembled a draw-bored mortise-and-tenon. Because the process was much quicker and less finicky than I imagined, I've since started using draw-bored pegs in all kinds of assemblies. Generally, there is only one tool running at a time, which means I could have gotten away with a 2hp collector. I picked up all the fixtures and built a small vanity to house the sink (which I finished, of course, about five minutes before the plumbers arrived).
After an hour or so of work and 30 minutes without hearing any machines running, I checked to see what the problem was. Because the water heater is housed in the shop, I bought a low-boy so I can box it in and use the top as a worksurface. Aside from the clamp rack seen below, all of these storage units came straight off the walls of my old shop. Nothing more than a length of plywood cut apart at a 45 degree angle, they're easy to make and offer plenty of strength. The only thing I really had to get out of my way was the lumber, so building a lumber rack was my first major task. To compensate for an uneven floor, I built all the upright supports on the floor, and then leveled them one by one as I lag-bolted them to the wall studs. Our managers are trained to do everything they can to help you with all of your moving and storage needs. If you don't know what size unit you need, tell the managers what you are storing, and they will help you find the perfect size.
We have taken great measures to make sure that we complement the surrounding neighborhood and community as well. In the beginning, and in theory, I'd wanted to know exactly where every tool was going before the shop was even built.

In the end, my jointer, bandsaw, drill press and scroll saw all wound up along the front wall of the shop--in front of one of my garage doors.
But because I do occasionally have someone else working in the shop with me, I went with a 3hp collector. Another reason I went with Oneida is that they will take a drawing of your shop layout and help you design your ductwork. Though there are still multiple storage units, workstations and dust collection to be built or set up, it was pretty easy to turn the space into a working shop. None of them are masterful pieces of furniture, but all of them do a serviceable job and offer ample storage space.
Working from the top down, I slid each arm into place, leveled it (for safety's sake, I canted the arms about 2 degrees toward the wall), and ran bolts though both the arm and the upright.
In actuality, I had a good idea beforehand, but there were endless tweaks after the construction was complete.
Because the other door is still easily operable (for bringing lumber in and taking furniture out), there's no reason to waste the wall space created by the other door. The larger collector will allow me to run 2 machines at a time, and still leave me a little room to grow and add tools. They'll also give you a shopping list of all the ducting parts you need--you can order it directly from Oneida or shop around and buy it somewhere else. And a big one, right by the shop (meaning that the drain line couldn't be routed around it). Since I've always known that my previous shops were temporary workspaces (at times, not temporary enough), I've tried to design storage units that are versatile and easy to move. This arrangement also frees up the back corner of the shop for worksurfaces, a router table, a grinder and a mortiser. Also, I can't imagine that installing ductwork will be the most exciting of tasks, and I don't want to be redoing it every six months.
I just sent the drawing off to Oneida and should hear back from them about ductwork in the next few days. And all of them are hung on French cleats: Not only are they easy to move from one shop to another, but it will also be easy to move them to a different place in the shop. Adding the braces last also gave me a way to tweak the angle of the support arm, making sure everything stayed level. I also did an article on the workshop for the upcoming Tools and Shops issue put out by Fine Woodworking, which should hit the stands in a few weeks. I may wind up tweaking things a little before the ductwork goes in, but this arrangement seems to work well. Beneath the racks, I still haven't decided whether I'll add cabinets, stow mobile tool workstations or build various carts for offcuts. As far as trenching through rock goes, I'm being charged for the rental of the hoe ram and hourly wages for two workers.

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