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Corporation to build PCC cars, Brill decided to build a competing trolley of its own design. 50 years ago today, residents of Scranton witnessed a massive fire that destroyed 21 homes and businesses in the Bellevue section of the city. The fire was so massive that all the fire units in Scranton were on scene along with fire companies from area communities. Below you will find pages and photos from The Scranton Times detailing the fire and its aftermath.
A storage barn at the rear of 248 Railroad Ave was the first structure to be destroyed in the Bellevue Blaze. Firemen try desperately to save one home while flaming embers from two other structures light background. Firemen on city's hook and ladder truck direct turret gun on row of houses during height of Bellevue blaze. Bedding, chairs, cabinets, sofas and other household goods hurriedly piled alongside railroad tracks on a hill behind Railroad Ave. Residents gathered along the railroad tracks to watch as the homes and business along Railroad Ave and Emmett St are destroyed by fire. Mail carrier Paul Suppy had the task of delivering mail in the firestricken area of Bellevue on April 2, 1962.
Coming this Sunday in The Sunday Times, local history writer Cheryl Kashuba will be looking back at the first children in our area who received the polio vaccination in 1955. Our Junior Firemen of Scranton were marching down Spruce St making the turn onto Penn Ave as part of the Fire Prevention Week Parade. The Junior Firemen were started locally in 1950 but the idea for the group formed in 1948 during Fire Prevention Week. So in January 1951, over 500 boys and girls between the ages of 10 to 12 years old enrolled in the Junior Fire Department. As the years progressed the program grew, by 1958 some 8,000 youngsters were enrolled in the program throughout the region.

Congrats to Margo Azzarelli, Robert Sherman and Anne Marie Cottone for solving our mystery. Coming this Sunday, local history writer Cheryl Kashuba will be continue the tale of the murder at the Pocono Manor Inn in 1924. The area was blanketed with more than 20 inches of snow as part of the Blizzard of 1993 which hit the area on March 13.  I thought we should look back at this momentous weather event. Sunday, March 14 — Governor Robert Casey declared a disaster emergency, which closed all the state highways and airports. Last Friday, we were looking for the location of the work place cafeteria shown in the image below.
The knotty pine cafeteria served hamburgers, cheeseburgers, sandwiches, soups and desserts. Capitol Records would operate in Scranton until 1970 when the company decided to close the South Scranton facility.
I would like to congratulate Robert Sherman and Margo Azzarelli for solving our mystery this week.
On Sunday, Outlook 2012, the annual special section that looks at the business outlook for Northeastern Pennsylvania appeared in the Sunday Times. In case you missed them, here are three great local history articles that appeared in The Sunday Times and the Sunday Citizens’ Voice.
Coming this Sunday, local history columnist Cheryl Kashuba will be sharing a tale of murder and numbers running in Scranton with her weekly column.
Pages from the Past is your outlet for regional local history stories, discussion and the treasures of the Times-Tribune archives. Some 20,000 people lined the streets of downtown Scranton to watch the parade on October 8, 1951. Upon enrollment, the children had to take a four week training course to learn about fire safety and  prevention.
I present to you the Junior Firemen Parade of 1951, I was wondering if you can tell me what street the pint size firefighters are march on in Scranton.

Patrick’s Day Parade in Scranton was postponed because of the storm that was barreling up the East Coast. Also in Pittston, a devastating fire took place that claimed the lives of two firefighters, John Lombardo and Leonard Insalaco.
In the section, staff writer Jim Lockwood write a piece entitled, Ghost of NEPA’s Past.
The mystery this week is simple, can you figure out the location of this work place cafeteria. Sadly this cafeteria is no longer serving lunch but the building is still standing in Scranton. In addition to the fire companies, 135 Scranton policemen and the entire Department of Public Works were also on duty to assist. To pass the course the students had to write a short essay pointing out five fire hazards and how you would eliminate the hazard.
The dining facility was managed by Walter Gorecki, at the register, seen giving change to plant nurse Ms. The music company opened the the cafeteria in 1948 for the some 600 people who worked at the plant.
Lockwood piece was staff writer Josh McAuliffe article entitled, Visting History, which looked at how local heritage groups are using this industrial past to draw tourist to the Electric City. Interesting fact about the Capitol Records cafeteria, it was operated as a non-profit business.

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