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Jeff Jarred returned tonight and he bought the last auction of the day for only five bucks!
Bir cesit hazine avc?l?g? olan Depo Savaslar?'nda eger sansl?ysan?z, zengin bile olabilirsiniz! Bu hazine av?nda, gencinden yasl?s?na butun teklifciler kolay yoldan h?zl? ve buyuk miktarda nakit kazanman?n pesindeler. Well, everybody except for the Sheetz boys and one of Hester’s tires, that is.Barry bought the first locker of the day that included a futon and a book about pasta. He sells entertainment insurance to people working in the TV and film industry, and then turns around to review their work!

Depo muzayedeleri gunumuzun en yeni ve en buyuk gizli hazine avlar?ndan biri ve alt?n vurus yapma pesindeki f?rsatc?lar icin de deger bicilmez f?rsatlar sunuyor. Her bolumde muzayede kat?l?mc?lar?m?z heyecanla kap?n?n ard?ndan c?kacak esyalar?n en degerlisine sahip olmak icin cekinmeden birbirleriyle kap?s?yorlar. He ended up finding a few wrought iron dogs, and ended up selling the locker for a rare profit at $1,440.
Apart from leading this conflicted life, he plays a lot of video games and enjoys his life in beautiful Santa Clarita, California with his wife and small pomeranian puppy. I realized last week that they’ve started adding smaller items to Barry’s values, and they’ve continued doing that tonight.

He’s only ever added items to his locker value if they were items that he was planning on keeping, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

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