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Storage Wars features modern-day treasure hunters and bidders in the high stakes drama of storage auctions.
Rivalries run deep and family drama high as the business of buying has reached critical mass. Rene Nezhodah and his wife Casey will do whatever it takes to gain respect from the veterans, and Ivy Calvin pulls no punches at the auction or at his store.

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Few people store their most prized possessions in a storage locker, and those that do probably have the sense to remove them before they become delinquent in their rent for the unit. Skilled buyers, nonetheless, can make a few bucks off many sales by unloading the contents at swap meets or through online sources such as craigslist, provided they can buy them at the right price.Sometimes buyers are stuck holding items until the right buyer emerges. Last year, someone found real pirate’s gold at one of the auctions conducted by American Auctioneers, the auction company run by the Dotsons.

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