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We get a lot of hurricanes in Texas, but a lot of people don’t realize how vulnerable their garage door is to the elements during one. This is why it is important that you either buy a door that is up to current hurricane resistant standards, or bolster the strength of your current garage door. TweetWe searched the web for the coolest garage door wraps and decal designs that we could find. It is all too common with colder weather that older garage door springs will fail across the entire Memphis area. If you have any garage door repair or scheduling questions call us at 901-273-2996 to speak with a door professional.
Memphis area Garage door repair service Desoto Door repaired this garage door with a new replacement spring. Videos: If you are having any difficulties with your new garage door part, we provide you with additional assistance including step by step installation and repair videos. When we first thought of creating this site, we were thinking of people like you and us who take pure joy and pride in doing DIY repairs. The fact is your garage door is a serious weak link in the chain of protection of your home.

Desoto Door has the experience and training needed to properly fix your garage door the first time. Our service offerings still include sales and repair of garage doors in the entire Memphis area.We also service and repair commercial dock equipment and fire doors. And when we finally decided to do it, we made sure we are able to provide you with everything you need to know about garage door parts and we think this diagram is a good way to start. Most hurricane damage actually starts with the garage door becoming dislodged, and once that happens your entire structure can be weakened.
Braces can hold the door in place so that it will not be forced inward or sucked outward, the process by which the tracking comes loose.
Our expanded offerings include commercial roll up doors and commercial garage door repairs around Memphis.
Viewing our custom diagram will help you to identify the parts you need using the various images we’ve labeled for you.
No sales pitches, no up-sells, just the most trusted products reviewed to save you time and money. Some people just park their car against the door and pray for the best, but this will be ineffective because hurricane winds actually suck the door outward.If you have an older door you could be more at risk.

With garage door repair in Memphis it is important to get a partner who will come to your home or business and repair your door in a professional and proper manner. By clicking on your specific part, we offer our detailed product reviews and recommendations. We provide you with sound advice when it comes to choosing which brand name to trust since there are probably hundreds of manufacturers of hardware parts.
We give you a shortlist of things to consider when shopping for garage door parts and a whole new garage door. We also give you our honest opinion as to whether you should make the decision to perform the repairs on your own or hire an expert.
We also have a page dedicated solely to comparing garage door prices and a complete list of garage door parts.

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