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That leaves the usual hanger style racks, but at least 2 or 3 of the bikes I'll be transporting have funky bent top tubes or shock mounts in the way. The 10th Annual Whiskey Off-Road captures the essence of what mountain biking is all about. It looks like I'll probably go the hitch + roof route even though that looks like it'll be ~1200 bucks. Not sure if anyone is interested about taking their kayaks with them, but we love taking them. I can load both kayaks by myself and if I could figure out how, I would up-load a picture to show them installed. Built the same racks with my son and myself $100 in materials and our labor, they work great and can still use hitch for bike rack or trailer. That's what we did, through the door one on bed other in living area across table until we found this rack.
Dave T Shaw wrote:That's what we did, through the door one on bed other in living area across table until we found this rack.
Today we'll be taking a look at the Swagman Original Hang Style Original 3 Bike Rack for 2 inch receivers, part number S64152-2. Looks Like A Great Product, Everything Went Together Perfect and is on the back of our motorhome. I thought I would ask around the forum to see if any of you have experience with trailer hitch bike racks.
Once you join you'll be able to post messages, upload pictures of your 4Runner, and have a great time with other 4Runner fans.

I don't work for a bike shop or know that much about racks in general but I haven't read any "higher risk of failure" on the Kuat.
I don't get it, the Yakima rep said these did not pass and at the same time said nothing bad about kuat racks???? No seriously, it's pretty good, it'll swing all 4 bikes out of the way to open the hatch, and comes with all the integrated locks and whatnot.
Sorry, I can't help but think less of you when you won't take the time to spell things right or use proper grammar. I'm looking for a two bike, trailer hitch rack, and thought I'd solicit your opinions (if you have one!) before spending my money. We found a company in Lake George NY, "RV Kayak Racks" that make an awesome and easy to use kayak rack. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Swagman Original - 3 Bike Rack for 2" Trailer Hitches.
Keep that in mind with your spare tires and any other accessories that you may have on the back of your vehicle.
I need a bike rack to carry in the back of my pickup truck along with luggage on trailer trips. I did have to order the additional bars for both bikes to mount them onto the bike carrier.
The top plate accommodates several different frame sizes, and turning knobs secure bikes to the arm.
These vinyl cushions are going to be great for clamping on the top of your bike to and the bottom as as well as leaving grooves and space for all your cables on the bottom side.This rack is going to have a few nice features as far as security goes.

Our next bike will be mountain bike and you can alternate the handle bars so that you don't have them bumping against each other. When trailer is parked and we're ready to go biking I'll pull this new rack out of the pickup truck bed and put in on the truck.
Will need to also purchase frame adapters if you have a womens or alternative style frame (any frame that is not straight across) Only problem is that the parts where the hitch receiver connects to the rack don't quite fit together.
But from all the research I've done, I didn't see anything majorly bad about the Kuat but rather many good reviews. More convenient than my other racks, one of which is an extremely heavy platform style rack and the other one which has two upper support arms which doesn't fit well in the pickup bed along with the other items.
The aluminum features and the mechanic stand all seem wonderful but they quality isn't there. I work a bike shop and our rep from yakima told us that they put the Kuat through all of the extensive testing that Yakima puts on each of their racks and did not pass.
However the rep did say nothing bad about Kuats rack, but I'd prefer to buy a rack that doesn't have a higher risk of failure.

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