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If you have a wheelbarrow in your garden that you don’t use you can put different kinds of pots in it so you can create an interesting image of it. Autor: Zuza Kuczbajska – Slubna Pracownia Warszawa Porada udzielona na stronach portalu PobieramySie.
With the existence of this garden, the neighborhood residents every day to get something that is always fresh. And the concept of the best gardens are garden that can provide a refresher conditions for all people who enjoy it.

Reduction of green land in urban areas tend to cause the child to play in the house, mall, or even on the road.
The existence of the garden which could create a relaxing and refreshing its occupants darting through needed as a complement to your dwelling.
A minimalist concept of the garden but able to accommodate the need for green spaces for a dwelling.
Placement of a neat plant, utilizing the facilities flowerpots, or terraced garden is an alternative to an urban garden.

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