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If you liked this tiny home on wheels, you’ll love our free daily tiny house newsletter! And at $65k, makes the $37,000 tiny house presented here the other day look like a bargain! What is the point of using low VOC paints if you are going to put in vinyl strip flooring that is full of off gassing products? This doesn’t seem to me to be the reason most people have been attracted to the tiny house movement.
I’m just here to provide a tiny house building service to those who cannot build one themselves. As far as the furniture and appliances that I have in this unit, of course you don’t have to have them in there. Yes, this is the deluxe model, with all of the bells and whistles (except the solar package which bumps the price to $75K). There are less expensive options, but this is the show room model for a portable home designed for year ’round living in subzero areas. It is my goal to downsize when I retire, and I am looking at who will be building my tiny home.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what a product will cost will be determined by what the buyer wants to pay for it; so even if this is the ugliest thing ever put on two wheels and it didn’t cost him more than two bits to build if a blind rich guy with enough connections to allow him to bypass the city codes comes along and wants to pay ? of 100,000 dollars for this monstrosity so he can live in it full time then it will happen without no one batting so much as an eyelid.

The traditional tiny home owner has been college age Millennial’s looking for quality, location and savings. The content and information here is for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as advice. Oh, excuse me (I must be politically correct): odd-looking, not that it’s anything wrong with that! We all know that there is a growing interest in buying a tiny home but what we don’t know is who are these growing number of people that want to buy them? The other traditional group has been folks looking for alternatives to the fixed 30 year mortgage they can’t afford.
While we strive to provide accurate and helpful information, we are not professionals so the owner of this website disclaims all warranties expressed or implied regarding the accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of the information provided.
Do not wire money in any way without first seeing the home (or other product), checking title, and doing your proper due diligence. It’s amazing how well you get to know and bond with people when a workshop becomes a camp-out, not to mention an all-out, tiny-house-obsessed, event. With that said I am saddened to see a trend lately of tiny houses turning into just another price driven industry.
I could move in it tomorrow because it has everything I would need to start my tiny home life.

When I first looked into tiny homes, I was unaware of the RV, Park Model and IBC code necessities.I have been researching for three years now, and not all builders put in as much as Dakota Tiny Homes lists in their builds. And remember folks, your tiny home dream can be opposite of what a builder posts pictures of. And more recently is the group seeking to put one in their back yard as an accessory dwelling that bypasses codes and allows for an extra source of income.
I think before long you’ll see tiny house parks like the current mobile home parks and along with that comes high monthly space rent and other associated fees. Just when you think there is an answer, it becomes all about the money and this isn’t chump change you are asking for. The IBC code for structural building, installing electrical, running plumbing and gas lines?

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