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Big Save Value City Furniture Beds Sale OG983#, View furniture beds sale, Happy Night Product Details from Foshan Golden Furniture Co., Ltd.
First, let me start off by adding that we owned a leather couch for almost 8 years prior to this new purchase.We decided to upgrade to a recliner sectional with chaise and went to both Art Van and Value City.
After reviewing both sectionals, we decided to go with Value City because the couch SEEMED to be of same quality, but at a SLIGHTLY better price.
Same thing happened to me, but different company, a very well known company that does great philanthropical things in this town.
I hate to this person, but whatever material the sofa is made of, it was definitely NOT genuine leather.
You are totally right, but one of the problems was that I was told by the sales person that this couch was 100% genuine leather (Not bonded leather). Actually, I contacted the dealer as soon as it started, and was told there was nothing they could do (which had nothing to do with the warrenty). This Perfectly Antigua Bedroom Nightstand Value City Furniture Apartments Room be included on Bedroom Interior category, with original resolution 1500 x 1500 pixel.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. The sales man said the sectional was an excellent selection, great material, and a popular seller.
They damage their furniture, either intentionally or by accident, and expect the retailer to repair it when no warranty was purchased.

I explained that I bought their furniture solution to clean the couch so no other chemicals were used on it. We declined the warrenty after many questions because we were lead to believe that the leather was a sturdy material and any problems, "IF ANY", would be structural wear and tear. And to the people mentioning buying cheap or damaging furniture, there are plenty of bonded leather materials being manufactured that do not peel like this, this one is clearly a defect. I wouldn't even trust them to resolve this mistake seeing as though I was lied to about this couch being 100% genuine leather in the first place.
I was told that the warrenty only covers the actual hardware (nuts, bolts, springs etc.) and that is why I ASSUMED (as you say) they would not fix it anyway seeing as though my problem at the time was with the fabric.
Well, fast forward to almost 3 years later, and the structure has fallen apart in one seat, the stitching is coming apart on the V connecting seat, and the leather is almost completely gone on the lower back of one seat. They urge you to get their warrenty, but it doesn't matter anyway, because trying to get them to replace of fix anything is a JOKE! Furthermore, I had a company out to try to reupholster the couch and found that it was not even bonded leather! The photos look horrible but why would they wait until it got that bad before contacting the retailer? That is how I knew about the warrenty and what it covers in the first place before I even purchased this couch. He mentions that they offered to sell him a warranty but refused and is suprised that they will not repair it.

I am not a consumer who just wants something for free, nor do I expect the manufacturer to be responsible for customers' error, but this wasn't my error.
If I had bought a suede couch (which commonly discolors and thins out) and this happened I wouldn't even be on this site, but this is leather.
Its the equivilant of saying that you replaced a tire on your car but forgot to attach the bolts and then complaining that the wheel would have fallen off either way.
By the way, I was told by another company I had to come out about possibly reupholstering the couch, that there is no reason why the leather couch should be peeling in such new condition (It would cost me about the same price to reupholster the couch versus buying a new one).
As a consumer, I expect that when I purchase merchandise, that I am getting exactly what I am paying for (this wasn't a $600 couch). I even asked how long the couch had been on the market and if it was a popular seller, because I know that most times if it isn't it will be discontinued, and if something were to go wrong, there would be no replacement parts. I take care of my belongings and I follow the motto, "You get what you pay for." That is why I went and found a couch that I thought was of high value and I paid accordingly.
Please don't lecture me about working in retail because I am well aware, but again, this is not one of those cases.

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