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One thing to keep in mind when planning where to put your shed is that the 12-by-10 size also includes the edge of the roof around the shed, so although it will fit in a 12-by-10 area you won't get that amount of storage space (the base will be smaller because of this). The pieces of the shed feel weak overall and can be damaged with a relatively light impact. After more than 15 years of use (I got it in January of 1995) I would say that I'd get it again if I had it to do over. While the shed did its job exactly as we needed it to (and is very rugged after being hooked on a concrete pad), I would only rate it mediocre because of some problems we had during assembly. If you are looking for an ultra-sturdy shed that will withstand banging things into the walls, setting things against the walls, this shed probably isn't for you. I first sorted the various pieces of the shed according to their identification in the instructions.
In my opinion, the product was well worth the cost, especially since shipping was included. I purchased this product to replace a Sheridan Shed that was destroyed by a large tree limb. If you are looking for a good amount of storage then I would definitely recommend this shed. Do not be concerned about any seeming flimsiness of the individual pieces, since the shed becomes stronger as you begin to screw the parts together. I am very satisfied with the shed was very easy to put together and for the price it was better than what was at homedepot and lowes.
I would definitely recommend spending the extra money to have a team of professionals assemble this shed.
By Nicole from Los Angeles, CA on July 24, 2014 Is this Arrow Sheridan Vinyl 10 x 8 shed strong enough to hang tons of clothes (including heavy jackets, etc.) for storage? Vinyl outdoor storage sheds are one of the considerations if you want something tough, low maintenance and yet easy to build. Vinyl outdoor storage sheds have a variety of advantages, including being very cost effective. Some municipalities, however, consider the construction of outdoor vinyl sheds to beconstruction or building.
Sheets of vinyl are easier than other materials to work with, as you can cut vinyl with a utility knife. Carefully follow the instructions when you are working with vinyl outdoor storage sheds in kit form. Kits range from snap together small vertical sheds to large garage sized sheds with insulated windows, double doors and skylights. Metal outside storage sheds sears Sheds Shop grassed area sheds from Shelter Logic Craftsman Rubbermaid as well as more. By submitting your information, you authorize up to four home improvement companies that can help with your project to call you on the number provided, as well as our Terms and Conditions and our TCPA Consent. The exterior storage systems from Lifetime Products come in seven-, eight-, 10-, and 11-foot widths, and steel reinforcement keeps the vinyl from bowing or caving.
Learn how to calculate your painting square-foot cost, about the best paint brands, and how to connect with painting contractors. Energy efficient siding improves your home's insulation, making heating and cooling less expensive. Fortunately, this Arrow Concrete Anchor Kit makes it easy to provide your storage building with the structural reinforcement it needs. Check to make sure that holes are drilled correctly and have a cordless drill ready to fix any that are not.
Reading through the manual several times would definitely be recommended before you start construction. The directions can be kind of hard to understand as they aren't very specific, and the illustrations need to be better. I wasted some time looking for parts that the manual said that I needed, but it turned out that the manual is for this style of shed but different sizes, so that could have been clearer.
It should really have something better that shows you how to do it instead of just telling you what to do with unclear pictures. It was extremely windy (85mph) about a week after I bought it, and it was so damaged it had to be taken down. It has stayed strong through many storms (where it has served as a passing place to sleep), and it was a great experience putting it together. The only problem I had was some rust on the roof panels, but I already plan on buying new ones and putting them on the body of the old shed. Ten hours was all we needed with a couple people working on it, but we found it easier with two cordless drills. Fortunately, this Arrow Sheds Auger Anchor Kit makes this crucial installation step extremely easy.
Make sure you follow the directions and leave enough time to get it done well (the directions are very specific and easy to follow).
With that preparation, I was able to assemble the body of the shed alone except for the occasional volunteer assistance of my four year old child. I found the instructions to be quite good, although reviewing the Arrow website first was helpful. It took six people a full weekend to finish building this (so pretty difficult), but we also dug out our own spot to make it level and had to break down a rock wall. It is of excellent quality and, even though you need a few hours to put it together, the packing was superb.
Unlike some other reviewers, I had a lot of difficulty with the construction process, and I don't consider myself lacking in strength or intelligence. By Dawn - Elite Deals Product Specialist on July 28, 2014Answer:This shed only comes in the colors shown. When checking out, you should select the "lift gate" option if you feel that you will not be able to remove it from the truck yourselves.By Eva from Upper Jay, NY on May 14, 2013 Can all sheds by Elite Deals be lock with a pad lock? Fortunately, this Arrow Ground Corkscrew Anchor Kit makes this crucial installation step extremely easy. Before you get started, it's in your best interest to check into building codes and whether a building permit may be needed. Manufacturers began using this "new" invention to make many of the materials that had been made of rubber.

You understand that they may use automated phone technology to call you, and your consent is not required to purchase products or services. A Lifetime Products vs TUFF SHED prefabricated vinyl outdoor storage buildings comparison chart can help you run down the list of what each company includes in its sheds. Lifetime Products' storage systems also have slip-resistant floors, which will keep you from slipping or sliding around your shed if water gets inside. Use this home build cost calculator guide to walk through the steps and estimate the cost to build your new home. The parts could be thicker as the metal feels very flimsy, and it might have been easier building a wood shed. Also, check to make sure that you have all the parts and screws for the project beforehand as I didn't have some of the nuts, bolts, etc.
Definitely have two people working on it (although one person can do it if they have handyman skills) as things will be much easier with an extra set of hands. I would keep several weekends free to make sure you have time to build it and it helps if you are handy with a simple tools and power tools.
Some of the pictures seemed to contradict each other, so the instructions definitely need some improvement. This shed has lasted me a long time and the only reason that it needed to be replaced was because a small tornado pushed a seventy five foot tree down on top of it. I built it without any help (I would recommend getting help) and it took four days to do so. My suggestion would be to get a professional to put it together (even though I put it together myself).
The rust happened 16 years after I bought it so I just missed the 15 year rust-through protection warranty that came with the building.
I came with everything we needed, but the door to the shed was damaged while being shipped so we had to get a new one (they sent it no problem in four days or so). Three people would probably be best if your looking to get things done fast, but you could probably do it with two.
My neighbor insisted I could have built a much bigger building for the same price using wood, but I don't know. I thought that nothing could destroy the building until a limb from a live oak tree landed on it.
If not, plan for at least two people, use an electric screwdriver, and choose a cool day for the project. We also discovered we had put it too close to a fence to be able to screw in the siding, so we had to dig out more and move it away from the fence.
It is important to follow the instructions carefully, but if done correctly, the structure will fit together nicely. The packing was done in the order you used the parts during assembly and everything was marked correctly. If you plan to assemble the building yourself, be aware that the diagrams in the instructions are not very helpful and do not clearly show the design of a piece or its proper angle of installation.
Be sure you drill holes for the screws to attach it to the frame, as the vinyl may crack if you try and screw into it without pre-drilled holes.
For more information on what's available, what may be best for you and prices, search vinyl shed, vinyl outdoor storage sheds and vinyl shed kitsusing the Google Custom Search Box (upper right). We handle steel cosmetic 4 x 4 grassed area strew do it yourself plans as well as timber grassed area sheds. Results the single Online selling for Storage Sheds from the good preference during Patio Lawn & Garden Store. Although both companies offer a range of products, you might find that you prefer the size or design of one over the other.TUFF SHED prefabricated vinyl storageTUFF SHED is a company that specializes in creating factory-direct sheds for home use. While TUFF SHED gives you ample color options, you might find that you need to frequently clean the walls and repaint the shed every few years. The screw holes may not line up perfectly and some parts seem a little flimsy, but I definitely think this shed is a great deal and works well. Without the sealer that it comes with the building would definitely not be weather-proof, but the sealer does its job. Don't do this alone (I recommend three people) or else you will find it impossible to build it. The build was okay when you make sure to follow the manual and don't try to do things too quickly, although I would probably put out the money for another type of building.
It was exactly what I was looking for to store all my garden tools and to house my fishing gear (my Fisherman's Nook is my nickname for it).
The only negative things were that the instructions were for any sized shed of this model and so were somewhat unclear with certain parts of the door assembly. The biggest problem we had with the shed assembly was with the roof trusses (we think they packed trusses for the wrong model in the shipment we received). There is no hassle, everything comes packaged together, just follow the instructions and you're done.
The shed protected the pressure washer and mower stored inside it, but the weight of the falling limb crushed the roof.
My husband and his friend are not real handymen, but it took them two 12-hour days to assemble the shed.
I would advise carefully reading the instructions before beginning construction, and then rereading each step a couple of times to make sure that you include all the necessary pieces. Errors will be corrected where discovered, and Lowe's reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions including after an order has been submitted.
Here is a closer look at why vinyl makes a great choice, a few assembly tips, and even a bit of history about this very interesting material. There is very little clatter from the rain and the sun won't warp or crack outdoor vinyl sheds, either. A simple foundation made from treated 2x6s or 2x8s (right) is a good idea, too. Do the assembly in the area you want the shed to be. Later, in 1909, Gordo Prous, a chemist from Austria figured out how to make the actual material "vinyl." But, as with many discoveries and inventions, the need remained in the future.
Advances and experiments have created materials for vinyl outdoor storage sheds and even devices used in assisting astronauts land on the Moon! Although the company does not manufacture vinyl sheds, it does make a wide range of sheds made from specially-treated wood that can withstand the weather, as well as vinyl sheds.

As Lifetime Products sheds feature vinyl construction, you never need to worry about repainting the walls and you can clean the shed while working outside with a quick spray from your garden hose.When it comes to picking a new item for your home, Reply! When you actually start assembling the shed keep in mind that the panels are thin so windy weather is something you should try to avoid when you pick a day for assembly.
Check the parts beforehand to make sure you have all the little pieces, but a local store should have it if you run out.
Not only that, but after all gear and tools there was still plenty of room for items from the house. Also, we eventually had to put the damaged door out on the road to be picked up even though customer service said two times that they would get a truck out as quickly as possible. After we checked to make sure all the siding was lining up exactly along the side of the building and made sure that we hadn't incorrectly laid out the railing on the floor, we noticed that there was about 1 ? inches too much of material on the end.
I built a couple of other metal storage sheds, so by the time I was ready to build this one, I knew what to do and it went really quick. I would recommend a wood platform with a cement barrier around it to prevent rodents from tunneling under the structure.
The directions can be kind of non-specific sometimes, but if you use common sense and follow the directions as carefully as possible it shouldn't be a problem to get it done well. I called the manufacturer and spoke with them for less than two minutes, and they informed me that they would send me the missing piece, just like that. Up till now the shed has no leaks, very little rust, and the door slides with little sticking.
Since I have assembled sheds before, I was able to simply drill some new holes and proceed. Work with a Lowe's sales associate to plan your install project and select the right shed for your home and budget. Once assembled, the sheds become quite bulky and if you try to move it far, you could break or crack the vinyl. Deliver BIG upon the preference of sheds as well as storage buildings accessible in the accumulation of styles as well as sizes to encounter your Items the single twenty-five of d Sears sells sheds in the across-the-board kitchen operation of styles and. TUFF SHED offers a five-year warranty on its Garden Ranch design, which features double doors and a classic design, while the Tall Barn model comes with a 10-year warranty.
If you have free shipping make sure you talk with the store you order it from (they might not have it down).
The order for a new unit came straight to my house within days of me placing the order at Home Depot.
Thankfully we had a band saw to cut the trusses down to length quickly and easily, but had we not had them at work it probably would have been a bigger deal.
Using some redneck engineering, I was able to assemble it myself, even when installing the truss.
An Arrow Outdoor Shed Foundation Kit can make creating your base a simple and stress-free process.
Some of the individual pieces felt a bit flimsy, which sometimes made it challenging to line up the screw holes in order to connect the various portions.
For your own safety, do not attempt to assemble in windy weather, and beware of sharp edges when handling parts. I found them to be very confusing, and several times had to redo steps that I had done incorrectly the first time.
If you're looking to make that part of installation even easier, you may want to consider getting an Arrow Outdoor Shed Foundation Kit. Also, you should never need to make a cut in the vinyl unless the kit instructionsspecifically say to. Betray with Find sheds as well as outside entrepot for reduction when we rodent during Sam’s We wreak we the outrageous preference an. All of the garden sheds have a five- to 10-year manufacturer's warranty.When shopping for prefabricated outdoor storage sheds from TUFF SHED, you need to choose between its ranch, barn and lean-to styles. After viewing a Lifetime Products vs Tuff Shed - prefabricated vinyl outdoor storage buildings comparison chart, you might find that picking between the two companies is easier than you thought.
I didn't even expect this to be such an excellent investment, so I just got the most inexpensive building I could find to store my stuff in.
We also ended up having to re-drill some of the holes that the panels were suppose to mount too.
Using a power drill to install the screws can result in stripping the screws and harming the structure. If you have a problem, or a panel is too wide or long, check the instructionsagain - you probably missed something.
Other than that the manual was a little hard to understand (sometimes we needed to go back and change something we had put in the wrong place), but it wasn't usually anything serious and with some proper formatting and better illustrations it would be much easier to read.
I have it anchored to a concrete slab and use it for storing my lawn tractor, snow blower and garden tools.
Tuff Shed also gives you the chance to customize your finished shed by picking the paint color, trim color and the color of the asphalt shingles on the roof.Lifetime Products prefabricated vinyl storageYou don't have as many choices when it comes to prefabricated outdoor vinyl storage buildings from Lifetime Products because all of the sheds have white or tan walls and blue or tan roofs. I am putting the shed on the same base as the last building (concrete slab), and expect this one to last just as long.
I can definitely say that this is one of the happiest purchases I have made in a long time and would recommend this building to others. Some of the holes were a bit challenging since a few were behind channels or beams and others did not align properly. You do have the option of choosing from shelving and storage options, which give you the room to store different items. Joints, seams, and the bottom of the door need caulk or other coverings to prevent water seepage.
These tool sheds have large double doors that you can lock to keep your items protected, and the larger space is perfect for large and heavy objects like riding lawn mowers. I expected the vinyl-coated steel to feel much heavier and durable than other steel sheds, but it seemed about the same. The structure gets quite hot in the summer, so I would advise against using it to store any combustibles or flammable items.

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