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All prices shown are excluding VAT and were the prices at the time of sale, please contact for up to date prices. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Our Super Storage Cubes were made for you to lovingly organize, and re-organize your collection. This entry was posted in Organization and tagged album record storage, album storage, storage boxes, lp record storage, lp vinyl record storage, Vinyl Storage, Record Storage, Vinyl Record Storage on September 9, 2012 by Way Basics. Below are 9 great options for storing your records covering the spectrum of price and style.
More than simply record storage, New York designer Jenn Atocha creates vinyl-specific furniture pieces so aesthetically pleasing they can serve as an anchor for an entire room. What we love most about Jenn’s designs is the ability to flip through records easily and quickly see the cover art with each.
Built by hand in their Brooklyn workshop, Wax Rax are the maker of metal record storage cart built specifically for vinyl collectors. The standard carts hold between 300-400 LPs depending on the model and are made of aluminum making them sturdy and durable. Like Atocha Designs above, Symbol Handcrafted Audio produces beautiful LP storage furniture pieces that can easily stand on their own as an stunningly-crafted piece of furniture.
The KALLAX (from $35) is the replacement to popular EXPEDIT series shelving system from Swedish mega-chain IKEA.

No bells or whistles, just economical, nice-looking storage that has served thousands of vinyl collectors for many years.
If your main concern is strength,  Boltz Furniture makes modern steel furniture that looks like it could keep your records safe and secure in the midst of a nuclear war. Their LP Record Rack, 2 Shelf with Base ($139) is a great option for someone wanting a more traditional looking piece, but not wanting to spend a fortune. Retro is in, baby, and if you've got a stockpile of vinyl records hanging out in your living room, why not store them in a more fashionable way than just sitting in a heap on your floor? Mine is currently in a crate, in the tubes that they came into because I just have so much. I wasn't aware of this option, looks like it can carry the weight, which is primary.Speaking of carrying the weight, and I hope to never get into that again, when the time came, I would break up the sections and carry them in shopping bags. Bill, those look very similar to the Per Madsen Rackitt LP cubes, except Tony's are less expensive. After all, that is what Way Basics is all about, "Building Possibilities." See, it IS possible to find the perfect storage unit that will compliment and coordinate with any room in your house or office! I definitely need to find a better way to store mine once it finally gets moved into the craft room.
I have a few rolls but always looking for better resources to purchase my crafting supplies.
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She doesn't like my Ikea shelf either, but in her eyes they're more modern looking in solid black and no seams. Each individual crate can be picked up and carried with no problems, all the records still inside,and they stay in order. Give those vinyls the respect they deserve and use our recycled, Eco-friendly, Super Storage Cubes! We knew that vinyls deserved all the organizational love as other media, but it is often tough to find shelving units that will fit your record collection. One of the nicest things about the setup is that each individual crate, which holds about 60 to 70 records can be separated from all the others, so if you have to move,the collection is kept intact, in alphabetical (or whatever) order, and can easily be moved and put back together again. Hell, she puts up with the living room with 5 amps, and a huge set of speakers, and only one chair in the room!! Each unit is $48 in oak, finished, or $38 unfinished and then the top and bottom units are $111.00 if both are bought together, 3 units wide.
But, don't forget, I only ordered 3 to 6 at a time, so the cost was spread out over several months.

Affordable storage sheds 4x6
Plastic shed base 10 x 6
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