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If you wish to use a MySQL management software for Windows, please learn more about SQL Manager for MySQL (Windows Version). Navicat comes with you HTTP Tunneling while your ISPs do not allow direct connections to their MySQL server but allows establishing HTTP connections.
With Table Designer - the basic Navicat MySQL tool for working with tables, you can create, edit and drop table's fields, indices, foreign keys, and much more.
With the GUI tool - Foreign Key Data Selection, you can locate the foreign key values from the reference table. Navicat for MySQL allows you to transfer data from one MySQL database to another with detailed analytical process.

Create a batch job for setting schedule to execute at one or more regular intervals, beginning and ending at a specific date and time. It allows you to create and edit SQL text for a query, prepare and execute selected queries.
Select the servers that you want to monitor by checking them in the checklist box of the Server Monitor Window. Navicat is well-known, trusted, and used everyday around the world by global enterprises, government agencies and educational institutions. Batch job can be created for Query, Backup, Data Transfer, Data Synchronization, Import and Export. It provides you an interactive text-based screen to query input and result output from database.

For both Data and Structure Synchronization, the target database can be on the same server as the source database or on another MySQL server.
Virtual Grouping can be applied on Connection, Table, View, Stored Procedure, Event, Query, Backup and Schedule.

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