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Bro's Romanian that has been made up to look like it was picked up after the Romanian Revolution. Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats. This richly illustrated tutorial will step you through field stripping, cleaning and reassembling your Romanian WASR-10 AKM (AK-47) rifle. You must clean your WASR-10 after initial purchase to remove the Cosmoline® (a thick preservative) and the metal shavings that Century Arms left behind when they milled out the magazine well. After that, we recommend cleaning it after every time you use it - especially if you don’t intend to use it again soon.
4.) Needle Nose Pliers If you had to, you could use the back of a magazine or a rock to detach the gas tube but since you apparently have internet access we will assume you can get access to a pair of pliers. 5.) Old T-shirt We prefer Ralph Lauren but some people have been getting decent results with Calvin Klein or even Haynes. 6.) Q-Tips and Cleaning Patches There are several places in the action that are pretty hard to get to. Before whipping out the AK, cover the table with some trash bags and then stack a few layers of old towels, curtains or whatever on top. Since you probably keep your AK loaded for fear of the coming Zombie Apocalypse, Alien Invasion, or Tyrannical Big Government Politicians, this step is very important: Unload your rifle! Put the magazine and any ammo you might have lying around far away from your cleaning table. Since you are racking back your bolt carrier to check the chamber, this is a good point to bring up something important: The WASR-10 does *not* have a “Bolt Hold Open” (BHO) mechanism. Unscrew the slant muzzle break from the business end of the barrel by pushing down on the spring loaded retaining pin and rotating the break counter-clockwise. Before opening the action, rack the action to make sure your hammer is in the cocked position. With the recoil spring out of the way, slide the bolt carrier and gas piston all the way back past the end of its rails (also called raceway).
Figure 7: First remove the recoil spring assembly, then slide back the bolt carrier and remove it.
Now that the bolt carrier is free from the gun you’ll need to push the actual bolt backwards within the bolt carrier, it will rotate while you do this; hence “Rotating Bolt”.
Tip: After you're done cleaning, when you put the rotating bolt back into the bolt carrier, it is good to remember that with the bolt all the way forward in its spiral track, the extractor should always point to the bolt carrier handle. Lastly, push the safety down to the “fire” position, put your thumb firmly on the hammer and pull the trigger to release the hammer. Start off by spraying your cleaning & lubricating oil into the barrel, gas tube, gas block and inside the action.
While the different parts are soaking, start by running a copper wire brush through the barrel with a cleaning rod. After you use the brush to loosen the gun powder residue, spray the barrel some more and run pieces of cloth through there until it comes out clean. Now that you are done with the barrel it's time to start scrubbing like a housewife in the 50’s. If this is the first time you are cleaning your Century Arms WASR-10 you might find a lot of thick grease in there.
While you are probing the action with Q-Tips, spend a little time around the fire control group (See Figure 11). Finally check out the “plates-with-lip” (#3) that Century Arms welded just above the inside of the magazine well.
After you're done cleaning the inside of the action, lightly clean and oil all metal parts of the rifle inside and out. Figure 15: Stick the gas piston into the gas block, then line up the bolt carrier right behind the race track (rails) and slide it forward. With the bolt carrier in place put the recoil spring into the hole in the back of the bolt carrier and seat the back part of the recoil spring assembly back into its groove just over your butt stock. Figure 16: Stick the recoil spring back into the bolt carrier and seat it just above the butt stock.
Once you are satisfied that everything works properly make sure you pull the trigger one last time to relax the spring before you put the gun away.
One last tip: The AK is NOT a bolt action rifle, so when you rack the gun, never “help” or “ease” the bolt carrier forward.
As a finishing touch wipe down the outside of all metal parts with an oiled cloth again This will remove any wax and dirty finger prints it might have attracted. IMPORTANT: Please note that you must now log in with your email address and not your username!
AK sight tool is the only AK specific tool I've needed so far. For zeroing - remember they use metric over there so 109 yards is 100 meters.
Most of those shavings are likely from Century opening-up the magwell, which is how they got into both the barrel and gas tube.
Originally Posted By Notyouratty: Most of those shavings are likely from Century opening-up the magwell, which is how they got into both the barrel and gas tube. In a nutshell, a WASR is a Romanian semi-auto version of Mikhail Kalashnikov's world-famous AK-47 rifle.
Action type: Gas piston-operated, rotating-bolt semi-automatic rifle (some might say "carbine" instead of rifle). Barrel length: 16 inches and a fraction -- chrome-lined with sharp rifling -- the end of the barrel is threaded, and has a screwed on slant compensator (the "C" on the compensator means that it is a "made in USA" part) (incidentally, the screw threads run the opposite direction of what Americans are normally used to).
Finish: "Phosphate" receiver, barrel, gas tube and magazine (They say "phosphate" or "parkerized," but mine appears to be more of a thin, flat black spray paint.
Included:There is a bayonet lug on the barrel, and a bayonet comes with the package (and an oil bottle, compact cleaning kit to fit in the stock, old sling, and mag bag). Current Value (July 2010): $380-$600 depending on furniture, accessories, and how much the seller can screw out of you! Accuracy: I am not the original owner of this firearm, and I am not a very good shot, personally.
The Hague is the third largest city in the Netherlands, after Amsterdam and Rotterdam, with a population of 485,818 (as of May 31, 2009) (population of agglomeration: 1,011,459) and an area of approximately 100 km?. WASR 10s were originally manufactured in Romania to accept a single stack low capacity magazine during the "Assault Weapons Ban" which expired September 13, 2004.
Proof Marks: There are a good number of "proof marks" stamped here and there, which leads me to think that the parts all passed inspections. Low Grade?Romanian WASR AKM clones are well-known for their low cost, making them considered "bottom of the barrel" when compared to Russian (Saiga models) Bulgarian, Chinese or Yugoslavian variants, but a good functioning WASR will work just as well as any of the above. The Wassenaar Arrangement is an organization of countries for export items, munitions & weapons. The Wassenaar Arrangement on Export Controls for Conventional Arms and Dual-Use Goods and Technologies, is one of four multilateral export control regimes in which the United States participates.
The agreement establishing the Wassenaar Arrangement, called the initial elements, was approved by its 33 founding countries in July 1996.
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and United States. The Wassenaar Arrangement has been established in order to contribute to regional and international security and stability, by promoting transparency and greater responsibility in transfers of conventional arms and dual-use goods and technologies, thus preventing destabilising accumulations. The decision to transfer or deny transfer of any item is the sole responsibility of each Participating State. I found the below information on a website somewhere, purportedly from Century International Arms, I don't remember where.
In the late 90s, import company Century International Arms (CAI -- I know, the initials seem out of order!) approached the Romanian arsenals with the idea of importing semi automatic AKs into the US. Romanian military AKs were made on three production lines in a building at the rear of the Sadu arsenal. The export guns were assembled by the Sadu arsenal, but with no gas piston, no pistol grip, no muzzle device and no fire control group. After the sunset of the assault weapons ban in 2004, importers were able to legally equip WASR-10s with threaded barrels, compensators, bayonet lugs, and folding stocks, thus making the GP WASR-10 (with GP standing for general purpose). There are other stamps that show up from time to time in the Romanian kit guns that came to the US.
Serial numbers: Romanian rifles all have a serial number of some sort on them right after the trunion markings described above.
This continued up until the Romanians stopped producing the model 63 for their own use and started only exporting them.
Other markings: Along with many other manufacturers of AK variants, the Romanians used a number system to match up parts. Finish: There has been no solid agreement as to what the exact finish is ued on Romanian military grade guns. Cugir was the sole producer of the arms used by the Romanian military from the beginning, and were the sole arsenal manufacturing small arms up to 1990. Arms: Located in the district of Alba in the town of Cugir, this is a relativly new Arsenal which picks up where Cugir left off. June 17, 2011 -- I will be seeing a Pulmanologist on Monday morning, and may not be posting for a week or two. July 3, 2011 -- I have malignant melanoma stage four, and it is in the lining of my left lung. August 20, 2011 -- Not much new to report about my cancer, except that I am in a clinical trial, trying some new medicines.
Since all AK models are pretty much the same, this tutorial can be used to clean and disassemble any type of AK. It is not that putting it away dirty will affect the function of the rifle, but just just want to keep it nice, and prevent it from rusting. If you want to take your trigger group out and clean that you'll find detailed instructions on how to disassemble the trigger group here.
The Taliban “maintain” their rifles with shoe laces, goat fat and some fresh morning urine. To ensure that she stays that way, you want to make sure you don’t ruin the table with gun oil splatter or dent it with imprints of the charging handle. Attachments If you don’t already own a cleaning kit first check inside the hatch in your butt stock. Remove the magazine, rack the bolt back and visually inspect the chamber to make SURE it’s empty.
Once the retainer button is unseated you can pull the spring right out of the back of the gas piston. Then slightly lift up and continue to pull it backwards until the gas piston is free of the gas tube (See Figure 6).
Once its free of its spiral track, rotate it a bit further to make sure you can remove it by sliding it forwards. Again, if you don’t have the original cleaning stuff, Wal-Mart has some cleaning kits available “for cheap”.
This stuff is called Cosmoline® and it's the reason your AK is not totally corroded after decades in Romanian storage. These are intended to help prevent the double stack magazine from wobbling from left to right. You need to press the muzzle break retaining pin back and keep turning it as many times as you can. If the latch is pointed up, you can put the front of the gas tube on the gas tube mount attached to the barrel and just slide the gas tube down into place behind the gas block. Put the safety on (fire selector lever in the up-position, not down as shown in figure 15).
The last step is to align the front of the receiver cover with its groove on the back of the gas block.
After all, it might be a while before the coming Zombie Apocalypse goes down and we don't want our double-coiled recoil spring to get fatigued while we are waiting.
The bolt carrier was designed to be forcefully rammed forward by the recoil spring, so just pull it all the way back and let it rip.
Let it sit for a while then rub it in with a clean part of the old T-shirt until it’s mostly gone.
This is a bit wordy but I hope worth the read. This past Saturday I acted on the urge to purchase an AKM-pattern rifle.
This one will have pictures to reward you, although I'll try to take some nicer ones for the top post. Please forgive me if I use improper terms to describe parts of the rifle! I've been told that such a light oil is not very useful on an AKM-pattern rifle, but I figured on the non-mating parts it should be fine as a light lubricant. Yes, the parkerizing is weak on the Romanian rifles, but it does the job and it accepts paint readily should you decide to go that route. I have done a lot of searching for information on the internet, and tried to pull the information together here.
They are very similar, but may have folding stocks, collapsible stocks, synthetic furniture or wood furniture.
Military surplus mags are readily available from Eastern European countries, as well as newer synthetic mags made in the USA by Tapco and Palm.
The threads are left hand threads because the rifling in the barrel causes the gun to twist slightly. My personal WASR pictured above has ATI synthetic furniture, except for the stock, which is laminated wood painted black to match the black synthetic pistol grip and fore-grip. There's supposed to be a cleaning rod with the WASR, too, but I don't know what happened to mine.
However, I have seen the original owner, who is a very good shot, hit a 16 inch steel plate at 230 yards, over and over.
It is located in the west of the country, in the province of South Holland, of which it is also the provincial capital. The Romanian government signed a treaty called the "Wassenaar Arrangement" which restricts the export of military rifles (40 countries have signed on). After the expiration of the ban, many importers (especially and foremost CAI or Century International Arms of Georgia, Vermont; and now in Florida) opened up the mag well to accept standard double stack mags.
Cugir and SADAR are the two arsenals in Romania; however after getting busted by the UN supplying weapons to less than favorable parties back in 2000 they "merged" the two arsenals at least on paper.

This left the people of Romania short the best men they had to run the arsenals as his brother had made sure that only the least motivated persons filled the supervisory positions at the Arsenals etc. Well it kinda created some embarrasment, so the buck got passed and several executive types were slapped on the hand to show the UN that Romania was changing their ways. The little dimple-replacing tabs of steel inside the mag well, to hold the mag centered and in place, seem to be neatly spot-welded correctly.
The Arrangement's purpose is to contribute to regional and international security and stability by promoting transparency and greater responsibility in transfers of conventional arms and dual-use (i.e.
Government controls all items for export that are controlled multilaterally by the Wassenaar Arrangement.
Participating States seek, through their national policies, to ensure that transfers of these items do not contribute to the development or enhancement of military capabilities which undermine these goals, and are not diverted to support such capabilities.
All measures with respect to the Arrangement are taken in accordance with national legislation and policies and are implemented on the basis of national discretion.
We comply with all federal firearms regulations and ensure that all of our firearms are in compliance with Title 18 Chapter 44 para 922 (r), Para 925 (d)(3) and 27 CFR para 479.39 (c).
It was noticed that a lot of parts were being re-smelted and re-done because they were slightly out of spec and did not pass inspection for use in military grade AKs. These parts would be later installed by Century International Arms in the USA, using USA parts, to make them 922r compliant. Versions in the old style without all of the "fun" features were still produced for states that had their own restrictions on such things.
Starting from 1963, they read starting with a year of production, a space, a two letter prefix, space, and then a four digit number. The format changed to show the year, a space, a letter "S", a space, a hyphen, a space, and then the 2 letter code and 4 digit number immediately following it.
The new export format has the year, a hyphen, a three letter code and then a 4 digit number immediately following it.
Some say it is blued over semi-rough metal, some say parkerized and others say it is some sort of black-oxide finish. They are also the ones who built the guns for export to the Century Arms facility in the US.
I also have a nasty infection of something, so I have twice a day infusions of vancomycin for that.
The wood leans twoard the Russian color instead of the honey brown associated with Romy's Enjoy! You’ll also need some cotton cleaning patches to run through the barrel; or simply cut up part of the T-shirt in 1 inch squares.
Unless your furniture is treated or you are about to treat it, you want to use this stuff to prevent dirt, sweat and grime from getting into the pores of the wood. Observing this step will prevent you from staining or denting the table and help keep your significant other happy. In order to slide the bolt carrier backwards, the hammer needs to be cocked in the downward position. Taking the tension off the spring will prevent you from getting yourself hurt during cleaning. Some people like to use a “bore snake” which is a high tech version of the shoe lace the Taliban uses.
This is commonly referred to as the “Hammer Pin Retaining Spring” because it starts at the hammer and pushes into a groove in the two cross pins that hold the trigger group together. AKM’s that were intended for double stack magazines from the get-go have stamped indents, commonly referred to as dimples instead. Slide it through its hole in the bayonet lug and push it all the way back until you hear it snap back in place underneath the front sight post.
If you cannot make another full rotation turn the break back and let the pin snap into the indent on the muzzle break. After that, you need to press the latch on the right hand side back down until it rests in its hole. Then move it forward down its spiral track until it’s all the way to the front and can go no further. Stick the gas piston into the gas tube and align the back of the assembled bolt carrier with the slot all the way on the back on the rails. Once it’s aligned, push down the dust cover to snap it in place on the receiver cover retainer “button”. If you don’t have any immediate plans to do anything fancy with the woodwork, waxing your furniture is five minutes well spent.
Don't get us wrong; we think overall this is a great review and we can certainly appreciate the amount of work that went into writing it. When Russia switched to the stamped receiver, creating the AKM, Romania followed, creating what they called the "model-1963" rifle, the year it happened. The GP75 has a USA made receiver and a USA made barrel (doesn't sound very Romanian, does it!) Prices vary from $380 to $450 (July 2010). I probably wouldn't use it anyway, because I already have some good cleaning rods that will work better. The Hague is, like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Almere, part of the Randstad metropolitan area, with 6,659,300 inhabitants. Someone reported on the internet (so it must be true!) that "the receiver of the WASR (Wassenaar Arrangement Semiautomatic Rifle) was re-designed so it did not qualify as a military rifle as defined in the treaty. Early mag well router craftsmanship by CAI (I know, it should be CIA!) is considered pretty bad by AK47 enthusiasts, but is said to have improved greatly the past few years. Cugir transfered all of their small arms equipment to Sadar in the lowlands and Cugir was retooled for medium to heavy weapons production. While there he noticed how many AK components were being re-smelted and commented on how many didn't really look all that bad. This worked out great for the Romanians as it created jobs (there are as of last year 250 people working on the Sporter AKs which consists of 3 assembly lines located in what used to be a warehouse at the rear of the main SADAR facility).
Back then they were built with parts from CUGIR arsenal as well as SADAR arsenal, and many had actual milspec accepted front trunions (the Triangle stamp on the left side is applied at CUGIR only after the trunion is accepted for milspec production).
The trunion, bolt carrier, bolt, sight, and receiver cover are all stamped with matching serial numbers, apparently from a Romanian military-grade firearm made in 1975. In general, export controls for dual-use goods and technologies controlled in the Wassenaar Arrangement are administered by the U.S.
Its headquarters are in Vienna, Austria although it is named after a suburb of The Hague, Netherlands where the agreement was reached.
Therefore, for specifics on Export Controls in Participating States contact the National Authorities in that country. We take special care to ensure that no more than 10 foreign parts listed in para 478.39(c) are installed in any firearm that we make from imported parts. For example, barrels and other parts were rejected due to chrome flaws, or some hardness variation.
Anything that didn't pass here would be re-smelted, all other parts would be used in the export guns. The military grade rifles can be easily identified by the triangle (empty or with an arrow) stamping in front of the serial number on the front trunion.
One that has been seen on more then one occasion is a triangle with a curved bottom line and the number 11 stamped inside.
The 2 letter code after the year originally started off at AA and the numbers after would start at 0001. To ensure that they matched up correctly sized parts they marked each of the barrel related parts with a 1, 2, 3, or 4 depending on their measurements.
The commercial sporter guns imported into the US are mainly black paint over parkerization. While the below blog entries have nothing to do with AK's we felt compelled to include his last blog entries because we feel it illustrates what kind of person the author of this article was. Yes, the bolt will sort of stick in the backwards position (especially if your AK is pretty new). The shavings are the result of the widening of the magazine well that was done by Century Arms after importing the rifle.
WASR owners who have actually removed and replaced this spring tend to call it “The Ex-Wife Spring” because once removed, it will make your life hell for quite some time.
When you are done, the open part of the slant muzzle break should be pointing to the right and up. Figure 14: With the rotating bolt in its most forward position, the extractor (smaller circle) should be pointing in the same direction as the charging handle (larger circle). The “Let ‘r Rip” rule is a good rule of thumb for just about every semi-auto rifle, handgun or shotgun. If you don’t do anything to the wood a combination of sweat, gun powder residue and grime will make the wood look real bad, real fast.
I picked it up yesterday! -----Background----- This is my first Kalashnikov-pattern rifle of any sort, and to be honest the desire for one has come about rather recently. I'd considered Bud's as I've had great experiences with them in the past, but Atlantic's pricing, reputation for service, and the QC offering for Century products is what sold me on them.
As for the grease, I've found that I rather like it on my AR and even on some of my pistols. AKOU has a great video on how - note that you want to zero a bit lower if you only have a 100 yard range and are using the 300meter method. Thanks!
As a tribute to the author we have included Mousegunners last blog entries, at the bottom of this review. But, if I have gotten something here from YOUR website, and overlooked giving credit where credit is due, please email me, and I will be more than happy to give your name as originator of the information. I suggest a quick browse through a recent copy of "Shotgun News." Read the ads, and you will see the great variety of WASRs, and the price ranges.
Those who for some reason don't like this rifle say it means What A (Expletive Deleted) Rifle. The Hague is the seat of government, but not the capital of the Netherlands, a role set aside by the Dutch constitution for Amsterdam. The redesign involved replacing the dimples with L shaped brackets that were copied from late production RPKs and narrowing the magazine well so it would only accept a single stack 10 shot magazine.
Cugir was the sole arsenal manufacturing small arms for the Romanian military up to 1990 while Sadar produced weapons for sale on the world market. It saved the Romanians a lot of wasted $$ re-smelting parts that could not be used in the production of Military spec rifles, and it provided cheap sporters for the USA market. The Wassenaar Arrangement establishes lists of items for which member countries are to apply export controls. Department of Commerce and controlled for national security reasons on the Commerce Control List and the U.S. Representatives of Participating States meet regularly in Vienna where the Wassenaar Arrangement's Secretariat is located.
Importers have 15 days to apply a unique serial number, and the required import marking showing country of origin, caliber and importer address.
The G versions were not modified model 63s, but new production (1975) versions based on the 63.
This is from the Carfil Arsenal in Romania who made weapons only for the Romanian military.
If you have a "2" trunnion a "1" barrel is generally ok but only a moderate-to-light press fit. Small arms production at Cugir started to be phased out in 1996 as they began the process of transfering inventory and equipment to Sadu.
After getting in trouble with the UN in 2000 for smuggling weapons to terrorists, the Sadu and Cugir arsenals were forced to merge (on paper) and this is what they became. But, passing time yesterday before seeing my doctor, I spent a few minutes at Books-A-Million reading gun magazines.
The good news is that for about $20 you can pick up a decent cleaning kit at your local Wal-Mart.
Research shows that, just like you, people that have accidental discharges while cleaning their guns did not think of themselves as morons either. On the WASR-10 models currently being sold these “anti wobble” plates seem to look and work well for the most part. When I first got into firearms, I wasna€™t too interested in an AKM variant as I didna€™t much care for the design when compared to other rifles. Here's a link to J & G, and to Classic Arms, both of which sell a good many lower priced varieties of the WASR. The Tapco mags seem fine for NOW, but I'm sure they will wear out much sooner than good, solid Cold-War-Era Commie metal magazines. I confess that I fall into the former camp of admirers, and that I like my WASR quite a lot. The requirements of the Wassenaar Arrangement dovetailed nicely (and not by coincidence) with the US import restrictions." (That's what I read somewhere on the internet-I forget who wrote it.
Sadar quality was always sub-standard, primarily due to the geographic area, and this being a very poor region, while Cugir up in the Alps is a much more prosperous region with a higher class of living.
Member governments implement these controls to ensure that transfers of the controlled items do not contribute to the development or enhancement of military capabilities that undermine the goals of the Arrangement, and are not diverted to support such capabilities. In addition, its member countries send delegations to Austria for working groups and other meetings to develop organizational policy. After 2007, many WASR rifles were imported with really good military-grade parts and trunion stampings. The Carfil arsenal mostly produces grenades, explosives, thermobaric warheads and other stuff like this, so to see an AK with an 11 is indeed rare.
They stopped building small arms after getting cought by the UN in 2000, supplying weapons to terrorists (A container full of 14,000 AKMs was intercepted by the British Navy). The commercial sporters were made in a separate warehouse at the rear of the Sadu facility on 3 parallel assembly lines. But let me say this: I am trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ, and whether I live or die, it is by His grace, and I will gladly receive it from His wounded hand.
So unless you want to really, *really* hurt your fingers, never try to leave the bolt in the backwards position (as seen in the picture below). This means you are going to need some sort of tool to get the gas tube locking lever to move up out of the indent where it rests.

The gas escaping to the top right will push the gun slightly down and to the left, into your left hand which is on the left underside of the hand guard. As both an enthusiast and an engineer, I have tremendous respect for the rifle and its design for what it was and what it was designed for, but just never felt like getting one. So fast forward a few years, a few handguns, a few bolt actions, and a few semi-autos. I ordered my rifle mid-day Saturday, FFL sent the info that same day, it shipped out on Tuesday, and it arrived Thursday.
I've used white lithium in the past with no issues, but I am not particularly hard-use on my firearms. -----Range Trip 1----- The first trip to the range was a bit of a let down from the start. That seems to make sense and I was planning on drawing something up quickly in CAD so I have a nice "AIM HERE.
You might also leaf through an issue of "Shotgun News" magazine, which you can find around here (Tennessee) in Walmart and book stores. The workers tend to take a lot of pride in their craftsmanship, the people of this region have been manufacturering weapons for several centuries. BUT that because of the Assault Weapon Ban in effect these rifles would have to meet requirments for import etc.
In addition, the Wassenaar Arrangement imposes some reporting requirements on its member governments. A Plenary meeting is held annually to approve or reject the policies recommended by the working groups. If you have a "1" trunnion and you try to put a "2" or "3" barrel in it you may crack the trunnion etc. After the bust, they finished the transfer of all of their small arms equipment to Sadu, and were retooled for medium to heavy weapons production with all brand new state of the art modern equipment purchased from Belgium and Croatia. This is the actual business branch that is responsible for all the sales of everything commercial out of Romania. The Ruger and Browning came out on top, and they gave the best marks to the Browning Buckmark. We used a pair of needle nose pliers, but you can use whatever tool you want or have handy. You either have it on the rails crooked, forgot to push the hammer down, or you did not correctly reassemble the bolt back into the bolt carrier (bolt should be all the way forward in the spiral when you put the bolt carrier assembly back in).
Earlier this year after getting a M1911A1 reproduction, I really got the desire form some simpler, military-design firearms. None of the places I went for ammo had any so I was forced to go to this small place I wasn't familiar with.
BULLETS SHOULD BE HERE" for that range. Granted, that assumes I can actually get some good shots off. All foreign embassies and government ministries are located in the city, as well as the Hoge Raad der Nederlanden (Supreme Court), the Raad van State (Council of State) and many lobbying organisations.
It was moved to Sadu and the Arms facility (which is about 6 miles from the Cugir arsenal) when Cugir was completely retooled after the UN bust.
Some time I ago I was shopping for either the Ruger or Buckmark, and finally bought a stainless Ruger MkIII. Whatever you use, you’ll probably want to put a piece of cloth between your “tool” and the lever to prevent scratching the gun. I picked up a SP1 upper and started on a Retro build and helped a friend build his first AK, and then we got on the topic of AK-style rifles and what his options were in California. To the best of my knowledge, which I fully admit is imperfect, it seems to have something to do with a treaty called the "Wassenaar Arrangement." Wassenaar is the name of a beautiful little upscale suburb of The Hague in the Netherlands. The Hague is also the de facto judicial capital of the United Nations, being the location of its primary judicial institutions. I think now, instead of waiting for the Diamondback DB9 to show up, I will venture out and get the Buckmark to add to my collection.
I was a bit worried and confused initially as I was under the impression that the rive was going to have a bayonet lug as not only the pictures of these rifles on Atlantic's page showed it, but the Century Arms 2015 catalog lists the RI1805-N as the version that has the muzzle brake and bayonet lug. If this was not my first chance to shoot the rifle, I would have walked out and just enjoyed my other rifles that day. It is merely a variety of semi-auto rifle that happens to accept a magazine that can hold many rounds.
These are the people who have the final say when it comes to all things being exported or imported into Romania. When I was picking the rifle up, I noticed a big green sticker on the end of the box that said the same thing. Opening the box, I was relieved to see that there was a bayonet lug as I had originally though (at least I am 99% sure, It isn't as obvious to me as with an AR).
As I was not familiar with the AK's front sight adjustment amount (how much movement equals X) and didn't have the mindset to do the trigonometry at the time, I used the 25m paper simply to give me an estimate of what I'd be looking at for 100yd. For the curious, the answer was about 10"-12" to the left. A kind fellow club-member saw that I had a sight tool out and was trying to measure targets and offered me the use of his massive 4-target block (about 42" x 42") and his spotting scope.
I wanted something pretty basic and after looking at things from Atlantic (some of their home built offerings and exclusives), DDI, Petronov, I.O.
I know Century has improved, but compared to other rifles I have, this is the least expensive center fire I've been purchasing (other than a Mosin Nagant).
I didn't want to waste any more if I couldn't get it sighted in. HOWEVER, I can say that the rifle functioned just fine with both the Magpul AK PMag and the slab-sided Bulgarian commercial mag. The Bulgarian mag did not like to come free if there was any pressure on it moving it towards the rear of the rifle; it would lock up on the bolt release if I was holding it.
It is nothing special and I'd guess this is a generic box they ship everything in (maybe they have something special for the C39 series). Some filing and sanding of the rear lug did solve the issue. Upon returning home, I applied some oil to the front sight and then used a light mallet to tap the handle on the TAPCO sight tool. Nothing else I have purchased has been so overt in its contents, typically with just a small logo in the corner and a barcoded label on the side.
I know to many people this is a small thing, but I'd rather not advertise what I am bringing in from my car.
Easy enough to get around as I just took the brown shipping box from my FFL, but still something worth noting. Inside the Box More fun than the outside is the inside! I was a bit disappointed to see that the rifle was just sandwiched between some "egg carton" foam. The rifle was still about 4" to the left, but that was a marked improvement from the 10"-12". Other firearms (and even replicas) I have purchased had nice fitted foam inserts or at least shaped cardboard to prevent the rifle from sliding around. Per the information I had that the AKM's front post moving 1mm would change POI about 10" at 100m, I tried to go from there. It was pretty evident that this rifle had done some sliding around as there were partial punctures in the cardboard from where the front and rear sights had bashed into them. Didn't exactly work as the sight still needed some persuasion, but doing it in increments and checking worked just fine.
Moving on from the box, the foam did have some smears of color that I'd guess are from some of the woods finish or cosmoline. I did draw an interesting look from one of the guys who had out this nice looking target rifle.
I doubt he would ever try and adjust anything on his rifle by hitting it with a rubber mallet, no matter how small. Eventually I got things sighted in from the rifle's perspective.
The WASR is listed as coming with TAPCO or surplus magazines (some people have gotten one of each).
I'm very new to the AKM-style sights and there is a lot of room for personal improvement in the way of consistency of sight alignment.
I was really hoping for some surplus steel mags because I think they just look more traditional, but when I saw the black plastic, I was confused because the mag in the rifle definitely didn't look like a TAPCO mag. -----Accessories----- While I have mostly "standard" mags for my AR, I do have 1 Magpul mag, so I recognized the pattern rather quickly. I lifted up the padding and sure enough, there was a second, new-in-wrapper Magpul P-Mag AK 7.62 magazine.
I'd still rather have a steel mag, but if given the choice between a Magpul and a TAPCO, I'd pick Magpul. Other than the mags, the rifle came the expected "Cleaning Kit Suppository", and a sling. Still plenty of room for improvement and I am sure the rifle is capable. I also had to satisfy the urge for some rapid fire. I couldn't get the cleaning kit open because my hands were covered in grease and oil, but I still got some use out of it (I'll explain later).
Most of them were just "hit this general area" or switching targets, but I did do a 20-round course of fire starting in keening them moving to standing where I was focusing on the same target.
As for the sling, I'll have to take another look at it this evening but I get the feeling it may be missing something. All 20 rounds hit an NRA 100 Yard Military Type Target, so I was happy. Again, no issues with the rifle. I only glanced at it as I put it to the side, but I just saw a hook on one end and a keeper on the other. I did heat it up enough to get some of the oil to smoke off and bubble the shellac on the front of the lower handguard. -----Summary----- With 250 rounds through it and the rifle pretty well zeroed, I'm pretty happy with it. While it is a low round count and only one type of ammunition, there have been no issues of any kind with the rifle. The rifle fed TulaAmmo 123gr FMJ from Magpul AK PMags, Bulgarian Slab-side commercial mags, and surplus Romanian steel mags.
The bolt carrier group traveled freely until it hit reached the hammer, at which point it took a bit of force to cock the rifle. The action did feel a bit smoother (when being cycled manually) at the end of the second range trip than it did when it was first removed from the box and I expect that to continue as the parts wear into each other. It felt a bit gritty as it lowered the hammer, which I am under the impression is normal until the mating parts wear in to each other. Accuracy from the rifle is probably better than what I achieved, but it is at least capable of 3.5 MOA. The magazine is not easy to remove and needs to be essentially unlatched and then wiggled to the side while pulling forward and down.
The same is true with the gas tube release; thankfully I used the slot on the cleaning kit's case that is apparently designed to wrench that open. Removing the lower handguard was a pain as aside from the lever being tight, I needed to use a small mallet to tap it out. The Romanian steel mags (the only steel I have) seemed to work best with the rifle period; they were the smoothest to insert, lock, release, and remove. The stock met the receiver with a small gap on one side and the size of the gap was consistent along its entire length (someone mentioned to look for that, as if it is not, it could mean the stock tang or trunion is not straight). The parkerized finish itself seemed even over the entire rifle, however I don't know just how durable it will be.
I was expecting scratches from the selector and gas tube release (which actually look pretty nice on the rifle), but the finish seemed to scratch easily.
Some parts of the receiver where I didn't expect to see any wear from such mild handling are showing it and the magazine release has already lost some from seating a few polymer mags. It seems to break really cleanly and the pull is not heavier than what I would expect on a military-type rifle.
I don't have the most experience at gauging triggers and only have a small-ish pool of firearms to compare it too, so I'll compare it to some of what I do have tonight and simply try to "rank" it. I'll add more pictures later! -----The Furniture----- I knew going in that I wasn't going to be completely satisfied with the wood and already plan to change it out just because of aesthetics, however I am pretty impressed. The buttstock's finish was noticeably smoother than the lower handguard, and it does seem like it is on the softer side, but the grain looks nice and everything seems well formed.
There is no hole for the cleaning kit, but this is not a surprise. I'm just not a huge fan of the blond color on the AKM, especially not this clean and bright. If I didn't really want to try the Romanian vertical grip, I'd be fine "dealing" with the wood as it is. The pistol grip is another thing I am not keen on.
The front post is pushed in to the side but it seems that it could be the result of simply assembling it and pushing it flat (a picture will show it below). Looking down the sights and comparing it to the gas tube looks straight and looking at it from a distance with the rifle propped upright it seems straight too. As long as it zeros, it's fine by me! -----Magwell and Receiver----- Here is another case of me preparing for the worst and being pretty surprised. The magwell seems nice and straight and there are no burrs or tool marks inside or outside. I ran my finger carefully along the inside and it feels like it was supposed to be this width. The magwell is also very snug on the Magpul magazines and on the cheap slab-sided Bulgarian one I grabbed from the gun store when I was last there a week and a half ago.
The one Magpul mag show some scratches and some digging in from the magwell's edges, but the mag comes out when pulled. The Bulgarian mag does something strange though; if I am gripping it as I pull the release, it will bind up on the locking lug and cannot be moved.
If I awkwardly push the release forward and then bump the back of the mag with another finger or knuckle, the magazine release just fine. I'm not too worried as I had planned to use that mag for other purposes anyways. Regardless, neither mag had anything more than a very slight wiggle. It had some crud around it, but once I cleaned that off, I was able to remove and reattach it by hand. The threads were clean and sharp and the crown of the barrel looked as I'd expect it to. In the above picture, you can see what I was talking about with the front sight's windage position. It looks as though someone simply pressed it in until it was flush with the sight frame. -----The Ugly Mess----- It was at this point I stripped the rifle down to clean it. Chips everywhere. ***Edit*** The chips are not from the production of the rifle in Romania. This explains how they get into all the strange places of the rifle and the various amounts that are there. Again, just for fun. Aside from having to get some out of the heel and palm of my hand, this struck me more as bad machining practice.
I don't know if I'd say quality control because the machining itself looks fine, but I get the feeling that even taking a few seconds to hit these parts with some compressed air to blow out the chips before assembly would be something that any machinist would do. -----Summary----- Other than the finish seeming to wear easily and the chips, I didn't see anything about the rifle that struck me as off.
Everything fit well, parts seemed to be machined well, and the typical things people have mentioned to look out for with the WASR-10 (sight cant, magwell slop, rough action, assembled by monkeys), do not seem to be present. So far I'm quite happy with my purchase, but as I have primarily just racked the charging handle, changed mags, and grinned like an idiot I'll find out more once I take it out to the range. That should be Sunday. If you have any tips, questions, or info, let me know!

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