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Water-clear polyester resin for casting paperweights, trophies, chess sets and conversation pieces. Sculpted by: ???? This is one of the most classic garage kits in the Predator genre, everything was just awesome in this kit. According to the Chinese legend, Azure Dragon is one of the Four Symbols from the Chinese constellations. To present the harmony of Yin and Yang— like most of the PKking’s design, this work created a balanced scene by putting together two tender girls and a mighty monster. PKking does an eminent job on subjects like mythology or fantasy; the works were always garnished with his own style. STURGEON-KING is the goblin living in the water, and she worked together with XIAOSHAN to save the citizens in the Waterland from the water-dragon’s slaughter. In the world view of The Balance Of Nine Skies, there are good and bad goblins, some of them endanger the world, others make deals with human beings to help them survive from wars and strike the balance for the Nine Skies. STURGEON-KING was the good one willing to help XIAOSHAN, as her friend she made a deal with XIAOSHAN to save the Waterland. In order to reserve time and resources for our customers we no longer provide product support to non-customers.

In the world of the NINE SKIES, MONSTER BARRETTA came from Plutonian River and has the almighty power to fight against gods in the celestial sphere, he’s huge as a mountain and fast as the thunder, frightened gods with six strong arms and five theurgic weapons hold in hands. In the ancient time, once the leader of YEAN and his army tried to defeat MONSTER BARRETTA, but they failed and were wiped out in a flash.
According to the legend of the devils and the imagine of Death god, Baphomet was designed with two extend horns and holding a big sickle in hand,and you can know he’s extremely ferocious from his face. Details like scales and shell-like armor could be a skillful thing to paint, yet your techniques could be challenged and proved through the whole finishing process.
From the back of the girl, or the claw and tail of the dragon, you can see how delicate it is and how much time PKking spend on this work. Expansion rates are affected by product temperature, mold temperature, humidity and accuracy of the mix. After decades, the leader of YEAN came to life with the Kirin and seal MONSTER BARRETTA back in Plutonian River. Classic Wood Cottage Panelized Storage Shed Kit features a beautifully gabled front and two windows which means you can use this shed as a workshop or playhouse, or some combination of the above. If you would like to purchase the pre-painted version please contact us for more information.

Therefore, you know it will be truly awesome to own something like this and put it on display. Mix two equal parts of Part A and Part B and compound will expand about 25 times to form a rigid mass of foam.
Mix two equal parts of Part A and Part B and compound will expand about 20 times to form a rigid mass of foam.
Mix proportionate parts of Part A and Part B and compound will expand to form a soft mass of foam. Mix two equal parts of Part A and Part B and compound will form a solid plastic in a few minutes. For example, a quart kit will contain one quart of Part B and about half of much of Part A.

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