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Mungo Martin, and check out Mungo Martin on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet.
Martin was born in 1879 in Fort Rupert, British Columbia, to parents of the Kwakwaka'wakw Nation. While still young, Martin regularly participated in the rituals, songs, arts, and traditions of the local Kwakwaka'wakw and North Coastal culture.
Martin was a promoter of the culture in his later years, convening with other noted artists, such as Tom Omhid, Willie Seaweed and Dan Cranmer, in order to prepare novices for Kwakwaka'wakw ceremonies.
He would later marry Abayah Martin, also an artist, who specialized in weaving ceremonial curtains and aprons.
All his life Martin made songs, sang them and recorded them with the Hawthornes and others.
Wawadit'la, also known as Mungo Martin House, a Kwakwaka'wakw "big house", with heraldic pole.
Martin also restored and repaired many carvings and sculptures, totem poles, masks, and various other ceremonial objects. In 1947, Martin was hired by the Museum of Anthropology at UBC for restoration and replica work. Later, Martin was hired in 1952 by the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria, British Columbia to create works of Northwest Coastal Art as display pieces and examples. Martin was also the designer and principal carver of the famous Totem Pole in Windsor Great Park in the United Kingdom. When Martin went to work for the museum in Victoria, his son David and his family, and relatives Henry and Helen Hunt(Helen was Martin's wife's granddaughter) and their family joined him in living in James Bay near Thunderbird Park and the focus of the work to be done. Martin was significant in the Northwest Coastal Art scene for his vast amount of work and actual sculpting.
He died on August 16, 1962 at the age eighty-three in Victoria and was taken on a Canadian Navy ship to be buried in Alert Bay. British Columbia's 29th Lieutenant Governor is spending the week visiting several communities on northern Vancouver Island. Overall, smallpox killed 75 percent of the Pacific Northwest's indigenous peoples, he said. Mooney Warther started whittling as a five year old boy, with a pocketknife he found while herding cows. As word of Mooney’s art spread, his fame grew, and celebrities and industrialists made a path to his door. Abraham Lincoln was one of Mooney Warther’s greatest heroes, and one of his greatest achievements was the Lincoln Funeral Train, which is complete right down to the slain President’s coffin in the last car.
While best known for his carvings of trains, Mooney was just as famous for his hand carved wooden pliers, which he gave to visitors to his shop. When he was 13 years old, Mooney lied about his age and went to work in a local steel mill to help support this widowed mother.
A true artist needs the right tools, and when Mooney couldn’t find carving knives that fit his hands, he began making his own. The house where Mooney and his wife Frieda lived for 63 years, and where they raised their five children, is next door to the the museum and knife shop, and open to tours. If you’re anywhere around north central Ohio, put a trip to Dover high on your Must See list. For several months now, the Event Promoter from the Medina County Fairgrounds has been asking us to consider having a future rally at their location. We had an early dinner in Medina, which is a beautiful small town, and then drove another 50 miles back to Loudonville. Back at the campground, the place was packed with weekend campers who had arrived while we were gone. Bad Nick wasn’t into all of that socializing, so he stayed inside and posted a new Bad Nick Blog titled Amish Gangstas. Thought For The Day – While you’re busy looking for the perfect person, you may miss the imperfect person who could make you perfectly happy! OK Nick you now have us officially jazzed for a trip to Smith’s Campground to explore that area of Ohio!!!! 53-year-old Russian sculptor Sergei Bobkov uses discarded wood chips, particularly Siberian cedar, to produce gorgeous and delicate animal figures.
I’m pretty sure you cannot melt wood, yet French artists Remy Clemente and Morgan Maccari from Bonsoir Paris Studio challenges this with their amazing work. Michael Rea’s sculpture pieces are generally represented with materials like steel and glass. If you create a sculpture version of Picasso’s paintings, this is what it would look like. NICA Competition Bay Harbor, Michigan"The Reptilian" Designed and carved by Greg ButauskiGold Medal follow this link to see more images of The Reptilian. Vanessa Lubeigt, left, 17, a junior, talks with Sebastian Naumann, center, 17, a senior, during their lunch at the International Studies Charter High School in Miami. The International Studies Charter High School in Miami is one of two high schools offering the International Studies program at the high school level. Anamaria Zambrano, left, 17, and Guillaume Coutiuho Fernandez, 17, go over Death of a Salesman in their AP Literature class, at the International Studies Charter High School in Miami.

Isabel Guimaraes, 16, a junior at the International Studies Charter High School in Miami, listens with her classmates as her teacher, Felix De La Cruz, talks about La Celestina, a medieval Spanish literature book, they are reading, Thursday, August 26, 2010. Laura Marty, 15, center, smiles as her teacher, Begona Matilla, goes over the family of Spanish kings of the 13th century, in her 10th grade International Studies class at the International Studies Charter High School. Victor Rodriguez, principal at the International Studies Charter High School, 807 SW 25th Ave., in Miami, speaks with his students during their lunch hour, Thursday, August 26, 2010.
Jillian Agot, center, teaches 9th grade French IS, at the International Studies Charter High School. Isabel Guimaraes, 16, a junior, at the International Studies Charter High School, 807 SW 25th Ave., in Miami, holds La Celestina, a medieval Spanish literature book, they are reading, Thursday, August 26, 2010. Yonatan Deubelbeiss, 12, a 7th grader, shows his German atlas used in his International Studies German class at Carver Middle School in Coral Gables.
An outdoor hallway board displays three parent associations at George Washington Carver Middle School in Coral Gables, SIPA, their Spanish, FIPA, French, and GIPA, German Parent Associations.
Antonietta Di Pietro, at George Washington Carver Middle School, teaches 6th grade Language Arts IS, International Studies, to second-year Italian students. Students Eliecer Infante, 11, Joana Rodriguez, 11, and Alexa Eckembrecher, 11, all 6th graders, learn 2nd-year Italian in Antonietta Di Pietro's Language Arts class at George Washington Carver Middle School in their International Studies program.
Mauro Merconchini, 12, left, a member of Antonietta Di Pietro's 6th grade Language Arts class at George Washington Carver Middle School, interprets in Italian the American Gothic painting by Grant Wood.
Sofia Guevara, 11, a 6th grader in Agueda Perez Bethencourt's International Studies class, is one of the students at Ada Merritt K-8 Center who traveled to Spain last year.
Agueda Perez Bethencourt, 6th grade teacher at Ada Merritt K-8 Center, holds one of her class text books from Spain, Wednesday, August 25, 2010, in Miami. Elena Martinez, from Madrid, teaches 7th grade International Studies at Ada Merritt K-8 Center, 660 SW 3rd St., in Miami, Wednesday, August 25, 2010. This formed the basis of his knowledge of the Northwest Coast style, and he applied it to design, carving, and painting and lifelong song making. He provided Ida Halpern, a Canadian ethnomusicologist, with 124 songs to help preserve his traditions for new generations. His stepfather Charlie James, a noted Northwestern artist, was his principal influence in honing his natural talent.
He gained fame for holding the first public potlatch since the governmental potlatch ban of 1885. During this time, Martin lived on the university campus, and continued to paint and carve small works during the night.
His son David, and Henry Hunt, and even Henry's son Tony who was only twelve when the families engaged in this undertaking, became apprentices. Hoover, and Kevin Neary (1984) The Legacy: Tradition and Innovation in Northwest Coast Indian Art. A couple of women and a man are paying their last respects as they stand beside a carved box holding the remains of Mungo Martin, one of the great Northwest Coast artists. On Monday the Honourable Judith Guichon spoke to about 250 elementary and secondary school students in Gold River.
We left Smith’s Campground & Cabins near Loudonville, Ohio and drove some 45 miles along a series of two lane roads through the rolling hillsides and some nice small towns, until we came to Dover, home of the fabulous Warther Museum. He seemed to have a special talent for creating things out of wood, and by the time he was a teenager, he was already making a name for himself.
Railroad engineers and locomotive designers carefully inspected every creation, and said they were exact recreations. This is the Dewitt Clinton, the first locomotive of the New York Central Railroad, from 1831.
The museum displays two of his animated carvings of the mill, complete with turning feed belts and moving figures.
Then he made his mother a kitchen knife, which she showed to her friends, and they all wanted one too. We overheard one lady telling her friend that she got a paring knife 30 years ago, and it is just as sharp today as it was way back then. Frieda loved gardening, and even today, members of the Warther family still maintain her flower gardens.
We’re always looking at new venues, so I wrote back and told him what our needs are  in terms of RV parking and buildings for our seminars and activities, and what our budget is. We stopped at the Street Fair so Jan could purchase a bag she had admired on our earlier visit, and Miss Terry wanted to check out a couple of stores. Kids were playing and having a good time, and we enjoyed standing outside talking to our hostess, Amy, and her daughter Kim.
Seeing these skilled carvers transform a block of wood into an expressive artwork is really fascinating. He works up to 12 hours a day to carve a new sculpture which can take 3 more weeks to refine and complete. Haroshi makes his artworks by stacking old skateboard decks to create mosaic sculptures, which are on a whole new life as 2D works of arts in the form of figurative characters, fruits, skulls and whatever else Haroshi could think of. In his City series he creates intricate skyscraper designs from wood with different color tones.
Maskull’s artwork is all about revealing the skeletal system of humans and animals through existing wooden sculptures.

They are made by an Italian artist, Willy Verginer, who carves each sculpture from a single block of wood.
Werner Arnold’s sculptures can also move, which adds another layer to the already beautiful sculptures. His mother was Q'omiga, also known by her English name, Sarah Finlay, who was the mixed-race daughter of a Kwakwaka'wakw woman and a Scottish man working with the Hudson's Bay Company.
Martin was raised in the potlatch tradition practiced by the Kwakwaka'wakw, and all aspects of their culture.
He learned and sang songs from other tribes, such as the Navajo, which he learned from his relative Bob Harris. Located at Thunderbird Park in Victoria, British Columbia."Thunderbird Park a€“ A Place of Cultural Sharing". Martin developed as one of the first traditional artists to adopt many types of Northwest Coast sculptural and painting styles. It was raised in 1956 and remained standing until 2000.[3] He also constructed Wawadit'la, a Kwakwaka'wakw "big house", at Thunderbird Park in front of the museum. Standing 100 feet high, there is one foot for every year, and marks the centenary of British Columbia, which was named by Queen Victoria and proclaimed a Crown Colony on November 19, 1858. Doug Cranmer, who became an artist of some considerable note, a unique approach to his craft added to his knowledge of things traditional placing him permanently on a level of talent Mungo would be proud of, spent time with his old relative too; Doug was the grandson of Martin's wife Abaya'a, and was the son of Martin's first cousin, and so brother, Dan Cranmer. If it wasn't a general work song, it was the song associated with the figure he was carving. The museum showcases his life’s work, 64 walnut, ebony, and ivory carvings of steam locomotives.
Mooney used hundreds of pieces to create each locomotive, and the attention to detail is amazing, Wheels turn, levers move, doors open and close.
However, as time went on, he could afford more exotic raw materials, and began carving from ivory and ebony.
This led to the birth of the Warther Cutlery Company, which is still in business today, and is still a family operation. Guess what well known RVing chef and recipe column author stopped by the gift shop to get herself a beautiful new knife before we left? Frieda also collected buttons, and a small building called the Button House displays some of the 100,000 buttons she accumulate in her life, and used to create lovely designs. He assured me that they could meet all of our expectations, so from Dover, we drove 65 miles north to check it out.
The RV parking was marginal at best, but the buildings he showed us included a horse barn with dirt floors and wooden stalls down each side, a large building with no heat or air conditioning, and marginal lighting, and a couple of storage buildings half full of building materials. I sat outside on a bench, watching all of the activity, and discovered that the mullet is alive and well in Loudonville, Ohio. Those two have such twisted senses of humor that they could qualify for membership in the Gypsy Journal family! I don’t suppose you’d like to tour Kentucky a little bit after Ohio, on your way south, would you? And if Amy, Kim and crew met your high (or is that low) standards of humor, I know we’ll fit right in too? From hand-carved to laser-cut wood sculptures made from single or multiple blocks of wood, this collection will bring enjoyment and inspiration to all art designers, not only sculptors, novices and professionals alike.
Look at the extreme labor of love he displays on the feathers and furs of his animal sculptures. His work is a great showpiece as it not only looks fantastic with its colorful painting and puzzle-like designs but is also a fun change to its appearance.
The engraving is a truly remarkable work of art so much so that most of his customers choose to hang them on their walls rather than play them.
He was a major contributor to Kwakwaka'wakw art, especially in the realm of wood sculpture and painting.
During this time he and American anthropologist Bill Holm became fast friends and Martin designed a Kwak'waka'wakw big house on the coast in Washington State. Their best building was the Community Center, which was very nice, but way too expensive for us. We had never heard of this museum and we will now try to go see it for ourselves.Stay safe in your travels. What’s wonderful about this new work is he literally adds new art to the original art piece.
Below are just samples from his huge portfolio of more than 100 carved electric guitars since 1969. The figures on the pole reading from the top are, Man with large hat, Beaver, Old Man, Thunderbird, Sea Otter, The Raven, The Whale, Double headed Snake, Halibut Man and Cedar Man. His largest multi-plier carving was over 500 pliers, all from a single chunk of wood, and required 31,000 cuts! It was cut from a tree 600 years old from the forests of the Queen Charlotte Islands, 500 miles north of Vancouver.

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