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Wood furniture ar 15 80,narrow shed ideas designs,illustrator wood pattern swatch free shop - Downloads 2016

Centerfire Rifles - Semiautomatic or Gas Operated Centerfire rifles, carbines and other gas operated rifles. That is like being a Republican and voting for Obama, or a Red Sox fan wearing a Yankees jersey. I have seen an oiled walnut version that seems to hark back to war era garands, 1903's, etc. Its all about the accesories And the prices of the minis have gotten crazy I cant see buying one when I can get a AR for a little more. I was going to jump all over the dpms for being at the bottom of the controversial chart, but the price of mini-14 mags are outrageous. Funny this subject can up I am biulding an AR15 this weekend and plan touse a laminate stock I purchased from Precision Arms, it is the gray black I will post a photo when complete. We've all gotten so descensitized seeing plastic chinese crap replace much of what we use daily.

Actually, the wood stocks are very attractive on the AR-15, and more like an early model woody with REAL wood, not plastic stickers from a 70’s car.
Very interesting little bidding war errupted right at the last moment, diddin it? Personally, I don't get the attraction (never mind the money).
I predict that soon an all wood no pistol grip AR rifle will be developed for sale in NY,CT, CA and MD. Originally Posted By offroader1006: Originally Posted By HET1: Anyone have an AR with wood furniture? Originally Posted By army11b: That's like putting a steel frame on a glock I'd sooner try that than put a plastic frame on a 1911. Id almost say its your civic duty to incorporate wood furniture into your next retro build! Besides, how would people feel saying this if the ar15 had the original style wood colored plaastic stocks they originally had.

I don't think it would be so bad if it were nicely blued, but that color-case looks like leprosy on an AR.
Customize your AR however you like and don't worry about the opinion of someone who's personality type is such that they absolutely must go shout from the rooftops their infallible opinion. I looked for it a few times since and it looks to be discontinued. I found this website and they seem to have a limited selection. There are a lot of guys out there who appreciate the older weapons just for the wood furniture, me being one.

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