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In keeping with our scratching theme, I’d like to share with you these elegantly simple and unique scratching posts that offer some different materials for scratching. Natural Scratch just came out with a line of horizontal scratchers, too, in both cork and cedar.
All Natural Scratch products come with a booklet with lots of helpful tips for training your cat to use the scratching post. Kittypod has a big selection of pet furniture in creative shapes, made from recycled paper.
The Iti is reversable (flip it over if your cat scratches through the 2-inch thick “scratchdeck”). The bed came with a cat-face clip; I folded the ears and drew on a face, so Basil would feel it represented him. Thanks Kittypod! The stretchy rope  on top, and “reward holes” for treats and toys, encourage cats to get clawing. Did you have a happy Halloween, or dress up your kittens? Whose cheeks are fatter: Basil’s or the pumpkin’s?

Natural Scratch is a line of handcrafted scratching posts made of solid natural cork or solid white cedar wood. This wood has a nice rough texture that cats love, plus it is very soft, so they can really sink their claws in.
It took a while for them to get used to the new material, but the toy at the top really helped attract them to the post. They also have the string toy attached, as well as some holes that you can fill with catnip. To enter, please leave a comment on this post with your thoughts about the Natural Scratch products. For a great scratching board, we recommend the cork, cedar and plank options from Natural Scratch. As we saw in the photos last week, lots of cats like to scratch on wood, so this may be the perfect solution.
The company says that in all the years they’ve been making these posts, no one has ever reported a cat getting a sliver in a paw.

It gets a lot of use now, and although some crumbs flake off each time it gets clawed, you can barely see any wear. It is a great product that simulates scratching a tree because of its very stable base and sufficient height for the cat to stretch up. You can poke the antenna toy through the hole or hide treats or other toys so kitty will reach up to investigate and then dig her claws into the post. In truth, I have also used sisal scratching posts, and some have preferred it, but I prefer that they prefer this product because it will withstand a lot of use and outlive even a well made sisal scratching post. And the cats especially love how tall it is, they can really get in a good stretch, as Ando and Theo are both demonstrating above. Readers outside this region may enter if they are willing to pay the extra shipping charges.

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