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Choosing wood for your interior design is a smart and sophisticated choice, because wood can be versatile, yet it is very steady and sturdy. Another brilliant example of using wood in interior is the Salvinia Lodge house, located in Poland.
Outside and in, from the curved wood cladding to the swooping wooden ceilings, this undulating houseboat design by Robert Oshatz evokes the dynamic movement of the river water on which it floats. The series of intersecting and overlapping organic forms creates a sense of constant movement that is clearly inspired by surrounding waves but likewise reflects the never-still nature of the structure itself. Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes! Built for a family seeking a greater connection with the property around them, this contemporary residence provides plenty of views in a modern, luxurious package.
The design of the home is two stories tall, but the vertical impact of the building is minimized by its low-sloping roofline. Every material used on the outside of the dwelling is well-picked, creating a blend of warm tones and elegant surfaces. Inside the front entrance, one wall continues the stone pattern from the outside, effectively transitioning between the decor elements of the exterior and interior of the residence. The main floor of the home is laid out around a fairly open central portion, with universal flooring throughout all the public rooms. The overall decorative theme of the interior marries traditional formal influences with modern style, placing aged materials within the context of a contemporary structure.
The living room intentionally forgoes a single focal point in favor of two; a large, angled fireplace wall provides warmth and a TV mount, while a bank of windows at its right side gives a view out over the property.
Built-in storage solutions can be found throughout the house, reducing clutter and providing a convenient way to present items for display.
Aged and weathered wood timbers are used extensively on the first floor, creating exposed ceiling beams and framing room boundaries. The kitchen is a blend of traditional suburban comfort and contemporary minimalism, with a marble-topped island and glass-backed stovetop combined with flush-faced cabinetry and stainless appliances. One of the most unique aspects of this design is its creativity in lighting, with a different sort of stylish fixture used in every area to supplement the spotlights which dominate the house.
This room, intended as a guest room is currently being used as a secondary living room off the patio. Most of the private spaces of the house feature heavily-aged wooden double doors, adding further character and a feeling of permanence to the dwelling. Near the master bedroom, a private study contains books and an office-like space for the residents' use.

The master bedroom is dominated by grey and soft browns, its walls covered in tiles featuring vaguely horizontal lines that curve naturally and calmly.
The master bedroom is perhaps the best demonstration of the dwelling's blend of traditional and modern elegance, with lace patterns and a vintage brass light fixture worked into a room with smooth contemporary cabinetry and furniture.
A second bedroom on the first floor, this one for a child, features a colorful floral pattern on its walls and bright pillows and lamps to continue the theme beyond the wall covering. The house's upper floor contains two storage spaces and a large guest suite, which is why the second guest bedroom downstairs need not be set up as such unless more than one set of guests are actually staying. When building or remodeling a home the interior doors are often an afterthought but they shouldn’t be.
We’ve followed this debate on Home Construction Improvement regarding hollow-core vs.
Timothy’s background includes stints at This Old House, ELLE DECOR, Metropolitan Home and Woman’s Day. TrendsRoom & Board Colors by Valspar – New Paint Collaboration Wagner FLEXiO 890 Sprayer Review Save Your Deck or Concrete Patio with Olympic Rescue It! How-To2016 Kitchen Trends Kitchen Countertop Pricing and Materials Guide An Evening in the Kitchen with Miele June Oven 6 Benefits of Custom Cabinetry What’s the Difference Between a Range, Stove and Cooktop?
More than just a clever aesthetic trick, however, this repeated form also serves a series of architectural functions, from defining interior volumes to letting in exterior natural light at both ends and along the roof line.The repetitive use of wood both inside and out also enhances the nautical theme of the home, giving residents the abstract sense that they are within a curved sea-faring wooden vessel as much as they are floating inside of a house. Located in Austin, Texas, the spacious two-story home was built by the well-known local firm Cornerstone Architects. Ornate chandeliers and high-backed chairs mingle with glossy modern surfaces and bright spot lighting. The roof's large overhang also helps to create a natural-looking cover for a patio area at the back.
Two different types of wood are used outdoors as accents: a darker hue for sections of the major exterior walls and a light breed (which matches the home's stone brick) for the underside of roof overhangs.
Tall ceilings in all the public rooms allow for large windows and emphasize the light those windows bring in. Low-backed living room furniture and wide entry gaps between spaces help to unite them and give an overall flow to the level. Smooth strips of warm light provide some definition to the wall covering that stands about room height on the area's shortest edge under a sloping roof. The industrial hanging lamps and intentionally weathered clock give a vintage character to the room, while the carpeting on its floor enhances the sense of privacy and separation from the public rooms of the floor.
Its bathroom, as well, is full of pink and orange in contemporary yet comfortably chic fashion.

The guest suite is done up luxuriously and elegantly, with a commanding view that stretches down a hill and far beyond the property of the house. A wooden interior looks very unique, as it doesn’t look good with most of the contemporary styles of interior.
Marc Canut is the designer who features very broad wood accents, as on the floor, walls and even other details of the interior.
The designer created a harmony between the ancient Baltic house and the modern technologies. Wide-open views of the water are balanced by beautiful but privacy-protecting wood-shingled surfaces on the dock side of the structure. Its exterior consists mostly of a sandy beige stone brick pattern, left roughly cut, and also includes dark wood siding on its upper portion.
The first floor's public rooms make great use of thick, squared-off wooden beams running across their length and framing each entryway. If you choose to decorate your entire house in wood, you would sacrifice the modern outlook, but you would gain so much more.
Combining light wood with predominant white as a leading color, he created warm, yet surprisingly modern interior. Black metal accents around doors and windows help create a contrast and to enhance the warmth of the light spilling from the structure's tall windows. Additionally, each private room has its own flavor, with a different color scheme and materials.
Despite its shed like appearance, the house is very contemporary, as it has all of the necessary appliances for a comfort living.
Those windows provide an expansive view of a slope behind the house, allowing the residents to see all of their property and much beyond.
Even with such differentiation, each room also follows the design ethos of combining vintage with the cutting edge of residential design, making the house both familiar and modern. Displaying large spaces and subtle colors, Canut has achieved a perfect balance between wood cozyness and coldness of contemporary interior design. Notice how the author uses colors, particularly white and wood combination, however wood dominates. Having this in mind, when you will recreate wood in your interior design, remember to choose colors and textures, so your house would be as appealing as the above examples.

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