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If you have a table that you are considering refinishing, you’ll need to look at a few things to make sure that refinishing it will be worth the time and effort. This may seem like a silly question, but lots of inexpensive tables are made out of wood veneer with a MDF subsurface, or laminate.
Your table will be ready to use once it has completely dried and is no longer sticky to the touch.
DarrenDarren Urman became a professional writer 15 years ago, when he retired as a building contractor. Wood refinishing entails repairing of the wooden items by reapplying the paint, lacquer or varnish. Aside from the structural strength, hardwood floors bring each house a touch of elegance and class. Moldings are used to cover any irregularity of the walls, including the corners of the walls and ceilings or floors, whereas wood panels are mostly used to enhance the beauty and value of the house. As a piece of furniture that occupies quite a lot of space in the living room, the entertainment center is vital in an esthetical appeal of the whole room. When it comes to wood refinishing and staining it is advisable to always contact a professional, regardless of the type of the wooden furniture or item. Hollywood Refinishing is your trusted remodeling partner ready to help you create a unique and impeccable home! As a full-service remodeling company, we specialize in providing a diverse spectrum of both residential and commercial remodeling services, from drywall installations, tile work, plumbing and electric services to custom cabinetry and antique furniture restoration.
We will provide you with personal attention to details and only the highest quality workmanship. Hardwood flooring is durable and can virtually last a lifetime with the proper care and maintenance.
We have many years of experience applying the best finish on the market, Glitsa Gold Seal™.
Paul is the original creator of the Glitsa double sealer system which creates a much thicker and durable wear layer. For all your New Hardwood Floor and Wood Floor Refinishing needs in Grosse Pointe and surrounding areas, call  Marshall Construction at (313) 822-6664 for a free estimate. Since there is understandable wear to the wood surfaces, we can provide on-going maintenance. Interesting Fact: We use only water-based products for washing, stripping and staining wood.
Most often our damaged or old Furniture are either thrown away or replaced because we do not have any idea about how they can be fixed or restored. With more than fifteen years of experience in wood restoration and refinishing, Angel Wood Refinishing has the solution when it comes to taking care of your wooden stuffs. Our skillful craftsman are always devoted to offer the best treatment that your furniture deserve.

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Pressboard laminate cannot be refinished at all, and wood veneer should only be refinished if it is in very good condition because the wood surface is only a very thin layer. Use an electric sander and hand sanding with a rough-grit sandpaper to remove all traces of old paint or finish from the table. Stripper is corrosive and the fumes can be dangerous, but it may be necessary if you have intricate detail on the surface or legs.
Most damages are caused due to the usage as well as weather conditions, depending on the item that is being repaired.
The same as hardwood floors, staircases can also increase the value of the property, provided that they are in good condition. They both need to be in pristine condition to actually add to the value of the house, hence why proper maintenance should be applied from time to time. The reason lies in their constant exposure to the bad weather, scalding sun and rain, which cause the varnish to dry, crack and peel. An out-dated finish or a worn-out look of an entertainment center can have a negative effective on the overall feel of the room. We are proud to say that Hollywood Refinishing is considered as one of the top three firms in Southern California when it comes to wood refinishing and staining. Thinking outside the box has enabled us to create many living spaces that beautifully fit our clients’ lifestyles.
There are so many methods to refinish wood floors and it is totally up to you to choose the one that suits your needs best in the end. For example, flat boards without a wooden deck railing will take much less time then that of a deck with several levels, or spindled wooden railings, lattice or other structures.
For example, wood surfaces must be dry when applying stripping products and stain coatings.
This not only neutralizes the Ph level of the wood (from the use of the wood wash or stripper), it also ensures that the new coating will properly adhere and absorb to the wood. A water-based stain is a breathable coating that permits moisture from the inside of the wood to evaporate through it. Flooring: Refinishing Old Wood Floors.So, do you think your wooden floor need to be refinished? Dovetail joints are a pretty good indicator that it’s wood, and high quality wood at that. Be especially careful on curves and crevices — anything you miss in this step will greatly affect the appearance of your final finish.
Make sure you wear gloves and an eye mask, and place the table in a well-venilated area if you go this route.

Between each coat, lightly sand with fine-grit sandpaper or steel wool to remove any visible brush marks. Thus said, every homeowner should know that having a hardwood floor in the house means maintaining it, as hardwood floors found in high traffic areas often start to show the signs of wear and tear within a few years of their installation.
The most common staircase repairs include squeaky or broken treads, loose balusters of the banisters as well as a loose rail or post. As it is crucial that installation and maintenance is done in a seamless way, perfectly connecting the edges of the panels or moldings, it is highly advised to leave the refinishing of these to the professional. Quality stain should be applied every two years to prevent the weather damage from occurring.
Our long list of satisfied clients and almost 20 years of experience have made us who we are today. Our attention to details has ensured that we stay within this field for over twenty years, constantly receiving new projects and orders through referrals. On the other hand, stains cannot be applied in direct sunlight or the stain will not be absorbed by the wood and will peel off.
These are all easily repairable, provide that a highly-skilled team of professional individuals are hired.
Actually you can simply call the expert to do this job, but you need to spend a lot of money, why don’t you try to do DIY refinish job? If you have a few dings in an otherwise excellent table, you can fill them with wood putty. Hence why, from time to time, homeowners decide to do a refinishing project, hiring a professional who will strap the hardwood of its finish, sand the area down and then reapply the finish or stain.
Many people already succeed, and you will have the same opportunities to do the same success. Keep in mind that if they are too large or in a highly grained area, they make look strange. Refinishing old wood floors is how you recover the color of your hardwood floor, it’s like repainting your floor, bad floor appearance will bring bad atmosphere for your room, and you need to know that.You can imagine what the guest say if they witness bad hardwood floor condition, it will be better if we provide better appearance for your room especially the guest room, you need to impress the guest with good thing. Refinishing old wood floors is not too difficult, but you need specific tools and technique, do you ever hear about sanding tools? Well sanding tool is the only proper tool to refinish wooden floor material, you can try to look on the picture below to see what it look like. Don’t try to purchase the tools, it’s too expensive for you, you can call sanding tool rental and rent the sanding tool.To refinish the floor, first you need to remove the old color of your hardwood floor, you need to configure the sanding tool first, for progressive performance you need to use the suitable sand paper pad, connect the tools with electric port and activate it, try to control the sander properly, it recommended for you to check the flatness of your wooden floor after you finish the sanding process, the floor really need to be leveled and flat. After the floor is configured, you can proceed with paining section, remember, choose only floor paint product to increase the floor durability.

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