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Different eras had their antique styles and these differed starkly according to the country of origin. Their latest endeavor has been the transformation of a barn in Edison, Washington into their state-of-the-art shop. When asked why they spent the last year taking on such a huge project, rather than just finding a ready-to-go shop space, co-owner Andrew Vallee had a lot of good reasons.
Seattle StoreThe Seattle store has changed hands and is now open in same location under new management at Ballard Reuse! Sorry but I need instructions on how to get these beautiful wood textures into my Sketchup paint bucket selection.
Stylish Vintage Suitcase-Like Furniture Collection - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. The oldest furniture known to be on sale is from the 16th century and this type of furniture is referred to as the Elizabethan era furniture.
These well-established Northwest artisans of green-built finish work have put their skills to work in creating their state-of-the-art woodshop, literally a stone’s throw from their gallery in Edison, a creative hub in Skagit County. These are just some of questions you should be prepared to answer when you walk into a store selling antique furnishings.
Much of this English furniture was made using oak wood which made it very heavy and durable.
Classical furniture is more symmetrical and gives your home a respectable and grand look while romantic styles are more joyful.

The new collection of furniture is built from materials salvaged from the shop’s former interior.
Their work has been installed into homes and businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. The mall had small rooms with old-west building facades built from sturdy old reclaimed lumber. These are not tests or trick questions, the sales person simply wants to identify specific type of furniture you want. The furniture was quite simple and had delicate engravings which gave it an ornamental twist. Eco-friendly and stylish, rustic, industrial and modern – this furniture is definitely a success.
They are large in size and can be referred to as crude as they reflect gothic styles especially furniture from the 13th and 15th centuries. The term antique doesn’t just mean anything old; you need to identify the style which is determined by the era and the country of originas well.
Different styles came about during this era with teak, walnut, cherry, mahogany and English oak becoming widely used. The collection is characterized by providing unique storage solutions, like chests and shelf units, and they’re all on wheels so you can easily move them around as you like.
As complex as it may sound, it’s quite simple and today we will be giving you information that you ought to know before you can walk into any store sell second hand furniture.

It’s very easy to identify English antique pieces and this is because they are made using highly elaborate wood.
That said; the Europeans loved arts and crafts and you will notice this in their furniture designs.
Thanks to the artistic French culture, artisans turned plain furniture into artistic pieces. The collection has many pieces – sideboards, shelves, desks and so on – you will for sure find something that you’ve been looking for. Though the furniture is rather flat, it’s also quite ornamental with intricate flower patterns. French antiques feature large ornamental carvings and these are mostly influenced by Roman art.
The furniture is graceful, bold and blends with various styles thanks to the English carving techniques.
The French brought about regency furniture style which features classical motifs and comes polished in gilt bronze and precious wood veneer. If you are looking for art nouveau type of furniture, you are most certainly looking at French antiques.

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