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Wood trim is decorative, non-structural standing and running trim that can be solid, laminated or simulated wood. In new construction, interior trim is typically installed by a finish carpenter after a building has been enclosed from the elements. Exterior wood trim is used where exterior materials terminate at the corners and base of a building, around doors and windows, at the top of walls, and along cornices and gables.
Manufactured exterior wood trim is made from short, high-grade lengths of wood from long, low-grade lumber. The Buildipedia research and writing staff consists of dozens of experienced professionals from many sectors of the industry, including architects, designers, contractors, and engineers. Wood trim molding and millwork allows you to cover up certain imperfections or flaws where the walls, ceilings and flooring come together. Soooo…I’ve gathered up some photos of some beautiful, unpainted, wood-walled rooms that might help get your creative gears turnin! And, again, notice all the white painted furniture, reflective surfaces (mirror, lantern, hardware, faucet) and the fresh accent color. And speaking of accent colors, if light blue isn’t your thing, what about accenting with navy? I personally think white walls and white ceiling with wood window frame and wood beams would be nice!
I enjoy writing and taking pictures, and adding pages to this place whenever inspiration strikes. Commonly referred to as moulding or millwork, wood trim is used to protect corners, conceal gaps, or separate areas, and contributes to the decor or architectural style of a building.
Wood products are natural solid board materials, and are available in several species, including: Pine, Douglas Fir, Cedar, Cypress, Redwood and region specific lumber.

Installing wood trim molding in a room not only adds character and appeal to the room but also improves the value of the remodelling effort at a relatively affordable cost. This will allow you to get rid of the burnish that has been left behind from milling the wood trim molding and will help the wood to accept the stain better.
Vaccum the room and if possible, damp-mop the room with the purpose of doing away with any dust that may have been left behind. The coffee table, shelving units and leather chair provide a little extra contrast- and the overall look is really striking. Wood trim, on either the rough or milled smooth surface, can accept paint, clear, semitransparent and opaque stains. Interior trim can be purchased in stock sizes and profiles from lumberyards and home improvement stores, or be shaped from raw wood material. Fiber-cement is made from a mixture of wood fibers, Portland cement and sand to form a durable, stable, water- and mold-resistant material. From all my experiences, I found wood molding to be the easiest way to improve the looks of any interior of a house or apartment. If you are planning to install wood trim molding such as crown moulding or wood trim moulding in your room, the right time to stain the wood trim molding would be right before you cut if for installation. You need to ensure that there is a small amount or no exposure to dust at all when staining wood trim molding. Apply a coat of stain along the entire length of the wood trim molding with the help of a paintbrush or rag.
Raw wood material can also be purchased from lumber yards, home improvement and specialty woodworking stores. The short pieces are finger jointed and adhered together to form a long, straight, clear material.

Plastic based exterior trim is molded or extruded from high density polyurethane or polyvinyl chloride to form a durable, low-maintenance, water- and mold-resistant material.
Wood trim molding is available in a number of different sizes of up to 14 feet or more and staining one long piece of wood trim molding has proven to be more effective than staining smaller pieces of wood trim molding.
Fold a piece of the 100 grit sandpaper with the grit on the outside with the aim of sanding between the crevices and gaps.
Let the stain set long enough to obtain the desired results and then mop up any excess stains off with a clean rag. Laminated veneer lumber trim is made from thin strands of lumber which are laid parallel, adhered with glue, pressed and bonded to form a long, stable material. In the following paragraphs, we will talk about how you can stain wood trim molding before cutting it for installation. Be careful when distributing any solids that may settle down at the base of the can of stain to avoid the materialization of bubbles by stirring it in a slow and gentle manner.
Start swabbing down the stain on the same end where you first applied the stain so that the stain will be on the wood trim molding for the same duration. When using screws, the screw hole is drilled with a counter bore or countersink bit, which creates a small diameter hole for the threaded portion and a larger diameter hole for the screw head.

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