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This is the home of an Italian architect who had the idea to use salvaged wooden crates in the interior design to create modular furniture.
When I was growing up, people in Russia did not have a lot of money to buy new wares, so they made belongings out of other objects. These beautiful and valuable bits and pieces almost disappeared into the garbage pile forever! Wild blackberries and red salmon berries gathered in Upstate New York, Harriman State Park.
Reused shipping crate wood for shelves, glasses and cups from grandma’s garage, flea market or thrift store and a few handmade ceramic bowls.
Image found on beautiful blog by Anna Rikje, photographer and musician from Germany currently living in New York City -  I Truly Like That. Above: Bike photographs from Bakfiets en Meer blog - City Cycling News and Opinions from Amsterdam. I like the idea of reusing old plates by drawing on them and arranging them on the wall alongside vintage plates.
Emergency Response Studio, by Paul Villinski, is a solar-powered, mobile artist’s studio, rebuilt from an old trailer. My friend Sergio is making New York City more beautiful by restoring and creating new architectural stone ornaments, reliefs, figures, gargoyles and public monuments. Besides stone conservation Sergio is currently working on a documentary about atlantic rain forest.

Until interrupted by human encroachment, continuous areas of forest extended for thousand of miles, linking the Great Araucaria Forest of Southern Brazil to the Amazon jungle. DIY Floor Lamp Remake This month Walmart’s DIY Challenge was to do something to get ready for spring. I wanted to make a crate shelf so badly in my last house, but I could never find nice enough crates to use. The crates are a new item Elise–so they might not have had them back when you were looking to make some. Beautiful project with very clear and comprehensive instructions — thanks for inspiring me to make my own bookcase out of crates. This collection of 16 handy DIY projects from old wooden crates will give you a lot of ideas about how you can use those old crates collecting dust in your garage or back yard to make something that you will use daily and be proud of it because you made it all by yourself. All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. Though the old and ragged chair in my room will gradually lose a great deal of its original function, it will hold prevalent value over other new ones through the time and space shared with me.
Get inspired to recycle by the digit recycled leather necklace by mainichi and shift key typewriter vintage pendant necklace by PreciousPastimes. Ditmas Park is actually a neighborhood in Brooklyn that have been officially designated a Historic District. Many plants and animals have evolved travelling throughout the tropical and temperate zones of the New World.
Located in a former mid 20th Century doss house overlooking a tributary of the River Thames, they have grown from their birth in 2005 into an award winning studio, working in product, furniture and spatial design.

Didn’t think to look at Walmart, though I doubt the ones near me have those pretty little things.
I like the fact that you took time to give a solid preparation process to the crates first prior to finishing them. The crates are 220 grit sanded and well prepared prior to arriving to you, so they are ready for finish out of the box.
This chair may carry an image of myself on it, stretching leg to the floor, or elaborately cherish a reminiscence of a time when I conversed with someone.
It has remained rural until the early 20th century and still fells a lot like a small village surrounded by the city.
Others, equally distinctive, beautiful and rich in species diversity and endemism, are still unprotected. This flow is essential to maintaining the rich gene pool and species diversity of the area. With an extensive knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes and a background of new technologies and engineering , &made demonstrate a unique creative process, with a commitment to conscious design. The fragmentation of these forests places many species, including some existing only there, under critical threat of extinction”.

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