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These handmade jewelry boxes made of exotic woods from around the world make the most unique gifts for women. On either side of the box there are two side doors that, when closed, are nearly undetectable. To order an Angle or check availability of this or any other of my boxes, please use the form below to contact me. For more real-life testimonials from my customers, please click here to visit the Testimonials page.
NOTE: Due to the nature of this product and the font type used please refrain from using all capitals in your personalised message. I have to admit, I was lucky,because, here in Croatia I got no competition, and that was something new. And business started to grow, and next step was to create and made good package for my pens.
The Tulip Slide Hallmark Wooden Playhouse is packed with innovative details, and combines sturdiness with safety, for a lifetime of back garden fun.

A playhouse transforms any back garden instantly into a paradise of play ideas, and thanks to the endless potential for imaginative play, a playhouse can also help to encourage the development of important imaginative and abstract thinking skills. When it comes to back garden fun, nothing beats the imaginative possibilities of a playhouse, so if you’ve been looking for ways to inspire your kids, make sure you don’t miss out on this fantastic hand crafted playhouse!
The Wooden Loft Shire Playhouse features an internal upper floor with balustrade ladder to provide loads of additional space, as well as decorative shutters and window boxes for an inspiring, realistic look, plus a unique storage loft for keeping toys safe and dry! Styled with Georgian windows, including a diamond door-rose for a truly charming finish, the Wooden Loft Shire Playhouse combines style and safety: the windows are fully glazed in strong, ultra-safe styrene plastic, while all fixtures and fittings have been designed with strength and safety in mind. Encouraging your kids to get outside can be tough, especially in our age of computer games and hi-tech gadgetry, but one thing will always appeal to kids of all ages: the playhouse. If the message is all in capitals you will find the personalisation extremely difficult to understand and may even result in personalisation being missed off the product.
With a built-in slide, and a truly charming chalet-like construction, this wonderful playhouse lets kids have infinite fun!
Made from strong, long lasting tongue and groove cladding, this playhouse is rot and damp resistant.

Not only this, but thanks to the rugged, hard-wearing construction of our playhouses, and their exceptional safety features, your kids can be as energetic as they like! With everything you need to create a fantastic back garden play paradise, this is a fantastic playhouse option!
Thanks to their timeless appeal, playhouses encourages kids to exercise their imaginations, as well as to engage in energetic play, helping keep little minds and bodies fit without them even noticing. So if you’ve been looking for a great back garden play idea that your kids will love, make sure you don’t miss out on this fantastic, hand-crafted playhouse! So, now, I made nice wooden boxes, and together with my pens, or leather cases, or Letter Opener, or Key Chain, or… you name what you want, and you get nice custom made wooden gifts.

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