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For Sale: Woodmaster 725 25" planer,drum sander,molder with dust collection motor and setup.
Impellor: Eight Sparkproof, heavy-duty, aluminum, precision-balanced , self-cleaning radial blades. All the steps are shown, and all the diagrams and measurements are embedded right in the video itself. Make your own handsome, food safe, end grain cutting board following Paul’s video instructions.
Build this outstanding cutting board from walnut and maple as Paul does, or choose your own woods. The brick-and-mortar design is visually appealing and it’s simpler to achieve with a Woodmaster than you might imagine. A POSTER CHILD for Woodmaster, we stole Matt away from his sales phone long enough to snap his picture with our biggest, Model 725 Woodmaster.
For example, TimberKing Sawmill customers will often ask what’s the best way to make money with their mills. Just for example, let’s say a sawmill owner can sell a board foot of rough sawn lumber — 12” x 12” x 1” — for $4.
And whether you’re sawing rough lumber or buying it, Woodmaster’s “value add” performance is the same.
Matt uses more of our equipment, and uses it more often, than just about anybody else here at Woodmaster. When I talk to friends, other woodworkers, or our customers, I tell them Woodmaster and TimberKing machines are built like tanks. The three parts of our home were built at very different times and we wanted to tie them all together aesthetically with the wood trim work — baseboards, window trim, door trim, stairway banister, and so on. I got three estimates on having a contractor do that work and got quotes from $40,000 to $43,000.
We got the Woodmaster and started going into local courthouses and old public buildings in our area to see what kind of trim patterns were used at the time our home was first built. For anybody else who’s thinking of doing this kind of old home renovation, I’d suggest doing your research first. Meet Dale Hellewell, a toy-making, furniture-building, home-renovating, heirloom-building, happy & talented Woodmaster Molder Planer Owner! I went into business for myself and was a general contractor for 35 years, all the while doing woodworking. I have two 25” 725 Woodmasters, both set up as molding machines because I make a lot of door and window trim, baseboard, and more. Dale buys less-than-premium wood, glues up wide panels, and planes them flat with his Woodmaster — he’s ready for any project he can dream up! When I’m making trim and molding, my second step is to run the wood I’ve prepared by planing through one of my Woodmaster set up as a molding machine.
In a lifetime of building and renovating, Dale’s obviously learned a thing or two about quality construction and tasteful design.
Most people will NEVER understand why building things from scratch is so tremendously rewarding. The Phelps made their kitchen cabinets of Monterey Cypress, and made the counter tops of Mesquite. David used the guidelines in Woodmaster’s business plan to get his molding business started. I took samples of my molding to a molding outlet and they started sending customers directly to me.
I go to a hardwood lumber yard, pick up lumber, bring it back to my shop, and turn it into molding. Small-shop custom woodworker says, “My Woodmaster gives me key woodworking capabilities in just 9 sq. When you consider the footprint of a dedicated drum sander, plus the space necessary for infeed and outfeed, the tool can consume as much as 90 square feet of valuable shop space. For Charles McCullough, home is 13,000 square feet big in the style of an English country home. Can an entire house be considered a ‘woodworking project?’ It was, for me, the biggest woodworking project I have ever undertaken. We broke ground for our ‘dream home’ in 2004 and I convinced my wife that she should let me build my dream workshop first so I could make all the interior woodwork for the home right here on site. The Timberking mill and the Woodmaster machines performed very well throughout the construction period. I looked at foreign-made equipment but there was nothing to compare with Woodmaster machines.
Attach your photos to the email: photos of work you’ve made with your Woodmaster Drum Sander. Rick Reese has always worked in wood  but now he’s really taken the plunge, doing all the custom woodworking for his new home.
Rick’s home is coming along nicely thanks to his hard work and his Woodmaster Drum Sander! The first things I made for my home were two solid wood pocket doors like the one in the photo. Rick built this cabinet door then did some mighty fancy bas relief carving work with his CNC routing machine. My advice for others who’re thinking of doing what I’m doing is to decide early on your shop layout and the equipment you want to put in it. I have a few more years to go before I retire from my job as a quality assurance manager in the aerospace industry.
Recently retired from the aviation industry, Jerry Heater’s got the time now to pursue his lifetime interest in woodworking. I have a TimberKing 1220 band mill, which I use to saw trees into lumber.  Sawing my own lumber with my TimberKing allows for me to get more book-matched wood, but it’s the Woodmaster Drum Sander that makes the finished pieces look like someone who actually knew what they were doing made them! I looked at cantilevered drum sanders — the ones where only one end of the sanding drum is attached to anything.
Segmented woodturning is a really interesting style of woodturning where you assemble dozens or hundreds of wood segments in one project to create unique patterns. The rings with all the design work in them are called ‘feature rings.’ The designs in them have to be cut very precisely, too.
I did my research and found Woodmaster is more robust, solid, and stable than other sanders. I had other drum sanders but I chose Woodmaster because it’s a ‘closed end’ design, not like cantilevered sanders where one end of the drum is open and not secured. I run veneer through the Woodmaster several times because I’m not just removing imperfections; I’m thickessing it just where I want it. When I moved again, I sold that one and bought a 38” single drum Woodmaster drum sander 3875.
Part of the reason I chose Woodmaster is it’s made in the United States including the motors. Retired following a successful 30-year business career, Woodmaster Drum Sander owner, Keith Neer teaches woodworking to select students and accepts just four or five furniture commissions a year. I built a woodworking shop in an industrial park and planned to have students and do commissioned work. Keith Neer, master craftsman and Woodmaster Drum Sander owner, teaches woodworking and produces a limited number of furniture commissions for the pure love of woodworking. To control the taper, I built a jig that held the wood at the angle I wanted for each layer.
I was curious about how much “run-out” there was in the Woodmaster — how much difference in sanding depth between the two ends of the sanding drum. A sander is a tool to be used with finesse to take off small amounts of wood with precision. I tell people if they want to make an heirloom, or if they want something special like a chair with a curved back, or they want inlay, talk to me because I can do that.
Well, quite a few years later, we talked with Tim again and his business is bigger and better than ever.

I had a 38” Woodmaster Double-Drum Sander, but because my business has grown and I’m getting projects that are wider than my 38” sander could handle — like linen closets, pantries, and table tops. Coincidentally, Woodmaster gave my name to someone who was thinking about buying a Woodmaster Drum Sander and wanted to see one in person. When ordering knives use the comment area provided to tell us the head you intend to mount the knife in.
Totally Enclosed, Fan Cooled, 230-volt, 14 run-amp, Single Phase, complete with cord, Magnetic starter switch and plug. Click and watch — everything you need to know is here including Paul’s detailed 3-D construction diagrams and cut list. But there’s a clever trick to getting the staggered and alternating mortar lines just right. I’m also well versed in Woodmaster equipment — Woodmaster Tools is our sister company here in Kansas City. When a customer comes to pick up one of our sawmills, we demo the mill for him by sawing out some boards. It’s one machine that will make flooring, siding, molding and more, and is a thickness planer, too.
Would you pay a contractor $40,000 to install trim, or do the work yourself with a Woodmaster and save $32,000? The Woodmaster is four key woodworking tools in just nine square feet — pro-duty planer, molding machine, drum sander, and gang rip saw. There are a lot of oaks in our area and a lot of the trim in older local buildings was made from oak. Visit old public buildings to see how they were put together back then and what kind of trim they used. Now, as a retirement business, I’ve bought 19 houses that need renovation — I fix, renovate, and upgrade them with cabinetry, trim, and more. Before I build anything, I always prepare my wood first — I make it flat by putting it through my Woodmaster planer. I took my samples to a lumberyard and the same thing happened: they sent customers directly to me. You’re the only one who makes what we need!’ He’s right: we make molding nobody else has or can make because nobody else has the molding knives. Their free business plan book is the best motivational book I’ve ever seen, just fantastic. We found Paul’s perspective very interesting — how the Woodmaster adds value to custom woodworking.
Not nearly as many have made the investment in drum sanders, however, because they simply occupy too much space. But when you dial down the feed rate to effectively increase the cuts per inch, the Woodmaster quickly separates itself from other stationary planers by delivering a superior surface finish. Throw in a 1,000 square foot guest house and a 3,200 square foot workshop and you’re pushing 18,000 square feet of living space.
She bought into that idea so we built a 3,200 square foot workshop, sawmill shed, and dry kiln before starting the 13,000 square foot home. We bought truckloads of logs from the local area and began sawing, drying, and milling lumber. Support from your staff was excellent and prompt throughout and I highly recommend your products to my woodworking friends. We dried 6,000 board feet at a time in our dry kiln and kept it running around the clock for 18 months. Between these two tools, he has everything he needs to turn roughcut lumber into finished trim and molding.
When I do retire, I want to go into business building and selling high-end custom cabinets and furniture, built-ins, all solid wood.
I have access to a lot of Eastern Red Cedar and Post Oak for the most part here on our place. My father was a contractor and always told me to get the best tools you can afford and you’ll never be sorry.
Prices for some of my turnings can range up to $1,200 or more depending on complexity of the design and the wood I use. With cantilevered drum sanders, you have issues with the sanding drum not being parallel to the conveyor belt. I had a career in construction but at 45 I decided it just wasn’t my thing and I started woodworking. I thickess the veneer, then I take special glue and glue the veneer to a substrate – a very good plywood with nine or eleven plies, very stable.
While there, he built furniture, of course, and also seven years worth of one-of-a-kind trophies for the Maui Invitation Basket Ball Games.
I’ve been working in wood ever since. About 15 years ago, I began taking professional woodworking classes. I was dumbfounded to find out the run-out was only .0015 (15 ten-thousandths) of an inch from one end to another! I tell them if they want a bargain, go to Pottery Barn or Ikea for a desk or bookcase or table. I make a wide gamut of products, anything from jewelry boxes, to flag display cases, military display cases, medal cases, furniture, wine cabinets, stereo cabinets, kitchen cabinets.
I needed a wider drum sander so I figured why not go with Woodmaster’s 50” Double Drum Sander, the 5075-X2. I do my primary sanding with the first drum and the secondary sanding with the second drum.
Of course you can build this other ways but the Woodmaster is a very efficient way to create a perfectly flat, smooth surface.
If he could turn that board into molding, say 4” crown, and sell it for $8 per linear foot, he’d make substantially more. He sawed the wood on a TimberKing Sawmill and turned the boards into this beautiful bench with a Woodmaster. I build all kinds of furniture, cabinets, entertainment centers, coffee tables, end tables, dressers, and more.
Our intention was to live in it for a year or so then bulldoze it down and build a new home on the property.
Find a local supplier of kiln dried wood native to your area because that’s old houses were made from local materials. I also have a CNC laser engraver I use to make 3-D carvings I incorporate in my cabinets and more projects. Cabinets, drawers, raised panel doors, balusters, stair tread, door and window trim, baseboards, cove trim, toys, furniture — I start them all by running the wood through my planer first. We built it, cedar strips and all, and thought, ‘Why not make a real, full sized canoe?’ She and I ended up building five full sized cedar strip canoes.
I made one for a fundraising auction at the University of Rochester — it brought in $5,000, the largest bid in the auction! And in just the first three months of this year, I’ve done 25% more work than I did all last year! I’ve duplicated original molding in lots of Victorian homes in Sacramento, San Francisco, the San Joaquin Valley, Rio Vista, and many more towns and cities. It gives his company name, his phone number, web address, and tells precisely what he does! Of course, molding’s sold by the lineal foot so I convert lineal feet back into board feet and add a dollar per board foot.
Disciplined woodworkers are careful about adding stationary tools without first challenging themselves to come up with a more creative solution. But besides the sheer size and scale, the remarkable fact is Charles built all this himself. The house has 76 interior doors, four kitchens, around a dozen bathrooms, and miles of crown molding, trim, cabinets, bookshelves, 7 fireplaces (with mantles, of course) and we made it all right here on site. I got the 50” 5075 Woodmaster Drum Sander primarily for sending doors – all 76 of them and all the cabinet doors throughout the house.

We broke ground in 2005, hired the best contractors in our area as I built, and we moved in two and a half years later. The guest house kitchen is made of 100-year-old barn wood from the corn crib from a dairy farm.
This is a very good feature because you can slow it down to a crawl to get an excellent surface.
Jerry’s not selling what he makes but he has steady work making home improvements with his Woodmaster. Woodworker, Pete Marken, sent us photos of his remarkable segmented woodturnings and we just had to know how he makes them…and how his Woodmaster Drum Sander helps his process. I’ve resisted hiring people, even when I needed help, because the quality of your work goes down.
I’ve been doing it all these years and people are amazed I can get the veneers I can get, so wide and clean.
When you’re working with very high priced woods, you’re very careful to use every little bit. That’s .0015 difference across a 38” wide drum – that’s nothing in the woodworking business!
He was impressed and said, ‘You just sold me on Woodmaster Drum Sanders.’ I told him I’d sell him my 3875 and he bought it. I ran 6” pipe throughout shop, all with blast gates regulating the vacuuming to whichever machines are is in use.
I’m on the phone all the time with TimberKing customers and owners, and also with Woodmaster customers and owners. But the post and beam frame was in such good shape we decided to renovate and redo it instead. They put us in touch and he advised me to get an 18” Woodmaster Model 718 and make the trim myself.
We took measurements then looked through Woodmaster’s Molding Pattern Catalog and picked the Woodmaster knife patterns we wanted. Then fed the blanks through the machine with knives installed in the cutterhead and made molding. He’s renovating 19 homes, building lots of furniture, toys, cabinetry, miles of trim, family heirlooms, and much more. The front of each chair lifts and hinges back to form a handy step stool — see the example at far right in the photo. They tripled its size, built a beautiful new kitchen themselves, and turned it into a charming and relaxing retirement homeplace. They don’t like to take molding orders for under 1,000 lineal feet so they, too, sent customers directly to me.
The beams and curved arches are cypress – there are 36 of them!  Inside there’s a study with walnut paneling. I had an orbital sander and a hand-held belt sander but your drum sander is so great because you just put wood through it and you’re done.
99.9% of what I build is from wood I cut here on our place, though I do use store-bought dowel rods. The brass on the horns and the bronze on the skull ?is referred to as a cold metal coating.
The challenging part is all the segments and all the rings have to be very precise so everything fits together exactly. Among other things, I make and have successfully sold a rocking chair similar to, but different than, the famous Sam Maloof rocking chair. I turn them into veneer and make whole tables, all matched, all from the same board, from the same  piece of wood.
When I moved, I sold it and bought a new one, a 38” double drum Woodmaster sander, 3875-X2.
For example, when I sand with 80 grit paper, the board looks like it’s been sanded with 100 grit.
My wife said, ‘You’ve been talking about becoming a professional woodworker all your life, why not do something about it?’ And I made the move to doing woodworking full time.
As long as I can build four or five custom pieces a year, and as long as I have students, I’m happy. I make enough money in woodworking to support my ‘woodworking habit’ and contribute to health care and vehicles. This growth has a lot to do with my confidence in my Woodmaster machinery – I can go after high-end work with confidence. A lot of times, I send a workpiece through then hit the Reversing Switch — it brings the board back to you.
When you cut vegetables or meats, the end grain tends to swell up as it absorbs moisture and the cuts close themselves.
Besides using our machines myself, talking with other woodworkers all day long really helps me tell our customers how to get the most out of them. And I do what I call a ‘dresser rescue program.’ If I see a dresser someone’s throwing away I’ll take it home, repair it, and put it back on the roadside for someone else to pick up for free. He suggested I do what he did: get rough cut, kiln dried lumber, have it straight-lined on one edge, and do the rest on my Woodmaster. I bought a second 725 and I set up several profiles in the cutterhead at the same time — I can cut several different molding patterns without changing cutters. When they realized how much they were spending on cedar strips they got a Woodmaster Molder Planer and made their own. The main kitchen has an island made of black cypress from the Black River Swamp in Black River, Arkansas. You can’t go down to Home Depot and buy the type of building material I’m making with my Woodmasters. When I sold my second Woodmaster, it was 12 years old and I got 70% of what I originally paid.
And though the thickness of the back varies from the top to bottom, each back has the same number of layers of wood strips from top to bottom. You can’t do it this way without the proper jigs and fixtures, or without the right equipment.
Bookcases aren’t any fun to build; cabinetry is great but it doesn’t float my boat and I’m in a position to pretty much do what I want. I ship all over the United States. Through all these years, everything I’ve ever built has gone through one of my Woodmasters.
I got about 75% of my original purchase price, and I put that toward my new 50” drum sander. But it’s a great wood to work with and I found a woodworker who salvages, saws, and sells it.
With two drums, you can put coarse grit paper on the first drum and finer grit paper on the second one. I always found woodworkers who were very happy to take my machines off my hands each time I moved. A sander that can’t hold the tolerances the Woodmaster does would ruin the work I did when I sawed out the pieces on my bandsaw. Heavy industrial equipment like Powermatic® and General International® are heavier, more industrial type machinery and they’re very expensive. I’ve never even rotated the 4-faced cutterheads — I’m still planing with the original faces.
I want to get a bigger, 25” Woodmaster 725, and I have my eye on a 38” Woodmaster Drum Sander. But I’ll probably get their biggest 50” drum sander because that’s what I always do — get the biggest and best.

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