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Recent Episodes From Season 9 S9 E13 Dec 12, 2015Details of Craftsmanship: FinishingThe editors of Woodsmith magazine wrap up this season's Details of Craftsmanship by applying a finish to highlight the look of an elegant table.
Don: Now you can get the digital version of the magazine downloaded right into the library before the print issue arrives in the mail. Bryan: And if you see a project you like, download the pages you need and head right to the shop and get started.
Bryan: I really like to look through the back issues because it gives you a lot of great project ideas, tips and techniques. Don: The page flipper also allows you to preview issues by reading the first few pages, including the table of contents, so you can see what all the issues contain, before you even decide to buy the library! Don: It is a great deal—and I just found out that new lower pricing on the online library means you can get unlimited access to over 200 issues of Woodsmith for only $79! Once I got it downstairs and into the shop, I figured it would be an easy job to remove the busted hinge with a chisel. Finally, I trimmed the hinge workpiece to size according to the original plan and glued it back into position on the base. I’ll let it dry overnight, give it a final sanding, and drill the pilot holes for the wire hinges tomorrow.
Filed under Hand Planes, Hand Tools, One Hour Per Day, Random Orbit Sanders, Woodsmith, Woodworking. Phil Huber, a senior editor for ShopNotes magazine details in this seminar all the steps necessary for building a sturdy set of drawers on a router table. First, he’ll demonstrate how to build drawers using a specialized drawer joint bit in just two simple steps.
Filed under Custom Furniture, Podcast, Router Tables, ShopNotes Magazine, The Woodsmith Store, Wood, Woodsmith Store. It seems like all the good furniture-making classes and schools are in the New England area. Rick had a lively, entertaining discussion while he was busy at the saw.  He talked about the various blades, sizes, and tooth patterns. And talk about scroll saws!  You should see his collection!  Antiques to homemade saws and everything in between.
The Des Moines Woodworkers Association maintains a web page of links that would be of interest to scroll sawyers.  Click here to see it.
The kit comes with pre-cut front and back wood pieces, two predrilled brass side pieces, a Hock iron and cap iron, and the cap screw and washer used to assemble the iron into the finished plane.
I set the plane to take a very thin shaving and took a few swipes on the edge of some oak I had lying around the shop. Filed under Hand Planes, Hand Tools, The Woodsmith Store, Woodsmith, Woodsmith Store, Woodworking.
I spent some time on Saturday putting together a couple of hand plane kits from the Woodsmith Store.  The first one was the chisel plane.

Every Thursday night this fall you can learn from the experts at the Woodsmith Store and Woodsmith, ShopNotes, and Workbench magazines. With its modern but lasting design, seating, and deep storage bays, this bench is the perfect place to take your shoes off, and more.
Each of the thirteen, half-hour episodes is built around a theme and teaches the skills and safe tool techniques necessary to build a variety of woodworking projects in a home shop. Season 9, Episode 13 S9 E12 Dec 5, 2015Details of CraftsmanshipWatch the Woodsmith editors dress up a panel by adding breadboards ends and decorative plugs.
But as you can see, the glue joint was holding pretty good and when I started gouging the underside of the lid, I decided to reach for my block plane. I had to sand it down with some 150-grit sandpaper, which means I’ll have to do a little re-finishing.
The sandpaper side keeps it from sliding around and the padded, velcro side is nice and soft, so it won’t mar your workpiece. I just finished upgrading my dust collection ducts to metal and I am giving them a good work out. We have a space set up in our gallery for these pics, but you’ll need to send them to our moderator (me!).
Cost per seminar is $8, but the price includes a $5 $awbuck$ coupon good for any item in the Woodsmith Store (excluding seminar tickets and season tickets). So it’s hard for us midwesterners to have access to respected woodworking instructors from the better-known schools.
The holes need countersunk for the small brass screws. I used a countersink in my drill press, being careful not to drill too deep.
The other was the small hand plane (more on that in another post). I love making my own tools and restoring old ones, so I was excited to get these home and get to work. We’ll walk you through the basics of woodworking, tool techniques, safety, terminology, and everything you need to know to build great projects in your home shop. On each program, host Don Peschke, founding editor of Woodsmith, leads a cast of editors and project designers as they explore a wide range of tips, tools, jigs and fixtures, and techniques. Season 9, Episode 12 S9 E11 Nov 28, 2015Panel Basics, Storage & MoreThe challenges of storage are discussed by featuring tips and tricks for making the most of drawer interiors. I haven’t started building anything new yet, but I did take the opportunity to make a repair to a jewelry box that I made for my wife a couple of years ago. This was a small enough job that I left the router and a roundover bit in the cabinet and decided to shape it by hand.
But this February 23 and 24 (Friday evening and Saturday), Phil Lowe will be in Des Moines. You want the head of the screws to be just a little proud of the surface so you can file them flush later. Segments on most programs include "The Basics," "Techniques," "Three Things to Consider," "Tool Tune-Up," "Shop Tips," "Oops!

Season 9, Episode 11 S9 E10 Nov 21, 2015Working SmallFollow along with the Woodsmith editors as they go into the details of creating elegant drawer pulls for a hall table.
Then following the detailed instructions included in the kit, I marked and predrilled pilot holes for the screws in the wood pieces. On my plane, the sole on the back piece was thicker than that on the front piece, so it took quite a bit of sanding to get the entire sole flat.
Then all you need to do is form the radius on the back end to make the plane more comfortable to use. I put the two pieces together with the iron and clamped the assembly in my tail vise on my workbench.
The bevel of the blade matches the bed angle of the sole, meaning that the flat of the bevel was parallel to the sole of the plane! When Things Go Wrong," and "Woodworkers' Roundtable." Produced by Iowa Public Television in high-definition and shot on a special set built just for this program, most episodes include detailed animations that show exactly how machines work and wood joints are assembled. This event is sponsored by the Des Moines Woodworkers Association and will be held at the Woodsmith Store. Whether viewers are just starting out or have been woodworking for years, they'll find something new in every episode to apply to their next project. During Saturday’s session, he will show you how to design and build a pedestal table. As comfortable and nice as this plane is to use, it’ll get a lot of use in my shop, but that means a lot of wear on the sole.
I tried to shim the under the upper end of the iron with an old business card, but it didn’t seem to help angle the iron so its cutting edge would contact the workpiece. Now, whether or not you’re into traditional-style furniture, this is a great opportunity to learn and interact with a true craftsman at work. The nice thing is, if the mouth ends up being too tight, you can file a little to open it up.
I used a rasp and sandpaper to do this while the plane was clamped in the tail vise of my workbench.
Now, because it is wood, that means that I can flatten the sole anytime I need to with a few swipes across some sandpaper. It was a little better, but I ended up shimming the upper end anyway to get the plane to cut. It’ll be great for getting into those corners to remove glue squeeze-out and general cleanup of a joint.

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