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We've compiled some great information about using your router, and picking out the right bits – plus many great projects to build with the help of this handy tool! We've compiled some great information about using your router, and picking out the right bits — plus many great projects to build with the help of this handy tool!
Aside from his hobby interests, though, Barry’s professional background in tools and woodworking machinery extends all the way back to the early 1980s when he was a mechanical engineer for Stanley Tools. Through the process of developing all of those machines, Wixey spent plenty of time on an airplane traveling to sources on the Pacific Rim.
Digital measuring technology came onto Barry’s radar back in 1989, while working on a new readout system for Delta table saws and planers.
Around 2000, Cora challenged Barry that the couple should start an independent consulting firm, and it’s a company the two of them have run ever since.
Response among woodworkers for the new planer accessory was enthusiastic, and major vendors such as Rockler Woodworking and Hardware were quick to add it to their product lines.
While many woodworkers are coming to realize the value of digital measurement devices, there are still naysayers that argue that it’s simply overkill.
Barry credits the company’s small business approach as the reason why he and Cora can be almost immediately responsive to customers.
Wixey admits to having many more ideas for new digital products in the next few years, but he doesn’t rule out the possibility that history could even repeat itself.

The router is a versatile tool that can be put to use duplicating part shapes, adding decorative profiles and shadow lines and creating a variety of joinery, from half-blind dovetails to box joints.
You'll learn all about Router Bits: Cost, Quality, Value, how to make Box Joints on the Router Table, and about Avoiding Router Tearout.
For seven years, Wixey has been a leader in developing affordable aftermarket accessories that make measuring easier. When asked for a quick recall of some past projects, Barry mentioned three popular DeWALT planers: models DW733, DW734 and the award-winning DW735. It was called EMS (Electronic Measuring System), first designed for use with Delta Unifences.
In talking with hundreds of woodworkers at the time, Barry saw room for much more than one application for digital technology for woodworking.
Initially, Barry helped design DeWALT’s DW735 Planer, but other clients included JET, Delta, RIDGID and Milwaukee Electric Tool.
Since that first rollout in 2005, Wixey Development has added 13 more digital accessories, including blade angle finders, digital protractors and calipers, rip fence indexing systems, height gauges and planer depth adjustment readouts. Build a Simple Dresser, Router-Made Picture Frames, an Outdoor Storage Chest and a Full-Size Mirror. But his interest in digital solutions for woodworking goes much further back than that: more than 20 years. Over the years, I became very knowledgeable about who could do the manufacturing work efficiently and at a high level of quality overseas.

It was well-received at the time as an add-on kit, but Barry recognized a few limitations to it. He developed a new, patented system called Precise Fraction Technology that combines a decimal inch readout with fractions. You'll find all this and more in the Winter 2015 Router Projects and Techniques publication from Woodworker's Journal.
The fractions only appear when almost precisely equivalent to the decimal inch readout, which Wixey says is four times more accurate than other fraction-only digital displays.
It displayed in millimeters, decimal inches or fractions, but the fractional readout couldn’t account for fifteen-thousandths-inch distances between primary fractional readings.
It’s also easy to misread an Imperial scale and get your measurement or depth setting wrong.
That should come in handy for woodworkers as well as math students who are visually impaired or blind. He wanted the fractional display to be accountable to within a few thousandths of an inch instead.

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