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A worn belt or bent or out-of-balance pulleys can be a source of annoying noise and vibration.
Now, with the head cover still off, plug in the drill press, don a face shield and run the motor on its highest speed. This interactive DVD-ROM will show you the fundamental maintenance procedures for seven major woodworking power tools: the table saw, jointer, drill press, dust collector, air compressor, pneumatic nailer and even a moisture meter. The latest DVD from Woodworker’s Journal focuses on woodturning – an aspect of woodworking that has an appeal to woodworkers of all stripes, including our own Rob Johnstone. Rob, who is the producer of the new DVD, talks about why he likes woodturning, how he got into it, and why he decided to make a DVD about it (with the help of sponsors Rockler Woodworking and Hardware, Powermatic and Easy Wood Tools) – as well as what’s on the DVD – in the interview below. Chris Marshall: Rob, while you’ve been a professional woodworker for more than 40 years, woodturning is a relatively new pursuit for you.
Rob Johnstone: Wow, answering that question fully could take a long time, so I am just going to try to hit a couple of highlights.
Add to that, you don’t have to be an expert woodturner to get lovely and usable projects off the lathe.
Chris Marshall: Kimberly McNeelan, Ernie’s cohost on this DVD, is a relative newcomer to the pages of Woodworker’s Journal. This DVD follows the principles we established in our “Way to Woodwork” series of teaching both correct theory and proper technique. Rob Johnstone: There is section with Kimberly on how to use a bowl turning gouge that is worth the price of admission. Rob Johnstone: There is a special bonus section to the DVD just on sharpening using a Wolverine Jig.
Rob Johnstone: The only start to finish project covered is a bowl that we make from a large American beech blank — that is covered in the faceplate turning section. Chris Marshall: While “Getting Started in Woodturning”is intended to be a fundamental “basics” course, is there content here that will appeal to even seasoned woodturners? To learn more about “Getting Started in Woodturning” or to order a copy of the DVD, click here.
It was second nature for Ernie to support this piece with one hand while cutting with the other. Ernie’s wife, Susan, added fun and interest to the visit too.  She creates gorgeous weavings.  Her Swedish inspired linen designs intertwine quality and beauty to perfection!
One of Susan’s Swedish inspired linen designs was used as a tablecloth in this photo of the tools and turnings that are featured in the DVD. I hope to get to Conover Workshops again before too long.  It was a nice to get away for some woodworking, learning, and talking about one of the things I love—woodturning.
This stand’s universal mounts and rugged design enable nearly any miter saw to become a portable workstation. New miter saw stand with a touchscreen computer takes manual measuring and marking out of the cutting process.

Our senior editor and his daughter build a simple chair that’s the perfect place for outdoor relaxing.
Twenty-six tour stops give you the chance to see Festool’s latest products in action. We’ve got five easy tips for making safe and accurate cuts with your job site table saw. But there are a number of things that can get out of kilter that compromise drilling performance and accuracy. Spray or squirt some lubricant up inside and tighten and loosen the jaws a few times while the excess lube drips out. Check the belt by unplugging the drill press, removing the machine’s head cover and doing a visual inspection of the belt while rotating it by hand.
Look carefully at the belt and pulleys: They should run smoothly and not generate significant noise. Then, at a JET tools event, out of curiosity I asked the late Steve Blenk to show me how to do a couple of things. This DVD is all about that fact — with just a bit of instruction you can be safely making useful and fun stuff right away. Some important reasons are that lathes have become more affordable, specifically the mini and midi lathes.
He is a true gentleman, fun to be around and he has likely forgotten more about woodturning than most people will ever know. Please share a bit of her background in woodworking and why she was a great choice for this project.
What makes “Getting Started in Woodturning” unique in the market of educational turning DVDs? Which is true, but a bit of information on how to actually put all those components into play is also critical — and that’s what we provide in this DVD. Which sounds kinda boring, but another way to say it is that we teach the “why” along with the “how.” So, in a fun and entertaining manner, we provide all the information anyone would need to get up and running in woodturning, safely, and producing good quality woodturning projects in no time.
Sharpening is such a big topic that we decided to demonstrate one really solid technique for getting it done and let the viewer decide where to go with it.
Susan’s studio and Ernie’s woodshop are set-up pretty perfectly for their respective mediums.  They know how to host a lovely meal or two as well. She’s been coast to coast and beyond studying different woodworking techniques, learning from various masters, and working on a wide array of projects. This project was featured in the magazine several years ago and the plans are still very popular.
If you loved that plan, then you’ll be happy to learn that we are working on matching dresser and bedside table plans to complete the bedroom set. These include issues with the machine’s pulleys and drive belt, spindle and chuck and the table and column.

If the belt oscillates excessively, causing periodic vibration, check its tension again and reset it if necessary. And some of those smaller lathes are serious tools that provide a quality turning experience. Plus, he is an excellent teacher who has done it for so long that his approach to demonstrating the subject is pure gold. Her thoughtful and artistic approach to woodworking drew me to her on a professional level. One thing that struck me when I watched the whole DVD from start to finish was how much Ernie and Kimberly really love woodturning and how much that shows through. Ernie demonstrating the skew chisel made me want to trot out to my shop and get busy with a skew (a tool that has been tricky for me to learn). Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to do a few basic maintenance tasks that help keep your drill press running smoothly. Spindle turning can add awesome legs, decorative details, knobs, railings … tons of things to your furniture making that you’d have to buy if you didn’t have a lathe. Turning information is more accessible — one good example of that is our woodturning column in Woodworker’s Journal, It is very popular and gives “regular” woodworkers a view of the craft that is enticing. We chose her for this DVD because she has a lot of experience teaching woodworking, and is a professional woodworker day in and day out — but she is not a “top tier” woodturner. And, of course, when you actually get to watch a master turning on camera, you can pick up gem after gem of down-and-dirty how-to information. Unless otherwise specified, all the procedures described in this article should be performed with the drill press unplugged from electrical power. If there’s a visible wobble, turn the drill press off and unplug it, then make sure the setscrew(s) that secure the pulleys to their shafts are tight. There are some serviceable turning tools that are less expensive to purchase, lowering the cost of entry into the skill.
Her perspective in presenting this information was extremely important as we refined our message for people who wanted to get started in this craft.
I can make a bowl or a toy in an evening, becoming totally immersed in the process, and really just let the cares of the world flow by. And now there are even carbide insert tools that reduce how much a person needs to sharpen, another barrier broken.
She also has skill at putting up with old codgers like Ernie and me, which turned out to be an invaluable talent in this DVD project!
If a rumbling or growling sound is coming from the pulleys, the drill press’s bearings may be worn or dirty and should be replaced a job best done by a machinery specialist.

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