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A must for every shop with space limitations, this project is an outfeed table for your saw that transforms into a low-height assembly table for your larger projects. Last fall, when I needed a few 2x4s for a home improvement project I was working on, I went to Lowe’s to pick them up.
So I bought 10 of these beauties, for no real purpose besides not wanting to imagine them ending up in wall, hidden away forever. My neighbor replaced his fence with a new plastic one and I grabbed the painted and peeling lumber. I have found that if I put the lumber through a planer and jointer, then leave it over a few days because of time constraints, the boards end up warped and twisted. Earlier this spring we received some good feedback about the “Fold-down Outfeed Table” project that ran in the February 2009 issue (p.
Adding a couple screw eyes and a wire cable between the table and leg keeps the leg from swinging during setup.
Printed plans and physical products are mailed via USPS and typically arrive within 7-10 days. Each kit contains specialty parts and hardware needed to complete one Tablesaw Outfeed Table. Your gift certificate will be emailed to you or a gift recipient of your choice (optional) immediately after purchase. Our handy folding fixture adds only inches to your saw when stored, but provides you with more than 3' of stock support beyond the blade for safer and more convenient cutting.This fixture attaches to any stationary tablesaw, regardless of the style or material of your saw's extension wings. Yes, please sign me up to receive WOOD Magazine's free e-mail newsletters, including weekly woodworking tips,WOOD Store Deals and special offers from our partners and from the WOOD magazine family of publications. Let me pause here to say that I often marvel at and feel jealousy toward those woodworkers who stumble upon, trip over or otherwise have free lumber thrust at them from out of the blue.
The table pivots on two 5” long lag screws that are screwed into a 5 ?” wide mounting plate that in turn is mounted on the rear rail of the saw. The extension slides in what amounts to a long dovetail and then is held in place via a heavy duty deadbolt. The pictures in the zoom area show the slots I routed through the mounting plate and into the table. I had my neighbor, the one who had put the table out for trash, come over one day and I showed him the project in progress. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Our plans will fit many contractor’s saws, but you may have to modify them to fit your machine.
Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years.

There, at the top of the pile, were a few of the clearest, straightest 2x4s I’ve ever seen. The saw is close enough to my planer that I figured it would serve the second purpose of staging stock as I surfaced it.
After all, surely I must have leftover hardwood laying around from some project or other that would do the trick. But the experience has reminded me that there can still be some diamonds in the rough of what you can find in the home center lumber racks. Just make sure to keep them in line with one another but not in the same place so they stay clear one another when you fold the table down. If you are ordering a downloadable plan, article, or back issue you will need a PDF viewer, such as the free Adobe Reader.
Downloadable videos can be large; ample storage space and a high-speed internet connection are recommended. Wood Store gift certificates are non-transferrable and may only be used towards the purchase of products or services at the Wood Store. Drill the pivot bolt holes in both legs and in the side rail (P) of the folding table (Fig. Cut a continuous hinge into three pieces to fit the inner table and screw the pieces in place (Photo 9). If any sag develops, you can raise or lower the riser, legs and inner table supports to make up the difference. Measure Height #1 on the saw’s box from the lowest hanging point, like the fence rails. If the Depth is more than 34 in., increase the length of C and D by the difference and enlarge the inner table. If Height #2 is less than 34 in., reduce the length of the folding table (J) by the difference. This outfeed table is permanently attached to your saw but tucks out of the way when you don’t need it. You can trim big pieces of rough-cut plywood to size (like the pieces you’ll need to build this outfeed table) or rout a dado (see Photo 8, above).
Sand a hollow in the bottom of the inner table if your motor sticks up too far when it’s tilted. Please upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to better experience this site. The design is perfectly suited for contractor's saws with motors that extend behind the base. I went out to the shop and, rummaging for the lumber, actually moved those nice 2x4s out of the way to keep searching. I glued them up into leg blanks, cut some mortises and whipped this table together the very next day.

Mount one screw to the Leg Back Panel (piece 11) and the other to the bottom face of the table. If you have moved the inner ribs from the locations in our plan, check the slot locations so they don’t run into the ribs. If it is less than 11 in., reduce the width of the inner and outer ribs (C and D) by the difference. These slots allow you to accurately align the table with the top of virtually any contractor’s saw. This one holds the inner half of the outfeed table (the part that’s above the motor).
And, without spilling the beans prematurely, I just finished a project that I built from some extraordinary ribbon stripe mahogany for our June issue. The top is actually a simple project we shared some time ago in an online router technique. But, if you’re planning to build one for your table saw (or if you’ve already completed it), be sure to add a simple modification sent in by fellow reader Doug Green from Wellington, Colorado.
I adjusted my cable a little tighter than necessary, because I suspect it will stretch a bit over time.
From the pics you posted of the pivot point on the end of the table, I have to wonder are you concerned with the stresses on the endgrain? A self-centering drill bit (also known as a Vix bit) makes this job much easier (see ?Source, below). Temporarily clamp an inner rib to an outer rib so their tops line up across the platform in the final assembly. I might even cruise the racks at the big boxes now and again, just to see what might be hiding there. Doug installed a couple of screw eyes and a wire cable between the bottom of the table and the leg to keep the leg from swinging free when setting the table up. If space permits, could you put some sort of long grain sheathing or think ply on the ends and the inside of the pivot point to help take some of that load off of the endgrain?
The edges and legs are oak because they’ll take a lot of dings, but any hardwood will do.
Use Width #2 to locate the right inner rib (C) to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with the blade-tilt handwheel. In case you missed it, he sent in a few photos of his version of the project, and they appear on p. The only thing we haven’t figured out is how to store the legs; if you have a solution, send it in!

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