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Hey, love the map, looks absolutley awesome, but idk if it's just me but when I tried to turn off fire spread it said I didn't have permission. Since there's a clash of clans map, can someone give me a link to a list of clash of clans heads? Can you put the fire not burning anything command because it keep burning everything or put commands on plz. It would be great if someone from bukkit (very unlikely) would make a plugin so that this could be multiplayer. A while ago I made a poor version of coc in minecraft with plugins, can I re-do it with these as the buildings please?

When a home is built without a finished basement, a world of possibilities opens up for the family to consider. We can help with the ideas and designs that will become the starting point for your finished basement.  We make those plans a reality by building a custom living space for you and your family that will add real value to your home and increase both value and pride of ownership.
Also, Maybe you shouldve added the characters as well, like the archers and wizards in the towers.
I was thinking about using my base to build a game with retextured mobs (zombies to barbarians, skeletons to archers, ghasts to air balloons, etc) where you can send these mobs as if you are attacking.
For example, if you have young children, then planning for their teen years may be taken into account.

If I do decide (and if I have the time) to do this, can I post it on Planet Minecraft with a link to here? Your age as the owner may also determine features important to your situation today with an eye on changes down the road.

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