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No matter who your parents are, there are a few things that you can do to drastically increase the chance of having them say "YES" rather then "NO." Drastically! Parents love to pretend they are cool and collected, but in reality, they are very predictable. So much so that I guarantee that if you read the tips below, you can improve your life in several ways!
Nothing gets you a faster "No" from parents than giving them a feeling that they owe you or that you "deserve" things.
So, when you ask for something, use an equal amount of gratitude and an equal amount of asking.
The point is not to trick your parents into thinking you care; the point is that appreciation spreads good will, which will certainly come back to you.
One thing your parents care about, whether they admit it or not, is how they appear to others.
This request sounds appreciative, responsible and like you're a kid that knows the value of money. The main thing you will need to prove to them is that you're mature enough to deserve that thing you want. If you show that you want to contribute to the family and don't resent your responsibilities, you will start to be seen in a whole different light -- a more grown-up light. This will give Dad (or Mom) time to consider what you want, and also make you look more mature by showing that you are patient enough to wait a day for the reply. Setting the stage for any question you want to pop is a key to increasing the odds for "Yes"!
Your persistence will most likely not be annoying or be regarded as questioning your parent's authority; It will actually be seen as an adult way of taking responsibility and going after what you want.
For more tips, get three chapters of my upcoming book, How to Get Your Parents to Agree with You on Almost Everything, free! I actually have a good friend who won't even read this blog, because she finds it too negative. He makes me laugh constantly with his weak attempts to woo me and his pickle-like features. I am grateful that my friends and I can be honest with one another - like my friend who got a boob job and let us look them over and give our honest opinions (fabulous, btw - ALMOST made me want to go under the knife) or my OAM friend who is a mess maker with her Elf and proud of it, yet still manages to find the humor in what I write.
Trends come and go and I never know what they are, but I know that Eddie Bauer will always have something for me to wear. Find me on Facebook, Twitter and if you don't want to miss a post, you can subscribe via E-mail.
I'm grateful for Facebook because it allows me have found you and to highlight my life. Grateful that you were brave enough to start a blog so that others could be inspired to find their voice too. If you hang out at the Scary Mommy Confessional it sounds like so many people hate their life, especially their life partner. Today I am thankful for improved phone communication across great distances, and healthcare insurance that covers things when I really need it to. Jen, I was just going to ask if you were going to shake down the nutella people for your piece of the lawsuit pie! Sit quietly with yourself, and ask, “What will I regret never saying, to those I love, and to myself?”  Once you have it figured out, leave us a comment below and let us know what you’re going to say.
I have made some poor choices in my past which has resulted in me hurting the people I love the most – my family (who have thankfully remained by my side). So many of us had challenging childhoods and didn’t receive the kind of nurturing we deserve. I have done something that I could never forget– making me think that I should not trust myself for I may repeat that same big or even more huge mistake in my life.
I am most interested to learn what you decided to do and how you personally are dealing with whatever decision and action you made & took. Your points are thought-provoking and in the reminders, I see what progress I’ve made and what is still left to do.
Sometimes people desperately need our empathy and compassion and it can make a world of difference to them. Before I do I want to make sure the #1 thing you do is try to relax as much as possible, and have fun too! Also, if you have a minute, I'd love for you to link this up to Inspiration in Progress!
Great idea to have as a checklist for the future!Thanks for linking up to the Crafty Thursday Obsessions link party ??Hope to see you back this week! This is a wonderful article, So much info given in it, These type of articles keeps the users interest in the website, keep on sharing more… good luck. This continually is amazing to me how bloggers such as yourself can find the time and also the dedication to keep on creating fantastic blog posts.
If you’re a parent with a mental illness, or if someone in your  family is mentally ill, you may struggle with how to talk about it with  your children.

Even thought it can be difficult, it’s important to create a safe space for kids to hear and ask questions about the illness that affects you or your partner. Opening  up about mental illness can also help kids feel comfortable talking  about their own mental health. Last updated: 28 Jan 2013Views expressed are those solely of the writer and have not been reviewed. Your parents will allow you to do more, trust you more and be more willing to see life from your perspective. Sure, they are responsible for your well-being and all that, but this is not an exercise in fairness. Two things you can always offer are doing specific chores and getting better grades in specific topics. Saying, "I'll get better grades," is one thing, but it's much better to say, "I'll get better grades in History." You also actually have to mean it and do your part. Adults often feel judged about their parenting skills, and any way you can help them to feel confident as parents is a good thing. Offer to take on small responsibilities and always do what you said you would do and a tiny bit more. After 13 years of marriage, two kids, a mortgage and two full-time jobs, we still find the time and energy for great nookie every week.
I am also grateful for my (crazy) family, my kids, friends (which like you, I have few, but are true friends). ANd more importantly the favored and FEW friends I can send them to without offending the shit out of them. If I died right now, I would die with regret, for not being brave enough to admit my wrongs and simply apologize sincerely to those I love.
I woke up in the middle of the night last night regretting a lot of the past and fearful of the future.
I see myself daily in your writings, some in a positive way… but some in the negative way.
My guess is that it would be starkly painful to quiet all that drama and feel what’s inside. It has been particuarly poignant recently as my best friend is seriously ill, and my Mum has been under the weather, too. In later years, I finally said to myself that I would say it whether my parents or I were comfortable with it or not. I’m going to do this and anticipate the crushing rejection of all my ideas (of course, until those ideas morph into their ideas) with a positive response and action. So err on the side of compassion first…if they are the other type, you will eventually realize it and can back off. The words that really got stuck on my mind was that, the good life begins right now, when you stop waiting for a better one, which is so true indeed.
There is a lot of love in my family but we are all so busy and independent, affection is generally saved for my man. As I was updating my blog the other night (finally) and looking around my site, I noticed that my Girl’s Sleepover Craft Ideas was my most viewed post of all time, with quite a few inquiries.
It’s so easy to get stressed out with the extra kids and all of the chaos going on before and the day of the party. My daughter had her 9th party last summer and I think we had abour 10-12 total…18 you should give yourself a pat on the back! Kids are usually well aware that  something is going on when a parent has a mental illness.
But when depression is talked about as openly as diabetes, or when a dad with schizophrenia feels comfortable asking his daughter how she feels about his illness, stigmatization is decreased, and kids feel safer. A 13 year old who hears the term depression talked  about in an open way is more likely to tell her mom that she feels  depressed than if her only knowledge of depression came from TV ads.
How  you handle your mental illness will set the stage for how they will  think of their own thoughts and feelings, and those of the people around  them. Your parents care about one thing (having to do with you) almost more than anything: Your growing up into a responsible, happy adult. You're one of the few bloggers I follow and have helped inspire me to enter the blogosphere.
I was in Target with the Hubs and we were going down the escalator and watched a woman go up the escalator while her cart and BABY went up the CARTS ONLY escalator. I'm grateful that I can be a stay at home OAB (over achieving bride) and plan my wedding full time, and blog and craft and be a domestic goddess.
I'm also grateful for the way my parents educated me, they taught me that I could do anything I wanted, to try and not give up.
I am thankful for things that make me laugh (your blog is one of those things)and my sister (who will be deploying to Kuwait at the end of the month). I'm grateful for my family and those little moments that happen that make me realize all the hard stuff we deal with every day is nothing compared to the good stuff.
Forgiving myself and eventually giving myself another chance to take each days as a new beginning.

I have been struggling with depression for a while, my partner of 4 years cheated on me, abused me, my grandfather died of cancer, and recently my partner was diagnosed with cancer all in one year For a while, I lost myself and completely shut down. I thought that since this was such a popular topic that people wanted to learn more about, I would share with you the steps I go through when planning a slumber party at my house. Totally NOT necessary, but if the sleepover is for a birthday party you probably already have a theme.
You can buy these, make these, create online invites, or I have even been known to send a group text message out to the guest list. I like to make a dinner that all of the girl’s can get involved with (less work for me!) and something that allows the girls to make food that they will actually eat.
Whatever you decide, making something that the girls will get to take home as a souvenir to remember the party.
Believe me, its so hard the next morning when all the parents are arriving to try and find socks, toothbrushes, pillows, etc. You can use these to print out thank you cards for the girls; they will be thrilled to open up their cards!
I am stuck on what movie to watch, and what to do other than talk… Thanks for the tips! For today’s economic variation and be short of of opportunities, it actually will be a very hot topic. Even casually noting that you’re seeing your therapist on  Monday may be enough to create a safe space for a child to talk about their fears. They may feel like no one else understands what it’s like to  have a parent with a mental illness. Any way you can show them that you are moving in the right direction will help your case endlessly. Sometimes it is just one tragic event an unexpected terminal illness of a loved one that knocks us down. But there’s a prodigal member whose choices continually wrench all of our hearts and minds. I thought it might be weird but it was lovely to ask, lovely to give and lovely to receive…and somehow, some invisible barrier has been broken through too.
I have found parties usually go best if the kids come over right before dinner, and get picked up after a late breakfast (think brunch) the next day, so no one gets too tired and grumpy. Make sure you have a date set to RSVP and also send a reminder out to all of the parents a couple days prior to the party. If you can, have the girls collect all of their stuff while you make breakfast – then you can double check while they eat. Believe me -- proud parents' hearts and wallets are much more likely to be open to your requests. I'm grateful that we live in a safe community where housing is affordable and rates are low and my listings are selling in an average of 10 days. If you are hanging on by your fingernails, keep laughing and have faith it does get better! She’s only appeased when, immersed in blubbering self pity, all energy is drawn her way. These girls will just have tons of fun playing, being silly, snacking, and staying up late! Chances are they will come up with ideas of their own, but just in case, have a back up plan.
Chances are even if you think the girls are going to sleep in a certain area, you will have them sprawled out in various areas! Teenagers may wonder if they will develop mental illness as they get older, or worry about the safety of the adults who care for them. There are so many red flags why it should end but am paralyzed from doing anything about it. This is a good  opportunity to talk about early signs of depression or mania or anxiety, and mention how you are taking care of yourself. It taught us how to be frugal and we found some of the coolest FREE things to do around our area!!!
And all help extended, over many years, is rejected if there’s any mention of her investment of energy to free herself. Enlisting help for desserts is a great idea too. cupcakes and cookies are fun to make, but the #1 goodie fun would have to be ice cream sundaes. Have a couple flavors of ice cream, syrups, jams, and an assortment of chopped up candies for them to decorate! Breakfast generally goes like this at our house: early birds get cereal to tide them over, then I get up and make a massive amount of pancakes and bacon with orange juice and milk.

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