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Best known for Gamergate, the Fappening (when private, naked pictures of celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence were leaked) and anime porn, you probably imagine the typical user to be a real-life version of The Simpsons’ Comic Book Guy. The website lets you write pretty much anything and share any photo (apart from the true extremes like snuff films and child porn, for instance) but did you know there’s also an anonymous advice thread?
Basically they forced me to evaluate every aspect of myself logically rather than emotionally, then come up with a plan on how to improve my chances. One geek told me I was using my gender as an excuse for not asking out the people I’m attracted to. He had a point, and the majority of the others thought there was nothing wrong with approaching men (I have never asked a man out in my life). All my best friends are girls and, while we have a great time when we’re out, we rarely end up talking to men. Getting out of my comfort zone and cultivating guy friends was something the geeks insisted on. I was a bit surprised by the disdain for online dating, which is my go-to way of meeting men as it fits around my busy schedule. One geek said losing weight could help more men notice you, but another found curvy women more attractive. Overall, they agreed that different people like different looks and body types, so just taking pride in your appearance should be enough.

I could have guessed the first two but the last was a bit of a surprise, although it makes sense if someone’s looking for someone to raise children with.
According to the hive mind, 99.9 per cent of what I consider to be obvious flirting goes totally unnoticed by men. The website 4chan’s roots date back to a pre-Facebook age on the Internet, where anonymity ruled and rules were few to come by. Here, you might find close-ups of genitals, lots and lots of breasts, or a post on why one should never marry a woman who isn’t a virgin.
There are also images of a dead woman, splayed naked on a bare mattress, mouth agape, a deep red mark going all around her neck.
Poole wanted to create a version on 2chan for American audiences to share his fascination with Japanese comics and television shows, the Journal said.
Soon, the site grew well beyond anime and manga, thanks in large part to the fact that it allows users to be anonymous. And even if 4chan were to remove the photos, chances are they would appear elsewhere on the site, or on the Internet. The rabble rousers at 4chan are creating fake OkCupid profiles in an attempt to create an involuntary flashmob in New York City. Authorities say it was the slaying suspect, David Kalac, who posted the pictures and wrote the accompanying posts about strangling the woman and his plan to be fatally shot by police.

The site was born in 2003, a year before Facebook, as an image and message board in the style of a similar Japanese board called 2chan, or Futaba. It became a place for people to share images and discuss common interests, from TV shows to computer science to pornography. It’s also the birthplace of the hacker collective Anonymous, along with countless funny Internet memes and harmless pranks on celebrities.
At a time when Facebook, Google and to some extent Twitter are pushing people to share their real identities, 4chan lets users post without giving a name or even an email address, adding to its appeal. Users can report posts that violate 4chan’s rules and there are moderators who can remove content. But the site prides itself in not censoring content just because it might offend some people.
You can scope out the scene across the street to see if there are any diamonds in the rough.

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