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Ravana Tenheads - Producer - I Really Don't Know Whether Ravana Went Bonkers Over Sita, Or Was It Just Frustration Of The Writer To Portray Ravana As Some Wifelegger.
But on the hills of Rishikesh or in the temple of Rameshwaram, one hears the tale of how Ram atoned for the sin of killing Ravan.
The story goes that after firing the fatal arrow on the battlefield of Lanka, Ram told his brother, Lakshman, a€?Go to Ravan quickly before he dies and request him to share whatever knowledge he can.
With ten heads, twenty arms, a flying chariot and a city of gold, the mighty Ravan is without doubt a flamboyant villain.
One cana€™t help but wonder: why does the poet, Valmiki, go out of his way to make his villain so admirable, so seductive, so enchanting? Perhaps, say some scholars, that this expresses the legendary battle between Shiva-worshippers and Vishnu-worshippers.
A brute he may be, but he is also a great scholar.a€? The obedient Lakshman rushed across the battlefield to Ravana€™s side and whispered in his ears, a€?Demon-king, do not let your knowledge die with you. In many folk versions of the epic such as Ram-kathas and Ram-kiritis, we are informed that Ravan composed the Rudra Stotra in praise of Shiva, the ascetic-god. He demonstrates his disdain for all things material by smearing his body with ash and living in crematoriums. One realizes that, like most things Hindu, the Ramayan is not as simplistic and pedestrian an epic as some are eager to believe.

He designed the lute known as Rudra-Vina using one of his ten heads as the lutea€™s gourd, one of his arms as the beam and his nerves as the strings. But this argument falls flat when one is also told that Rama€™s trusted ally, Hanuman, is a form of Shiva himself.
The image of Ravan carrying Mount Kailas, with Shivaa€™s family on top, is an integral part of Shiva temple art. Ravan may be his great devotee; he may sing Shivaa€™s praise, and worship Shiva every day, but he does not follow the path of Shiva.
He never built the city of gold a€“ he drove out his brother, Kuber, and took over the kingdom of Lanka. And yet, this man with a superior body and superior mind submits to the basest of passions. This justifies the annual burning of his effigy on the Gangetic plains during the festival of Dassera.
Killing him meant Brahma-hatya-paap, the sin of Brahminicide, that Ram had to wash away through penance and prayer.
Despite knowing the Vedas and worshipping Shiva, he remains a slave of his senses and a victim of his own ego.
With palms joined, with extreme humility, Ram said, a€?Lord of Lanka, you abducted my wife, a terrible crime for which I have been forced to punish you.

Avenging his sistera€™s mutilation was but an excuse; it was the desire to conquer the heart of a faithful wife. He arrogantly shows off his knowledge of detachment but is not wise enough to practice detachment. And during the war, he let his sons die and his brothers die before entering the battlefield himself. Please do that for if you die without doing so, all your wisdom will be lost forever to the world.a€? To Lakshmana€™s surprise, Ravan opened his eyes and raised his arms to salute Ram, a€?If only I had more time as your teacher than as your enemy. Standing at my feet as a student should, unlike your rude younger brother, you are a worthy recipient of my knowledge. I have very little time so I cannot share much but let me tell you one important lesson I have learnt in my life. But things that are actually good for you, fail to attract you; you shun them creatively, finding powerful excuses to justify your procrastination.

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