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As it turns out, if you have more than 250 friends, Facebook’s default mode only allows you to see updates from 250 of them on your wall. So if you have more than 250 friends on your Facebook and you want to see updates from all your friends on your wall, you need to keep reading because I’m going to show you how to fix it to where you can see all of them. This just worked for me, I already had it set at 5,000, but I think I am seeing too many pages rather than friends, so I'm going to fix that! I am a member of a sorority of roughly fifty young women, all of whom I have a pretty strong connection and friendship with.
Regardless, there are many different ways of analyzing friendship especially through Facebook and I think we just shaved off the tip of the iceberg! In this free taggable photo for facebook you can tag your friends as many popular and retro cartoon characters like south park, disney, spongebob and many more funny and cute cartoon characters! In this Fetch Facebook friends demo i am going to demonstrate below things, in short…for more info please see the code. I assume everyone knows how to use facebook login for those who dont know how to use facebook login follow this link. Its really easy to implement live search with jquery…just few lines of code and wooooow !
In case of IE script fails to show rounded corners while moving or selecting user (friend), but u can overcome this limitation by using rounded corner images instead of background colors. Microsoft announced on the Bing Search blog that you can now search Bing to discover your friends’ photos within Facebook.
If you activated the social bar within Bing and enabled Facebook to connect to Bing, then your search results in the Bing social bar may have photos from your friends’ Facebook feeds. Barry Schwartz is Search Engine Land's News Editor and owns RustyBrick, a NY based web consulting firm.
SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23.
MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists.
Under the “Number of Friends” category, you’ll see that you can control how many friends are shown in the Live Feed.
I'm not sure why it doesn't show up every time but I promise it's there and you can change the settings. I don't have any other advice or thoughts on how to make it come up for everyone, but I promise it worked for me and several others that I know. I remember getting a friend request from one of my sisters and shortly after I accepted the friend request.
It is not fair to assume that just because to people are Facebook friends that they are extremely familiar with one another’s personal lives.

I have close to 900 Facebook friends, and I’m maybe really friends with not even a quarter of them. Most people believe you know personally or at least have met a facebook friend before even accepting a request from them. Although not considered ideal, friendships have grown from dialogue closeness exchanged over Facebook, as you discussed from Julia T. All you need to do is arrange them in different divs so that you can add remove different classes to it. I had originally done what you described above but could not find where to change the app id in the script.
Is it even possible for a person to HAVE almost 2,000 friends and maintain relationships with all of them? I like how you connected it to friendship in our textbook and gave a lot of personal opinion and thoughts about the issue as well. I know for me, my mom has always said to make sure I personally know a person before accepting a request and if they do not look familiar, I do not accept.
In our class lecture, we covered six stages of friendship starting from role-limited interaction all the way to waning friendship.
After reading your reply i had a second look at the php page and found where to change it (: Works now. When I went to their page, I could see their status updates, but they wouldn’t show up on my wall. If two people are good friends in real life, one should not assume that they are familiar with one another’s personal lives on Facebook. For example, two people who may not necessarily know each other well may begin a friendship through facebook either from a common ground such as work or a class project bringing them to exchange conversations over facebook. It seems to be that most friendships on Facebook start off at stage 1 (if you aren’t already close) where you discuss things only on a surface level and because you have a class together. Just change it to a number higher than the number of friends you currently have (in case you add more friends later).
I think that what this really means is that you are only accepting people you have met (even if you have only met them once) or people that you know are friends with your real life friends. For example, if you are limiting the amount of personal information you are sharing on your Facebook wall how can you build intimacy with your Facebook friends? Finally, the way we can fix these assumptions is to ask questions and make sure that you clearly communicate with others! However, your point on the clear difference among facebook friends and real friends is that it could be quite challenging to maintain friendships with all nearly 1,900 facebook friends, and most or if not at least 97% of them are past acquaintances. Then you move up the stages and hopefully reach that stabilized friendship, though it’s not a guarantee.

For more background information on Barry, see his full bio and disclosures, click over here. So, are those people you have only met one or two times really your “real” friends?
If I am only posting on my Facebook wall lyrics to songs, that would not be fulfilling closeness through dialogue. You spoke about maybe only meeting a facebook friend one time, this would be the role limited interaction which is defined as the initial meeting maybe at work or in an elevator maybe even while walking your dog. So, in conclusion, I consider it not impossible to start and maintain a friendship through facebook, but it not as common and harder to do without face-to-face interactions. And then finally, many people begin their waning relationships because they either don’t get on Facebook as often or because they have a dwindling amount of interests, etc.
Once again, probably not. For example, this case study shows how when an individual has a large number of Facebook friends they are actually more likely to limit the amount of personal information they are sharing on their Facebook wall (which is normally available for all of their Facebook friends to see). A proper example of closeness through dialogue would be talking with friends over dinner about what is going on with our romantic relationships. I agree with you that this stage is where a lot of facebook friendships will stay, but if you do not become friends on facebook maybe you wouldn’t ever go into the second stage of the development of friendship, the friendly relations stage. This would not be something that I would post a status about on Facebook for all my Facebook friends to see. At this stage, people will look at the other person and see if they have any common interests or activities. I really enjoyed reading how you were able to relate this back to what we’ve learned in class! Once we have found a common interest maybe we will take it to the next stage which is moving toward friendship. At this stage, people will maybe plan to meet outside of work or outside of the normal everyday sightings that they might have.
If you have made it to this stage with a facebook friend, then you are on the way to becoming true friends, why not take it a couple more steps?
Nascent friendship is when you begin to tell each other personal details about your life or feelings you have about certain aspects of life.
Stabilized friendship is pretty much the last step in the process because at this step you are very close and you rely on that person to be there to support you and hang out with you without asking. If you do not accept that friend request you could be turning down a potential friend in the future.

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