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LAM has gained a large and loyal following all over the world, from the USA to Europe to Latin America (where the live band has toured extensively), and beyond. Songwriter, instrumentalist, producer and founder Sean Brennan is known for his strong stances in favor of animal rights, pro-environmental and human rights issues, anti-corporate control of media, and support for progressive and liberal political and social causes.
The live band varies and often changes, but includes Sean Brennan (vocals, guitar, keyboard, video, all programming), Randy Mathias (bass), Pete Pace (drums), Matthew Setzer (guitar).
LAM began performing live in Los Angeles in the early 1990s at the legendary club Helter Skelter, which also hosted bands like Nine Inch Nails, Christian Death and many others.
Sean Brennan released "Selected Scenes from the End of the World" in 1992, creating as much mania as the first demo release.
Soon, Sean Brennan began branching out with LAM and took the live act to Mexico City and Guadalajara in 1994 where LAM discovered a huge following, and the first concert drew 5,000 dedicated fans- all of whom had discovered LAM in underground magazines and bootlegs of the LAM's releases. In 1995 "Selected Scenes from the End of the World" was pressed to CD by German indie label Apocalyptic Vision (now Trisol Music Group).
Brennan continued to take LAM on tour, performing at various festivals, and in 1998 LAM co-headlined the Zillo summer festival with The Cure performing to about 30,000 people.
In the summer of 2001, LAM headlined the Wave Festival in Leipzig Germany (for the 3rd time), playing to about 10,000 people. In 2002 LAM co-headlined the M'era Luna Festival with bands like HIM, Omph, and many others, performing to 25,000 people. From 2003-2004 Brennan had LAM headline and co-headline concerts in Europe and headline concerts in the USA, selling out the Roxy Theater in Los Angeles three times and performing at the huge Dour and Zillo festivals in Europe. In October 2007 LAM headlined the Orkus Music International Festival that took the band through Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria and Greece.
In early 2008 Metropolis Records (USA) re-released LAM's past three CDs (Selected Scenes from the End of the World, Psycho Magnet, Oddities) which now feature the same remastered audio tracks as the Trisol 2003 releases. Brennan says "With LAM it's always evolving, trying something different and new, and I'm never content to be just another music project".
Track listing: Claire's Horrors, Sacrifice, Your Best Nightmare, Revenge, Spider and the Fly, This Paradise, The Black Cat. Mastered and re-released to CD by Apocalyptic Vision Records Germany in 1995 with all new art (Metropolis Records USA version release in November 1998 with different art). Track listing: Claire's Horrors, Sacrifice, Your Best Nightmare, Revenge, Spider and the Fly, This Paradise, The Black Cat, Nightmare.
Apocalyptic Vision Records Germany (Metropolis Records USA version release in September 1998 with different art). Track listing: Psycho Magnet, Shatter (All My Dead Friends), HATE!, Where Good Girls go to Die (plus alternate-mix), The ****** Song, A Letter to God, Carry On Screaming, Theme from the film Love and Affliction, Kiss (Ra-Mix). Track listing: Claire's Horrors, Sacrifice, Your Best Nightmare, Revenge, Spider and the Fly, This Paradise, Black Cat, Nightmare, plus bonus track Untitled and edit version of Sacrifice. This is a partial list of compilations that were released in Europe by EFA distribution and various magazines. Re-mastered and re-released to CD by Trisol Music Group (Europe) with all new art in digipack format (also released on Iron D Records Russia in jewel case format), unreleased bonus tracks, tracks from the CD "Oddities" ("Oddities" is out of print in Europe) and re-recordings of older songs.
Soundtrack release of the motion picture SAW II features an exclusive mix of the new London After Midnight song, "Fear". Four disk compilation CD releasd by Rhino Records USA features one London After Midnight song, "Kiss". Track listing: The Beginning of the End, Feeling Fascist?, Nothing's Sacred, Heaven Now, America's a F*cking Disease, Complex Messiah, Republic, Fear, Pure, The Kids Are All Wrong, Love You to Death, The Pain Looks Good on You, Nothing's Sacred Extended Club mix (digipack limited release only), Nothing's Sacred Edit Club mix, Nothing's Sacred original demo (digipack limited release only), America's a F***ing Disease-edit mix. Re-released by Metropolis Records (USA) with new art (similar art to the Trisol editions, in jewel case format). FS45+: This is a group for fab, fun loving singles who like to get out and have a good old knees up in an atmosphere and music that they like from their generation at a volume that they prefer and they have found that there isn't really anywhere that caters for their needs.

Our 'sister group' is Flying Solo which has been running since Novmber 2012, please check out past events, reviews and pics for an idea of what is on offer! LAM has retained and nurtured the political and socially aware element of the later punk scene that virtually vanished from all music scenes in the early 90s, and has developed as a passionate and political dark rock-music entity. LAM has headlined and co-headlined concerts and major festivals with bands like The Cure, Green Day, HIM (HIM has cited LAM a favorite artist), Rammstein, Soft Cell and many more. Whatever the approach or subject matter, the music of London After Midnight is deeply touching, powerful, socially aware, romantic, emotional, disturbing, haunting, moving, and often exhibits a morbid wit with its sardonic humor (listen to the tongue-in-cheek "Your Best Nightmare" and try not to think of an Edward Gorey story).
There really is no classification that fits London After Midnight (despite LAM's "dark" image) because the music is so varied and the lyrical content (and even LAM's personality and causes) are unique and uncommon in today's music scene (often breaking boundaries- much to the outrage of people who live and die by genre labels). Brennan plays the instruments on the CDs (check liner notes on the new editions of LAM's four CDs for accurate details. The live band immediately began to draw large crowds and always had elaborate stage settings including stage props that could have come from the Universal Studios back-lot. A version of the same CD was also released in Latin America on Mexico's Opcion Sonica label.
The album's title itself is a tongue-in-cheek reflection of the insanity and jealousy LAM's popularity generated in some Los Angeles area club kids, while the subject matter, the lyrics, and music address personal relationships, society's inability to interact in a positive manner, even rape and more. Earlier in the year Sean Brennan signed a licensing deal with American indie label Metropolis Records, releasing both of his earlier CDs as well as new CD called "Oddities", a collection of live and rare songs along with a 30 minute DIY music video titled "Innocence Lost". The live band then toured to South America, Mexico and the USA where LAM played to tens of thousands of fans and appeared on Via X, the leader of rock music television in South America.
In preparation for the brand new LAM CD scheduled for release soon, in March 2003 Brennan re-released his CDs "Selected Scenes from the End from the World" and "Psycho Magnet" with Trisol Music Group in Europe and Iron D Records in Russia, complete with never before released bonus tracks and new recordings of older songs. Brennan released a new song called "Fear" on the SAW II motion picture soundtrack (Trisol Music Group Germany) in early 2006, which went straight to number one on the German Alternative Music Charts (DAC).
From May-July of 2008 LAM toured from Germany to the USA, headlining the Wave Gothic Festival in Germany to over 12,000 people, and then doing a full month long headlining tour of the USA.
Often classified by the press as industrial, deathrock or gothic, LAM break all the "rules" of those scenes and create a unique and strong identity and sound, and reject any label. VERY rare self titled debut cassette which morphed from two to six songs with several different cover designs.
Contains bonus track "Untitled" from the "Kiss" single and edit version of the song "Sacrifice".
Very rare (only 500 of each titled pressed) picture disks of "Selected Scenes from the End of the World" (with edit-mix of the song "Sacrifice"), "Kiss" and "Psycho Magnet".
Released in Europe and the USA in standard 14 song jewel case edition and deluxe limited release 16 song digipack edition. Contains unreleased bonus tracks and re-recordings of older songs (same remastered sound files as Trisol editions). It is for people who like to socialise but do not want to be patronised or pressured into thinking that they must meet someone or be the life and soul of the party (if you want to be though that's fine too!). I will be arranging regular parties which will be held at locations suited to our members tastes.
Subscribe to the mailing list and get a daily update with the most important news about Entrepreneur! LAM has a large worldwide following, with many gothic rock fans (LAM shuns labels such as "gothic", however, saying that labels limit an artist's creative realm and also destructively divides audiences- unfortunately too many people define themselves by the style of music they listen to and refuse to expand beyond that). LAM has performed to crowds of over 30,000 people as headliner and co-headliner on major music festivals around the world. Sean Brennan shuns all labels (as any artist worth their salt will do) and the music he creates can really only be classified as "London After Midnight". Older Apocalyptic Vision Records and Metropolis Records releases were translated incorrectly and contain inaccurate information!

Needless to say the extreme stage settings attracted as much attention as LAM's music, which soon grew in popularity. Soon LAM's strong underground following in Europe became intense as sales of the CD grew steadily. Apocalyptic Vision also released "Oddities" and the music video in Europe at the same time. This special, which includes a short interview with Sean Brennan, aired in late Autumn 2000 in 120 countries all over the world.
The ground-breaking new CD is a hit with new and old fans alike and has been critically acclaimed by the press, with Germany's Orkus music magazine saying "Violent Acts of Beauty is a masterpiece of sound and lyric".
In autumn 2008 the live band toured back to Europe and performed in Russia, Finland, Poland, London UK, Greece, Germany and many other countries.
VERY rare promo (only a few hundred pressed) given away at concerts in 1995 as a preview of forthcoming Psycho Magnet CD.
Limited pressing (10,000) digi-pack with exclusive poster and art and normal jewel case printing. The aim is to have a good time, meet people, make new friends, build social confidence and have an enjoyable evening with other single people. I am going to need lots of (constructive) member feedback to make the parties into events you love and will want to come back and back to. However, London After Midnight maintains a strong underground and independent "personality" despite being a top seller (charting in the top 10 and top 20 German DAC, and other European independent charts, with each of 4 CDs released) and a major draw at music festivals year after year. So much so that the original four song demo cassette tape released in 1991-1992 was the hottest selling item in Hollywood's trendy Melrose Ave indie record stores, even beating out new releases from Duran Duran and other major label artists. The live act also made several headlining appearances at festivals in the UK (including the famed Whitby Festival) and Europe. LAM also headlined major German festivals like the well known Zillo Magazine Festival which had Siouxsie and the Banshees headlining the previous year.
The special was actually pretty terrible and only featured less than 2 minutes of LAM, but diehard fans were happy to see LAM get major media attention and a whole new audience was exposed, briefly, to LAM creating a surge of new fans. He takes pride in the fact that London After Midnight does not fit into any musical category. The six song copies with the songs "October" and the bonus 4 track versions of the songs "Inamorada" and "Spider and the Fly" are extremely rare. We appreciate that meeting new people can be very nervewracking so we our members do everything they can to make you feel welcome and relaxed, So if you're stuck in on a night and you want to do something with like minded people and not feel like a sad desperado, get yourself involved! So if you think the drink prices stink, the wine was awful, the music 'diabolical', the ale flat, or even worse the atmosphere, or have any ideas for events please let me know (in a nice wayp please- I'm a sensitive soul!) so I can do something about it.
For 2 years the most sought after item Los Angeles area club kids searched for in LA area independent record stores was the LAM cassette tape.
LAM also found itself in all the major European music magazines, on glossy covers in every European newsstand with the likes of Nine Inch Nails and Metallica.
All of LAM's releases rated in the top 10 and top 20 of the DAC (German Alternative Charts) and other independent music charts, as well.. London After Midnight is simply London After Midnight, and that seems enough for LAM's fans. Signs hung in record store windows like Vinyl ***** and Bleeck Bobs proclaiming "yes we have LAM's tape IN STOCK".
Stores from as far away as Australia ordered multiple shipments of the tape each month to meet demand.

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