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Trust me, get rid of your ex by adopting a dog who never gives u up, never nags you, never yells at you, and never cheats on you. I am so lonely that even death doesn't care to visit me for just once.Maybe it's because I am very unlucky and sinned too much in this life.
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I cana€™t say what I thought love was suppose to look like, but I new what it wasna€™t and I wasna€™t very nice about it. I could blame this on him, but truthfully this was the universe giving me what I asked for and what I put all my energy into for a very long time. When I was just 10, I told my dad I was going to join the army and be like him. Being on my own at 17, gave me what looked like no other options, and so, I joined the army. Again I could blame this on someone else, but this is the universe giving me exactly what I asked for and was passionate about. For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a writer and I wanted to be the kind of writer that motivated and inspired others. I fell hard and I new instantly that this was the girl I would spend the rest of my life with. For that to happen I had to live the life I lived with all the ups and downs that came with it.
I remember thinking wow, it really worked I held out for the perfect person and now I have her. My real estate agent said, there was no way the bank would give a first time home buyer a loan for such a house and to find one would be even harder, but I knew at the time I could not afford anything else. There was no talking it out, there were no answers, it was just over and I was left heart broken, angry and confused.
I remember driving to my moms house and when she opened the door, I just fell to my knees and started crying.
It seemed the little world I lived in was doing the happy dance because everyone wanted the chance to court me and now they had that chance. It took me nearly two years to forgive myself for loving someone I thought was incapable of love. How could I be so blind, so stupid I thought.I remember I saw her out one day with someone else.

We hadna€™t talked in some time, but I new I still loved her and really it didna€™t matter if she loved me or not. I walked over to her and without any words I just wrapped my arms around her and was quit surprised when she squeezes back. Not close friends, but we talked from time to time and as the years passed we both dated a number of people and then one day we finally grew up and what do you know we both found ourselves in a grown up relationship with grown up responsibilities.
Even though I knew I could love again I still didna€™t let anyone come to far into my world.
I always kept them at a safe distance, Then there was Stacey, and I not consciously, said, Ia€™m tired of not letting anyone love me and so I did. After only a year we bought a house together and we made plans for a family, we even tried adoption.Ginger, My first love, also found herself in a committed relationship.
5 years passed for Stacey and I and the truth, I never stopped loving Ginger and I never stopped saying good night to her. Every night when I went to bed I said a prayer and it always included a prayer that ginger be happy and have all she ever dreamed of and then I would whisper goodnight Ginger.
Yet, I was with Stacey and I loved her and she loved me.Then one day we just said what are we doing. Stacey and I had love, we had a home, we had friendship, but we new we werena€™t as happy as we could be. She moved into her own apartment and I continued to stay at the house while we worked out the logistics of separating ourselves and our lives. I t was not easy for either of us, but we helped each other pick up the pieces and move forward with our lives. Shortly after she moved out she began dating a friend she had been smitten with for some time. She not only has love now, she is fully expressed and she is happy and I am grateful that she was a part of my life.Ginger had just ended a 5 year relationship as well, for basically the same reasons and she too grateful. I went a little wild and had a fling with someone I would have never had a fling with in the past because I always had to do things right. Ginger and I started spending more time together and even though I had never stopped loving her, I kept her at a distance and she had done the same.
So, now all grown up we became the kind of friends that took evening walks together and met for lunch occasionally.
It still took several months before that first kiss, I was still keeping her at a distance.

That night, the night of our first kiss, she said you are never allowed to kiss another again, this is it and I agreed.
We talk about it sometimes and all those years we spent loving each other and never having the courage to share that information with each other and how all the life we lived and all the love we had with others made us better prepared for what is now the best relationship of our lives. I couldna€™t allow anyone in because I made them pay for the hurt I felt all those years ago. It is your choice too allow someone to love you and for you to love them with abandon, each and every time and if you dona€™t thata€™s your fault. You also have to remember that others had that relationship and you may be paying for it and ita€™s not your fault. We all are human, we all hurt and yet we all want love, sometimes we just dona€™t realize we are getting in our own way.
I had to let go of that stuff in order to find the love I found in Stacey, if I hadna€™t I would not have had that love, I would not have know what it felt like to have someone I could count on.Lesson two, Sometimes the timing just isna€™t right. Ginger and I were young and had a lot of living to do before we could be ready for each other. We loved each other, she just new and was brave enough to take action to say ita€™s not time yet, Ia€™m not done sewing my wild oats. I hadna€™t sewn my wild oats either and I had some living yet to do to love her the way I needed to. I am more confident in who I am now and more confident in our relationship because of it.Lesson three, You have to be strong enough to make the hard decisions.
We did love each other after all, we had a comfortable life, we just wanted more and more importantly we loved each other enough to want more for each other.The final lesson, The law of attraction is working.
It may have taken 11 years to bring us back together, but I never stopped believing I would be with Ginger, I said goodnight to her every night for 11 years and she said goodnight to me. We may not like the time frame, but in order for things to work in our best interest to get all the things we want and believe in and work toward, the universe has to shift and it is not done over night. I was unlucky in love and time was passing me by, but now I see I was just being prepared for what would be the best time of my life. Sometimes the anwser is yes, sometimes the answer is no and many times the answer is not right now.

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