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Kids often have difficulty understanding the difference between angry feelings and aggressive behaviour. Teach kids about feelings so they can learn to verbalize feelings of anger, frustration and disappointment. It’s essential that you role model appropriate behaviour to teach kids how to manage their anger.
Most families have unofficial family rules about what behaviour is acceptable and what isn’t when it comes to anger. Kids need positive consequences when they follow the anger rules and negative consequences when they break the rules.
It is never too soon to teach your child how to control her anger so that it doesn’t control her. If your child is feeling out of control, she should be separated from the person she feels like hurting. Calm down.Teach your child to use some calming strategies when she feels the physical symptoms of anger. Think before you act.Encourage your child to ask herself, “What do I want to happen?” Explain that vengeance and retaliation are not worth acting on. Consider the other person’s feelings.Children can begin to show empathy as young as 3 years old, but they need your help. Forgive. Children need to know that their bad behaviour hasn’t turned them into bad people. This entry was posted in Think Grow and tagged corporate trainers, motivational trainers, successcorners, think inc.
Stress and frustration may cause children to become angry, particularly young children who don’t know how to overcome emotional feelings. Children with unmanageable and uncontrolled anger can certainly experience huge problems in the long run. Children mimic adults so the way you handle your own anger and frustration is sure to affect your kid. Narrate good stories to your kids in the night as this help in imbibing moral values and good habits in the children.

As children play, a monitor on one finger tracks their heart rate and displays it on the computer screen.
If your kids see you lose your cool, they’ll be much more likely to have trouble managing their own anger or understanding what’s appropriate and what isn’t. Although it’s good to shield kids from adult problems, they also need to see how you handle your angry feelings.
Some families don’t mind doors being slammed and voices being raised while other families may have less tolerance for such behaviours. Kids need to learn that just because they feel angry it doesn’t give them a right to hurt anyone.
Instead of just being told, “Don’t hit your brother,” tell them what to do when they feel frustrated. Positive consequences are especially important for kids who usually have difficulty managing their anger. Depending on your child’s age, consequences may include time out, loss of privileges.It’s normal for kids to struggle to manage their anger at times but difficulty with anger can cause serious problems for some kids. She can try taking deep breaths, drinking a glass of water, distracting herself with a song or a story, or playing alone. Try to get her to understand the other person’s point of view, just as she wants her point of view understood. Reassure both sides that they’ll be safe, and that they can learn to stay in control and protect themselves. A child must face the consequences of his actions if he is to learn to stop and think before he acts. Apologies and making amends help them move from the guilty feelings that come from knowing they were wrong to having hope that they can do better.
If anger goes unchecked in your child, you can help the children with some helpful anger management strategies and tips. Model positive problem management skills like performing something that calms you or getting away from a frustrating situation and your child will probably do the same. So, teach problem-solving skills and help them to learn how to resolve conflict peacefully.

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Create written household rules that make it clear to kids what they can do when they feel angry and what sorts of behaviour will result in a consequence.
Address areas such as physical aggression, name calling and destruction of property so that kids know they can’t throw things, break things or lash out verbally or physically when they’re mad. When time out is used as discipline instead of punishment kids learn to take a break on their own to help them calm down.
A reward systemor token economy system can provide extra incentive to help them remain calm and use their skills to manage their angry feelings safely. Go for a walk or bike ride along with your kid and make exercise a part of his or her everyday life. To qualify for the study, the children had to have a normal IQ and not need a medication change during the five-day study period.One group, with 19 children, received standard treatments for anger including cognitive-behavioural therapy, presentation of relaxation techniques and social skills training for five consecutive business days.
The second group, with 18 children, got these same treatments, but spent the last 15 minutes of their psychotherapy session playing RAGE Control.After five sessions, the video gamers were significantly better at keeping their heart rate down. Bigger people tell them what to do, and since those people are also stronger, they can make them do it. Most importantly, teach them to walk away when they are angry before they become aggressive.
Oppositional behaviour, disrespect, conflict and aggression can often be decreased by helping kids learn how to handle their anger better. If you teach your child anger management skills, it will improve behaviour and give your child one of the  most important life skills.

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