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Before we start drawing on a bigger canvas we need to create some patterns for our background effect.
Now, gently brush the parts of the shadow you want to mask (hide), doing this we'll create a nice shadow effect. We want to give the content layout a bit more of a real paper look so we need some horizontal paper lines. Create new layer folder under the content layout (layout folder) and using Rectangle Shape Tool (U) draw a 78x72 px rectangle. With this anchor selected hold Shift and using arrow up key nudge the point one time (10px). While selection is active, click the star shape layer (select it) and click the Mask icon at the bottom of the layer palette.
Create new layer above the content layout and using Ellipse Tool draw a small 52x52 px circle. I spiced it up just a tiny bit more by adding a circular mandala shape (using custom Photoshop Brush) underneath the layers and lowering the opacity to 40%, but you can skip this step, it will still look great! After creating the welcome screen we're now going to create a generic background that'll be used for all other slides of our presentation. First select the base rectangle shape (the one with the gradient effect), choose Direct Selection Tool (A) and select two bottom anchor points of that shape.
Right click the slide thumb preview in sidebar and click Format background, a popup screen will be shown.

You can copy the first slide or create new one, repeat the step above for inner page (slide) and choose the second background image. Choose Marquee Tool (M) and holding shift draw a selection that fits exactly within one unit of our document grid.
Unlock the background layer by double clicking it and clicking OK in dialog box (this removes the lock icon from the layer).
Set blend mode to Multiply and add the pattern overlay with previously created pattern "mozaik". Now change to Pen Tool (P) and add an anchor point in the bottom middle part of the path as shown in the image. This will automatically mask the star shape by the marquee selection we contracted earlier. Using the Transform Tool hold Shift key, rotate and scale the shape so it is placed like shown in the image. I've chosen to crate welcome screen text directly in Photoshop instead of inserting it in PowerPoint because I use custom fonts and graphics.
Holding Shift, press arrow down to expand the rectangle till it overspills the document boundaries. Select Fill from the popup sidebar, select Picture from popup top menu and choose the previously exported background image for welcome slide.
This is because the pattern will be repeated and the right and bottom line of next pattern to come will fill that gap.

Click the small mask icon at the bottom of the layer palette, select one of the grunge brushes (any will do), set background color to black #000000 and slightly mask the center of the content layout (lines) keeping the lines visible at the edges.
Expand the shape by 20px on each side, remove all effects from it, set background color to black and opacity 3%.
Fill it with gradient overlay as shown in the image with colors from left to right: #525739 (location 0%) and #d6dbbf (location 27%). Today we're going to learn how to do this by designing a PowerPoint presentation in Photoshop. I hope you learned a trick or two how to create custom designed PowerPoint presentation and I wish you all the best with your public speaking. Now, choose the Line Tool (U) and draw a vertical 1px, black line on the far right of the document. Before you start with the design you need to know if your presentation is meant to entertain, inform, persuade or sell. In today’s tutorial I will show you how to design a PowerPoint presentation that needs to inform (of course) and show presenters creativity and diversity.

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