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LicensingLicensing InformationGet more detailed information about Kentico licensing options, support, and conditions. Marketer CertificationBecome a Certified MarketerBe recognized as a Kentico expert with Kentico Marketer Certification. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. We have a website application that we expect to receive incredibly high traffic at several points throughout the year. Going forward we would like to have more control over this process and implement a virtual queue of some kind. I've done some reading online about this but found little implementation detail on how to implement a very basic virtual HTTP request queue.
The reason for the ability to manage a queue is because the process is very database-write heavy. Because for cloud storage, new different type of nosql database came into existence, which overcomes limitations of relation database. Controllers with session state disabled provide an optimization for controllers that do not require session state. You can see the effect of serialised requests in the network profile; each request takes roughly 500ms longer than the previous one. To understand how asynchronous controllers respond to differing levels of traffic, and how this compares to a straightforward synchronous controller, you can put create a sample MVC with two controllers. In another example you can check a simple C# console application that simulates heavy traffic hitting a given URL. As you can see, the synchronous and asynchronous requests performed exactly the same as long as there were enough worker threads to go around. But once the threadpool was exhausted (> 50 clients), the synchronous requests had to form a queue to be serviced. I wouldn't recomment mixing application code and code which deals with low technical performance optimisations. If you build up a queue your server will have less work to do at the same time because less concurrent threads are running.
As your question states this peaks last longer than a few seconds "several points throughout the year". As the peak inrush just holds for let's say 10 minutes you're queue just reaches a maximum length of 20 clients. On another day it's very hot and your inrush peaks are not the usual 7 clients per minute, your inrush peaks up to 42 clients per minute. It's obviously that - except it's the last lemonade on earth - your clients won't queue an hour for a cup of lemonade and will just leave. And this is the same problem concerning your peaks on the server: If you're continously experiencing more incoming connections than you can handle your queue will grow until it's full and then drop incoming clients. As this is an absolutely low level apporach i think it's not required to go into further detail and explain that there are plenty of risks when taking this road.
I would recommend that you use something like BIG-IP , if you are going to use a Software based approach then on what basis will you Redirect your request to which Servers? You could do this possibly using Microsoft Team Foundation Service (hosted in the cloud, different to TF Server which is hosted on premise i.e.

If this site is high profile for your business or customer and is generating income or has legislative purpose then you may find an invest in hardware easier then investment in software development. FYI we are hoping to upgrade to two VMs (running VMWare) front end webservers running windows server 2012 enterprise edition.
Along with PKKG's answer, you will have to redesign certain parts of your application to add caching.
Let's assume you have a page that gets displayed very frequently but changes less frequently. So what we can do is, treat LostUpdate column as Version column and add SQL Cache Dependency on this page with SQL query which returns true If LastUpdate for current question is later then the given cached time.
For every single page, Cache manager does make cache query to SQL, but this query is smaller then entire page, because page contains lots of query to different table as well to build and show every information. Doing this on each page is difficult but you can analyze traffic pattern and improve caching.
We currently have some third party load balancing software which redirects users to a 'holding' page during busy periods, to prevent our web application servers from being suffocated by the amount of requests coming in.
The current load balancer has no queuing functionality, but simply allows traffic through based on a rate limit.
There are of course companies that offer this as a fully fledged service such as queue-it and Netprecept but these seem overkill for our current needs (and are very expensive).
I'm really looking for details of technical implementations of a queuing system of this nature (C# or otherwise). The biggest Performance hits actually occur when your application really has to fetch data, do calculations on it and return the data. Stateless controllers are meant for situations where you do not require the concept of a session.
You can see how the 3 requests are being processed in parallel, and take a total of 500ms to complete, rather than 1500ms we saw in our first example. It simply requests the same URL over and over, calculating the rolling average of the last few response times. My server actually has a default max threadpool size of 200 – a more sensible limit – but the results are made clearer if I reduce it. They don’t need to block a worker thread while waiting, so the threadpool limit wasn’t an issue.
If we're talking about peaks which last only for a few seconds this is not a big deal: Build up a queue and process it in a few seconds.
So i assume that your servers are experiencing massive inrush of new requests for a time which is long enough that processing the queue would just result in timeouts on the clients. You can handle up to 5 clients per minute and the peaks during lunch mean that about 7 clients are queuing up for your lemonade per minute. So all you're gaining with queuing is that you just delay the first dropped clients and put other clients on hold (which is also annoying). But this doesn't mean that there is no overhead for all the inrushing tcp connections and asp sessions which are spawned and loaded on each request as IIS accepts new connections if there are free concurrent connections from the IIS' viewpoint. Of course your proxy could spread the requests to several hosts and do some sort of load balancing - but this requires that you have additional hosts you can instantly fire up and handle the requests (this is what any loadbalancer would require from you: have a backend which may handle the workload). Check where you're application gets slow in high workloads and try to optimize them to be as fast as possible.

Benchmark your threads and check how long the inclusive times of your critical methods are and where they are spending their time.
That way you can look to have an high-available (HA) scalable application without a single point of failure (SPF).
These will be network load balanced using microsoft NLB (so no need for another load balancing server or third party software). And in same example with Stake Overflow, caching on home page may be bad idea as it displays recent updated entries, so caching may not work, as page changes too quickly. With snapshot you can move the reporting process to other copy of the database and keep the locks low. This means these DB transactions are taking things into account like last-minute stock checking etc. Output caching can cache these results so they can be returned directly without even touching the database. First it does so on just one thread, but then gradually increases the number of concurrent threads to 150 over a 30-minute period. After one minute you've 2 clients waiting, after two minutes you have 4 clients waiting for you to process their orders [and so on]. This is where the performance issues arise, and this is the reason for wanting to implement a queuing system of some kind.
Especially when executing complex queries this can drop the load on your server significantly (in fact you could drop the load on your server by a whooping 90% by carefully inplementing caching in your web application).
This means that if a request is in progress and another request from the same session arrives, it will be queued to only begin executing when the first request has finished.
If you want to try running this tool against your own site, you can download the C# source code. Is it worth spending 80% of your resource (dev time, wages etc) on a possible 20% performance gain or is it better to invest 20% hardware cost (CPU, RAM, another server etc) for an instant 80% performance boost?
AN additional benefit is with IIS 8.0 you can run multiple domain (hosts) of the same IP for SSL (HTTPS) traffic using SNI which is nice (but torpedos user running windows xp but its out of support in April 2014 anyway).
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