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Bauer Supreme One.4 Ice Hockey Skate - Junior - The Supreme skate series by Bauer was designed for the power skater who looks to maximize energy from every stride. Reebok 9K Pump Ice Hockey Skate - Senior - The Reebok 9K Pump enhances the speed of energy transfer to the ice through its stability and lightweight structural support, accelerating more power into each and every stride. Reebok 4K Pump Ice Skate - Junior - Reekbok’s 4K Junior Pump skate is quick-drying double density micro fiber liner, that ensures comfortable fit while providing added durability.
Bauer Supreme Total One NXG Skate - From the ice up, the Supreme Totalone NXG is the most advanced skate Bauer has ever created.
Easton Stealth RS Skate - The Easton Stealth RS Skate features new protection levels and quarter panels constructed with a fused composite material, consisting of EPP, TPU and TPE foams that make a lightweight boot that’s stronger and more responsive, while also allowing for deeper heat moldability. Reebok 20K Skate Pump - The Reebok 20K Pump Skate has a generous fit profile, and is armed with the Pump® technology which allows air to circulate around the ankles for great heel lock and a customized fit.
Replacing the Bauer Supreme One100 skate in April, 2012, will be the new Bauer Supreme One.9 skates. Beginning with the quarter package, Bauer will continue to use their 3D anaformable composite upper, which is now called Curv. Moving inside the boot, the Bauer Supreme One.9 skate is going to feature its hydrophobic clarino liner, which is made of synthetic leather.
The Supreme One.9 skates will be another strong release from Bauer Hockey, and should be a hot seller for anyone with a Supreme foot looking to get into a new, high-end skate.
Higher end skates are recommend for advanced skaters or those who play multiple times a weeks, as they would need stiffer boots that won't break down quickly due to aggressive or prolonged use.
The 9K Pump® skate guarantees heel lock, ankle support and enhanced forward flex resulting in a secure comfortable fit.
The 4K skate also provides the ultimate level of personalization and comfort by adjusting to an individual’s feet.

Built with technology that makes it lighter and more powerful at the same time, it’s everything a skate should be. With its’ anatomical fit profile, lateral support, and heat moldable inners, you can ensure a great all around fit straight from the box, every time. The outsole of the skate is protected by Texalium, a fiberglass fabric that has a trademarked finish and a thin coating of aluminum on the surface which allows skate flex directly to the ice and further minimizes power loss. The two piece tongue construction eases lace-bite, and a lightweight, Pro-8 beveled outsole makes this skate an easy choice for any player.. The 20K is also equipped with the Skate Lock feature which allows for variability within two separate lacing zones - lower and upper.
The Supreme One.9 skates will be second only to the Total One NXG, and will still carry the features expected by an advanced or pro level player. You may recognize its previous name more, as it was called the ALIVE composite in previous years. This liner has great moisture wicking properties, and will help to keep your liner dry during games or practice.
As one of the top skates in the line, you can expect the Supreme One.9 skates to retail for around $599.
Mid level skates are a ideal investment for recreational players who play frequently or advance skaters who play once or twice a week. Bauer uses a Premium Nylon quarter, with heel and ankle padding on the inside that are contoured to the shape of your foot, as is the sculpted shape of the shell for a nice fit from the first wear. And The 7mm high-density felt tongue works with the contours of the foot for added comfort with lace bite protection.
The Patented Flexible Tendon Guard turns every stride into a statement of intent by increasing your range of motion by almost 20%, lengthening your stride and maximizing efficiency.

Amazing lace-bite protection from the two-piece design of the felt tongue and high density foam guard protects you and provides a generous amount of flex. The lightweight anaform fit foam ankle pads inside the boot are going to provide exceptional support, and provide less added weight than some of the anaform fit foam pads found in lower Supreme models. It will also have the same high density metatarsal guard to help protect against lace bite. Now, of all the motovlogging vids I've watched, not one is the rider on a cruzer type bike. This skate is the game’s first that’s designed to maximize stride length so you can be as explosive as possible on the ice..
The full lightweight composite outsole reduces the weight of the skate, providing great stability and reducing torque.. This is a fused multi-layered package reinforced with metal mesh for great durability, long term performance and great stiffness. Additional foot support will be found on the form-fit+ footbed, with stabilizer grip and Curv composite inserts. Provides the ultimate level of personalization and comfort by adjusting to an individual’s feet.

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