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Bauer’s 1X skate sees an updated 3D lasted and aluminized Curv Composite quarterpackage which features the thermoformed X-rib pattern. New to the inside of the boot will be Bauer’s 37.5 liner, an upgrade over the old Hydra Max 2 liner found on the APX 2. Last, but certainly not least, Bauer has included Tuuk LightSpeed LS4 runners on the 1X skates. Out of the box, one of the first things you notice about the Bauer 1X skates is how light they are. The Vapor offers a more narrow and tapered fit, so I was sure request EE sizing on these skates to ensure the proper fit for my feet. Bauer has developed three incredible lines of unique skates to fit all sorts of different feet. At the end of the day, the 1X skates provide the pro level or highly competitive player with a way to take their game to the next level. Ice Warehouse has the best selection of new hockey gear, so head over and grab your new Bauer Vapor 1X skates today!
Bauer Vapor APX2 Griptac Ice Hockey Stick, this is Bauers lightest one piece hcokey stick which is been dubbed the Best Hockey Stick of 2015 and is the favourite used by many pro's throughout the world. The blade of the 1X is the other main area of evolution in comparison to its Vapor predecessors. The Vapor 1X is arguably the lightest stick we have come across, but it's not really a mystery when you think about it.
The Vapor 1X is loaded with Bauer's best stick technologies and includes significant improvements over its predecessor.
Aero-Sense 2 Technology - Dual Density Aero Foam 3 core and a SENSE layer, unique energy absorption element.
There can be variances in stick weights within the same model, so we have listed the average from weighing 6 sticks. Released on September 13th, the new Bauer Vapor APX 2 hockey stick is the follow up to Bauer’s extremely successful APX stick. The blade adjustments seem to have had no ill effect on the weight and balance of this stick as the APX 2 feels just as good in my hands as the original did. Puck feel with the APX 2 has been solid as well, but at this point I’m not sure I would call it a drastic improvement over the APX.
Whether you’re a goal scorer taking quick wristers from the slot or keeping your post on the blue line and firing pucks from the blue line, the APX 2 is going to play to you, and help you get the puck on net both quickly and accurately. The past few years or so, I’ve been greatly impressed by the durability of Bauer sticks.
I’m a guy who typically goes for a lot of stick lifts when trying to take the puck away from my opponent. With steady use over the past two months, I am pleased with how much life still appears to be left in this stick. While the changes to the blade will not be noticeable for everyone during game play, it’s good to see that Bauer can recognize when things are not right and take the proper steps towards fixing. From my experience with the APX 2 stick over the past two months, I would not hesitate to recommend this stick to Vapor fans looking for an upgrade. There are currently no reviews for this piece of gear, be the first by clicking the "Write a Review" button above. QUICK RELEASE TECHNOLOGY: With Quick-Release Taper Technology, goalies will never see it coming thanks to the new aggressive taper design that loads and recoils energy in the lower shaft. FASTER THEN EVER TECHNOLOGY: The new geometric design responds even faster than previous VAPOR sticks, putting pucks on net and points on the board. LIGHTER TECHNOLOGY: Faster moves around defensemen and quick-release shots are a result of TeXtreme® carbon fiber—20% lighter than conventional carbon fiber without sacrificing durability. DURABILITY TECHNOLOGY: During play, slashes and pucks can cause tiny fractures in your stick.
For more than 20 years, Hockey Plus has sold the best hockey gear on the market at prices that can’t be found anywhere else. If you happen to come across a better deal on hockey gear somewhere else, please let us know right away.
At Hockey Plus, it’s easier than ever to get your hands on the gear you need to reach your full potential on the ice.

This Bauer Vapor 1x senior hockey stick provides players with the power, precision and dexterity necessary to thrive on the ice. Avec un ajustement large au niveau du poignet et un ajustement standard sur les doigts, les joueurs manient le baton et tirent avec plus de mobilite. Each year they release dozens of new products, and are always on the leading edge of the equipment technology. Not only have they built upon an already successful APX 2 skate, but they have also incorporated game changing technology first seen in the OD1N skates. The new Curv composite ankle supports reduce weight while increasing stiffness and rigidity which allows the boot to conform to your foot better than ever.
The 37.5 technology works in an efficient way to utilize body heat to evaporate and release sweat. This new hybrid style tongue features additional high density injected foams for a welcome boost in protection. The LS4 is Bauer’s latest and most premium steel, and comes at the height preferred by the pros.
You can tell that these are premium skates, and everything from the weight, feel, and construction says so. From using previous iterations of Vapor skates, I was aware that standard D width skates are not wide enough. I tried the skates on anyway and found that I could actually squeeze my foot into them without an issue.
Too often skates are fitted with weak insoles that leave your feet aching after a good skate. The 1X skates have now taken the Vapor series to a whole new level of technology and performance. While the $899 price tag certainly isn’t cheap, these skates offer all the features you could want in a skate at that price point. For round two, Bauer has made some nice modifications, but will it be enough to make you want a new to pick one up? The black stick with red and white accents is typical for an Vapor product at this point, but we still haven’t gotten tired of it.
It’s a lightweight stick with solid weight distribution, matching other top end sticks with its initial feel.
It seems as though the past couple years, manufacturers have continued to make solid improvements in a sticks pop and release when shooting.
While this is a great way to chip and ding the lower portion of your stick, I’ve been pleased with the way the APX 2 has held up to the abuse. Shelling out $259 for a stick is not an easy thing to do, but seeing this type of performance and durability from it is making it seem like a much better investment.
Likewise, when the general consensus is that a product is a success, they will not stray too far away from what made it that way in the first place.
Leave a comment below with your personal review and experiences with the APX 2 to help HWB readers make the best stick buying decision for their needs!
I bought a P88 and a PM9 INT on the same day back in mid July for my 14 year old and he used the PM9 in one game and 1 practice before it broke and used the P88 in two practices (back up stick) and it broke.
However, eLASTech Technology from BAUER stops the spread of these fractures, making the VAPOR 1X stick perform like new, time after time. We believe that with the right equipment, players can reach their full potential on the ice.
We offer a lowest-price guarantee, so we’ll match any of our competitors’ prices quickly — all you have to do is give us a call and let us know the items and sellers in question. Simply browse our easy-to-use website, locate the equipment you need, and place your order through our secure payment system. You have to shoot the puck when you have the chance, not when it's convenient - and you need a stick that can respond to your needs in that split second.
Un ajustement effile permet une rotation plus libre du poignet, tandis que les doigts plus ajustes permettent aux joueurs d’assurer leur prise sur le baton plus facilement. This year, with the release of the 1X skates, Bauer remained on the leading edge and looked to hit another home run with product development. This works to help keep your feet dryer during games, and also help to keep your skates lighter.

It’s a higher grade steel overall which will hold an edge longer, and comes stock at a 10’ radius. You might think that Bauer would have to compromise somewhere, but they have achieved great levels of both comfort and rigidity in these skates.
My big toe feathered the toe cap, but a bit of usage and break in helped it from being too uncomfortable.
Aftermarket solutions are available, and CCM has done a nice job including more customized insoles, but Bauer has taken it to a whole new level with a heat moldable insole. On ice performance is next level, and even the smaller fine touches like the 37.5 liner work hard to make the 1X an unbelievable skate. The only question you have to ask yourself is whether or not the improved performance on the ice justifies the price? The logos and other design elements lay directly over the large carbon weave used in the APX 2. But to compare to the original APX, I’m having a hard time really identifying the differences solely based on feel. This stick is no exception, competing strongly and holding its own against other sticks such as the V9 or V9E, the RBZ Stage 2 and the Ribcor. Additionally, with the black color scheme, some of the minor dings that do occur, you are not even able to notice. With good durability, awesome shot power and accuracy, plus a great design, the Bauer APX 2 is one of the top sticks available today. Naturally the sticks are beyond the 30 day warranty however, with a retail value of $500 and based on the time used Bauer should make exceptions to replace.
Beyond that, we also offer free shipping on all orders of $99.99 or more, so you stand to save considerably when you shop at Hockey Plus. Unlike many of our competitors, our staff is made up wholly of hockey players and hockey enthusiasts. The new Vapor X:60 stick is designed with Intelli-Sense Shot Technology that senses shot type and adapts its flex profile to maximize loading and energy transfer on either wrist or slap shots.
Thanks to our friends at Bauer, we received a pair of 1X skates for review, and have used the summer to put them through the paces on the ice. With a 9.5 skate and the fit I typically prefer I’m not feathering the toe, even before break-in. The customized fit offered by the Speed Plate is one of a kind, and really helps to maximize the output and performance from these skates. We’ve spent around two months with the stick so far, read on for our thoughts and opinions on the new twig. The Intelli-Sense Shot Technology helps to accurately provide two different kick points based on the player taking a wrist or snap shot, or the winding up for a slapshot. If you live on the East Coast, you can expect to receive your new stick within 1 to 3 business days, so you’ll be out on the ice in no time. Add the Pure Shot Blade Profile for improved accuracy, Monocomp Technology for optimized balance and feel and Bauer's exclusive light weight TeXtreme carbon fiber construction and you have Bauer's smartest scoring machine to date. The smaller size turned out to be a nice adjustment though, and I believe helped to improve my agility on the ice. It’s a great feeling on the ice knowing that your equipment is reacting to your play on the ice and helping to increase your performance.
So give us a call today, and together we’ll work toward finding you the right hockey stick. Many other products to choose from especially based on quality with the customer service you receive in return. Maybe Bauer should consider having the sticks made in the USA and not from China with a price tag as such!

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