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If you are the occassional web designer not earning a full time income with your job Adobe Dreamweaver high price will place it out of your reach and many of the features it comes with might be an overkill, or maybe you are just like me and believe that paying a monthly fee instead of a one off charge to use a web editor is a big rip off, or maybe you just don’t want your valuable private projects to end up in Adobe Dreamweaver cloud servers and expose them to theft and espionage. BlueGriffon: A decent open source WYSIWYG web editor for Mac, Windows and Linux based on the Gecko rendering engine, any page you design with this editor will look exactly the same in Firefox as they both use Gecko to display pages. OpenElement: A Windows web editor that allows you to quickly add rich media, a built-in image optimizer can retouch photographs to reduce its size, saving time by not having to open an external graphics editor. Google WebDesigner: Mac, Windows and Linux editor to create responsive websites following the latest HTML5 and CSS3 rules for displaying pages in any devicw. Xara Web Designer: Web authoring with responsive design that will automatically create variants of your website with different sizes and serve them dynamically when it detects the screen size. Web Architect: Tabbed split view web editor with support for PHP, JavaScript, jQuery and other advanced technologies. StudioLine Web Designer: Web design software with an advanced image editor to help you create slideshows or mobile pages.
NetObjects: With a huge library of templates and free stock photos you can use drag and drop to add elements to your page without having to search the Internet for them, saving you precious time and knowing that you are not breaching copyright laws. WebSiteX5: With different program versions for advanced and novices also varying in price according to capabilities. TOWeb: Responsive website creation software, this editor is ideal to design a small website for a small business in just a day.
Artisteer: This is probably the most elementary of paid for web editors I have seen, advanced users will want to avoid it but beginners will love the quantity of free templates that come with it and how easy it is to build a website editing the text like you would do in LibreOffice or any other text editor. Lets start with a simple HTML page, follow the below steps to create a simple HTML page using Notepad.

If you wish to use popular HTML Editors, check the below list of professional HTML Editors.
What You See Is What You Get editors provide a user interface to word prcoessor for creating html documents. The following post will give alternatives to the overpriced Adobe Dreamweaver to all of you. The editor’s user interface can be used by anybody who is familiar with a text editor, to insert images or save a page you just click the intuitive logos, pointing the page elements to the right place in the website or switch to code view if you know HTML. This software includes a design gallery with themes, clipart, graphics and social media widgets for you to add. You will find a tag palette, code inspector for HTML, XML and CSS, W3C markup validation service, a wizard to create Cascading Style Sheets, code snippets and integrated Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome preview modes.
This is probably the web editor with the most complete image graphics editing, you could save money if you don’t have an image editor already by just buying this program instead of two separate ones.
This web authoring program can build simple websites or complex online stores, it comes with hundreds of free web templates that should have what you need or buy extra templates if you want to have thousands of them. A site will have four or five pages with basic contact details that can be accessed from any desktop computer or mobile device without breaking the page. After creating a website you can upload it to your server with the built in FTP client or use the export feature to convert it to Joomla, WordPress or other Content Management Software. Both are same, you can use any one of the extension, there is no difference between the two.
This web editor is targeted at graphic designers who want to create 3D and animated objects, I would not advise it for beginners, you need to be comfortable undestanding animation software and time frames.

The showcase of websites built using Xara Web Designer gives the impression that this web editor can create very professional looking websites that come out as complex and laborious and would be hard to guess that they were created with a budget web editing program.
There is no need to know HTML code, you can drag and drop images around to position them in your page, the editor could be ideal for people who are comfortable with the Photoshop like programs and need to create a page from time to time. Get creative designing your own site or use NetObjects wizard to quickly have a fully functioning site in no time. The built-in browser has the Chromium rendering engine, an integrated web server helps you preview your site as it would look live without having to upload it.
You can also add SSL to your site and generate a good looking professional website editing one of the many available HTML5 templates with What You See Is What You Get and add maps and polls in no time. Designing a website can not get any easier than this, Artisteer will even create unique templates and export them to Blogger for those using that platform. The interface is clean and easy to use with various panes showing you the site elements, structure and properties. Free graphics and widgets that can be added to your website making it look really professional but built with little coding knowledge.

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