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PIC ABOVE IS WILMA OUR BRUSH COAT Brush Coat Shar peis of the brush coat variety have slightly longer and softer hair than their horse coat counterparts. The horse coat is rough to the touch and prickly and is thought to be closer to the original Shar Pei breed in coat type than the brush or bear variations of the coat.
They're heavier and stockier than horse coat shar peis -- and have larger heads and muzzles -- so you need to be sure you can handle one. While, as puppies, they're little balls of wrinkled skin, as adults they have mostly smooth skin and a lean, athletic build. All modern TVs now incorporate a built in digital tuner so are ready to be tuned in to Freeview when a digital aerial is attached.

The bear coated variety is longer yet again and has a similar appearance to it of the Chow. Despite their heft, they're generally laid-back around the house, and are content to snuggle up on the couch.
As they don't develop an undercoat in the winter, they shed less than other types, but may be less adept in cold weather. There is no monthly subscription to pay just a one off payment for a digital aerial if you dont have one already. Abertillery Digital TV will set your Freeview up quickly and easily at minimal cost! The coat is so harsh in some aspects, that occasionally some humans can develop a prickly type rash allergy to it.

The coat itself is usually solid in colour and is seen in red, black, cream, brown, blue, sable, fawn and apricot to name a few. The skin pigmentation is black inside the mouth including the tongue, with a domed forehead, small triangular shaped ears and deep set eyes.
All in all, the impression Shar Pei should give is one of solid strength with an overall body that is well muscled.

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