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Leaving college and entering the real world is enough shock for most people in their twenties, the last thing they need is continuous pressure from concerned folks who seem to be on their neck, or rather buzzing on their ears every now and then about certain things.
People in their twenties are considered to be in the prime of their life, and so need constant reminder to keep them on track.
But the truth is they have been hearing same old lines from family members, friends, neighbors and even parents and are sick of hearing these phrases. Aren’t You A Little Too Old To Be Wearing That?You sometimes feel reluctant letting go of some old teenage clothing of yours because they were your favorite and made you feel young. Despite having better and more matured clothes now, you still feel stuck in your tight skinny old jeans and your wardrobe is in constant battle with apparels of two different worlds. Those who are unlucky to find love get the added bonus of hearing this statement at every social occasion, including weddings and child naming, and this questions only adds to the pressure of not having a spouse.4.

The assumption is you are jobless and should be broke and so you are probed anytime you decide to treat yourself to something really nice.5. You Could Move In With Your Parents!For a 20 something year old youth, the suggestion of moving back in with your parents is like experiencing sudden death. Unfortunately, people who often raise this topic are trying to help you save the little cash you don’t even have without thinking of how you will take the suggestion after you must have experienced the real world outside the roof of your family house.
Any Plans To Settle Down?You still act like a child and you don’t even drink coffee, yet all of a sudden, the entire world seem to want you to get married and procreate.
The fact that you don’t even understand taxes yet seems secondary; you should settle down and start looking to the next generation. Maybe You Should Try Online Dating!When it seems like the right one is not forth coming then this suggestion pops up.

Online dating becomes your next bet, but then would that solve the problem of not meeting the right one?9. Aren’t You Worried You’ll Get Left Behind?When this question comes around, you shed a little tear. Yes, you want to say, I fear it every moment of every day, but instead, you shrug and walk away.

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