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On the other hand, publishing on a free blog doesn’t give your own domain many SEO benefits. In my posts here and here, I list many similar reasons why I do not recommend using a free blog as your primary content distribution channel, including the fact that it implies you’re not a serious blogger, and makes your blog less link-worthy.
Also, hosted blog sites can delete your blog anytime and all your efforts will go to waste, as a result.
Rand Fishkin recommends using hosted blog platforms, like LinkedIn and Medium, as a channel for repurposed content or guest posts, and for content earlier up in the sales funnel, rather than for content that ranks for your “money” keywords.
It’s one of my favourite Whiteboard Friday episodes because he presents both the pros and cons in a very well-thought out manner.
Priya Florence Shah is Founder and CEO of Blog Brandz, an author and social media marketer.
Self-hosted wordpress is by far the best way to go for a blog, and wordpress is widely used as the standard solution for many full websites because of the huge variety of templates, themes and plugins that allow you to customize it any way you want. Invariably, we reach the conclusion that there are pros and cons, and experimentation is sensible. Four years and thousands of books later, the only thing I am completely certain of is that each title has different opportunities and potential in the market.
Amazon KDP Select is developing a cosy home for independent authors, with extra touches that tempt you to stay put and work within a familiar system.
We upload e-books to Gardners and also to Overdrive (global network of 22,000 libraries and retailers), and some of our clients are beginning to see significant sales, from Arkansas to Woollahra, and Surrey County Council! This time last year I was discussing with clients regular price discounting by Google (and Gardners and B&N), which was impacting Amazon ebook prices because Amazon would price match. I strongly recommend that you look into all of the options, and share intelligence with fellow authors and publishers before uploading your book anywhere. Subscribe to our advice blog to get great self-publishing advice almost daily, all year round.
Most of the writers I tutor on creative writing seriously just want to write and have as little to do as possible with selling and marketing. Thank you, great advice and complexity is truly at the heart of this topic…something I struggle with still!

Smashwords has undoubtedly been the catalyst for great change in the self publishing industry and they provide a great service. There are many ways to get your eBooks onsale, and you can create a strategy to suit you and your budget. Free blogs are not customizable, lack brandability and do not lend themselves to being used as part of a sales funnel.
So plenty there to recommend a single retailer approach – if that retailer is Amazon. There are lots of ways to access ebooks bought from Amazon, but do you want to lose one precious reader by restricting availability? Authors wanted their ebooks to be available on Google Play, but Google ebook sales were small, and the vast majority of sales of most titles were made on Amazon. Google is a powerful tool for authors and publishers, and they will almost certainly continue to work on ways to shepherd their vast user database to Google Play to buy things, as a result of a simple search.
Add together and you could argue that you are leaving money on the table, by choosing to sell on Amazon only. Then, keep checking and refining your own strategy to suit your market and the industry developments. She is looking forward to attending London Book Fair in April, and exhibiting at Book Expo America in May. Re-formatting for each book sellers platform is another nightmare for new authors who are not tech suave and just want to get their work out there. I write an outline, or treatment of the beats of the the script before I rewrite the story.
We will always work with our clients to recommend the best plan for their individual circumstances. What works for one multi tasking author with a full time job, may not suit someone else who has more time to devote to the management of a particular project, or a publisher with 50 titles. Or list my ebooks on all the retailers I can?” I reply with several questions of my own. In fact, per-borrow rates can be higher than royalty rate per sale, depending on the list price. The five ‘free promotion’ days can still be a useful option, if planned carefully.

Your price will be stable (unless you change it), you can focus on attracting one buying audience, the perks are great.
We haven’t touched on ebook subscription services, or ISBNs or US tax withholding for authors outside the US. There is so much noise online that it is tough to separate the real advice from the scams when it comes to e-publishing. Each day I start by reading everything that I wrote and added the day before, and then continue. Some of our clients manage their own accounts with Amazon, Apple, Kobo, for example, and they will use our service to reach other retailers. They are a competitor of Amazon, and distribute to Kobo, Apple, B & N, Oyster, Scribd, and several other e-book sites. I agree Smashwords is a fast, cheap and fairly easy solution for the inexperienced new author to be able to show off his first book to friends and coworkers. At the point that I end for the day,I type my notes for the coming scenes on the script pages, and delete them as I write. Others simply want to monitor their sales and royalty information in one place, and to reach as many retailers as possible, and so we deal with everything. It is great for me to recommend because they have their own detailed instructions so I do not have to go into explaining how to do it all, which is complicated for each book selling platform.
Amazon does not promote well if you are not promoting yourself and new authors can take a few years to get self-marketing down to where it is effective. But I do not like suggesting new authors concentrate on selling their books because I want them writing their next ones! I would consider Smashwords for an e-launch, and after a respectable time, utilize Amazon to bolster sales within a market that may already be aware of your e-books. Amazon has 5 Free promo days per month, here you can stage a pre-orderer’s marketing tool to stack up orders for free e-books until the release date, and the the price becomes valid.

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