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Hussain Haqani former Ambassador of Pakistan in America, before the Memo Commission comprising three Chief Justices of three provinces of Pakistan.A He is a busy lawyer practicing constitutional and criminal cases all over Pakistan. He hasA conducted thousands of murder andA other criminal cases including family cases in addition to constitutional matters.
In 2009, he was appointed as prosecutor General Punjab by Governor Punjab for a period of three years.A A He was elected member of Punjab Bar Council getting maximum votes in Punjab. He was also elected Chairman legal education committee and chairman disciplinary committee of the Punjab Bar Council. He enforced the entry test in the Punjab Bar Council for the grant of enrolment certificate by the Punjab Bar Council.A Travelling is his hobby to meet the people of different nations, to study the different legal systems enforced in different parts of the world. Zahid Bukhari, said his client Malik Riaz was discriminated and was not given same rights, which was given to Arslan Iftikhar son of Chief Justice of Pakistan.
Judgement was changed without mentioing any reason, anything that it was wrong,illegal or incorrect, that is also very important before making a new "One Man Commission"A And on the choice of Arslan Iftikhar court formed a one man commission in the form of " Shoaib Suddle Commission" that commission is illegal, incorrect, unauthorized and discriminated.

I and my client totally refused to accept this commission.A A On August 30, 2012 apex court formed a one man commission on the choice of Arslan Iftikhar, in future court will see lot of difficulties and problems due to this act of court, and it has also changed the judicial history of Pakistan, such type of order never happened in the history of Pakistan in legal courts. Chief Justice is protecting his sonA through his subordinate judges and that was the only way for the Chief jusstice that he can protect his son by his old family friend Shoaib Suddle. Apex court has no right to form a "one man commission", that is illegal, incorrect, unauthorized and discriminatedA 2. Shoaib Suddle head of "one man commission"s has very close and personal relationship with Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhary, his accused son Arslan Iftikhar and entire family.A A 3.
Due to deep family relationship of Shoaib Suddle with entire justice family, Shoaib Suddle was not only invited in the marriage ceremony of Iftikhar ArslanA in December 2010, but Shoaib Suddle also received and offered welcome to other guests who were invited in the marriage. Law does not allow appointing a person who is controversial, especially in high profile case and definately Shoaib Suddle will not perform transparent investigation according to law and justice.A 4.
Shoaib Suddle is also involved in the murder case of Mir Murtaza Bhutto (brother of assissinated Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto) Case is still in Highcourt and is in pending, such person whose name is in murder case can't perform such type of task.A 6.
Shoaib Suddle has designaiton of Federal Tax Ombudsman, whichA has also a power equal to Supreme court judge or High court judge, so one court can not issue orders to an other court or judge.

Rs2,284,829 for tickets and tours to Monte Carlo and Rs6,575,750 for car and flat rental fees and shopping.A Second tour that took place in 2011 cost Rs692,949 on account of hotel expenses. He declined any involvement of any political party or the Army in the entire case.A Malik Riaz also challenged the suo moto notice taken by the chief justice. Iqbal said that 13 cases were being investigated against high-profile personalities, whereas theinvestigationteam of NAB comprises only five members, which results in multiple workload upon them. When NAB finds some strong evidence during an initial probe, thematterisforwardedto the executiveboardfor further decisions, he said.He said that the LED project initiated by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) was suspended because of lack of transparency. The NAB spokesman told the media that in the National Logistics Cell (NLC) case,investigationagainst three uniformedofficersand one civilian were at the last stage.
Led by direction general (operations), he said, a three-member committee, would chalk out a strategy with General Headquarters (GHQ), whereas NAB would also acquire the probereportof the GHQ in connection with the NLC case.Iqbal said the NAB chairman has awarded powers to NAB director general and has formed a committee led by him to probe the issue offinancialmisappropriations worth Rs 26 billion in Pakistan Steel Mills.

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