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Tracy Tynan is a costume designer from London who now lives in the US and has worked on many Hollywood movies. My mother always used to say to me; “What exactly is it that you do?’ And although I tried to explain it to her many times I don’t think she ever really understood and I can’t blame her.
Gone are the days where actors reported, to the costume department where they were shown pre-approved sketches by the costume designer. Today, like everyone else, the costume designer has to be a multi-tasker:  part artist, part historian, part shrink, part nanny, part accountant to mention few aspects of the job. But, when all the stars are aligned and the costume gods are smiling on us, being a costume designer can be deeply gratifying. It starts when you read the script, and you break it down, and you try and imagine the world that the characters live in. Then you present your ideas to the director and they give you their feed -back and concerns. Then you meet with the cinematographer who tells you their issues, like the entire film is being shot at night, so, “please put the actors in something that will show up, but not too much.
Then it’s onto the production designer who tells you the color palate the director wants to use and maybe shows you some photos or paintings that they are using for inspiration. Next you meet with the actors and listen to their thoughts and ideas and discover that they are completely different from the directors and when you mention it to the director he or she says, “Please don’t bother me now because I am really busy and dealing with important stuff like budgets and film company execs, just make sure the actor is happy and gets what they want.” So then you go back to the drawing board and try incorporating, or more accurately sneaking in some of your ideas without ruffling the actor’s feathers. Then you try and make best friends with the hair and make-up people who are being paid twice as much as you are and are best friends with the actor and don’t really care about what you have to say. But there are still these days where the actors refuse to wear the clothing that director, the producer and even the producers’ assistant (Because everyone today is an authority on clothing ) had signed off on a month ago.
And finally the film comes out and you discover that they cut out the scene with your favorite outfit or worse, they’ve decided to change a sequence, so that in one scene the actors are wearing one outfit and then right after they are wearing a different outfit and it and stands out like a sore thumb.

Dutch painter Jan-Van Rooyer hurries to keep a rendezvous with Jacquleine Cousteau, an elegant, sophisticated Frenchwoman, slightly his elder, whose relationship with him had turned from art student into one of love trysts. You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google+ or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Tamil Cinema(Kollywood), Telugu Cinema(Tollywood), Hindi Cinema(Bollywood), Malayalam Cinema(Mollywood) and Kannada Cinema(Sandalwood). Note: When writing your comment, please express views in gentle way and DO NOT use abusive language which may hurt someone's feelings.
Because a lot of people in the film business don’t really know what a costume designer does. And team of skilled artisans and tailors made the exquisite clothes that you see in the movies of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s .
We are like the welcoming committee, giving them the latest draft of the script, the one where all their best scenes have been drastically cut.
Film is a collaborative process and being part of that collaboration can be very rewarding.
And if you are really fortunate, like I have been a few times in my career with Alan Rudolph, Blake Edwards and Jim McBride, they trust you and let you proceed with your vision. And trust me, if you arrive on the set and discover that the whole scene is being played on a blue sofa and the actor is wearing blue and they melt into the background and look like a floating head, they’re not going to change the sofa, so you’d better be prepared to change the clothes! But you try and win them over because you are working so hard to achieve a look and it can be totally sabotaged if the hair and make up aren’t right.
And there is no disclaimer saying that the lack of continuity is not the costume designers’ fault. So next time you see a movie and you see the credit costume designer maybe you’ll understand a bit better what they did, or tried to do. He arrives and is confronted by Detective Police Inspector Morgan who accuses him of having murdered Jacqueline.

This website may contain errors or inaccuracies, however we do our best to verify all photos and albums. Or we are the ones to tell them that although the script was meant to take place in Tahiti, we will be shooting in Palmdale.
Then you immediately make really good friends with the set decorator because they are deciding what kind of place the characters  live in, and that if you’re designing quirky funky clothing for a character and they live in an ultra modern minimalist apartment it’s going to look odd, because the same person that buys their clothes decorates their living space.
And if it is a period film, the hair and make–up are a crucial part of creating an authentic look. And you have to act cool and unflustered, and rush back to the wardrobe truck that is parked three miles away and try and figure out something else for the actor to wear. Morgan listens sceptically to the dazed denials of Van-Rooyen as he tells the story of his relationship with the murdered woman. Or high tail it to the nearest store and stuff your trunk with armfuls of clothing, praying that something will work, and drive back to set at the speed of light so that you get before they are ready to shoot the scene, because the one thing that can never, ever, happen is for shooting to be held up because of ‘wardrobe’! Morgan, after hearing the story, realizes that the mystery has deepened and it becomes more complicated when the Assistant Commissioner, Sir Brian Lewis, explains that Jacqueline was not married but was being kept by Sir Howard Fenton, a high-ranking diplomat whose names must be kept out of the case.
And most importantly, how can you possibly do it all for the tiny budget they have allotted you?

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